Marvel Super War Heroes
Marvel Super War Tier List

What is Marvel Super War?

Marvel Super War is a MOBA made by NetEase. Its gameplay is not much different than some of the other successful MOBA games. It’s a 5 vs 5 arena, where you need to defeat your opponents and tear down the enemy base to win. However, there is one important feature that differentiates it from the others. You are playing with characters from Marvel Universe! The developers did a great job of implementing the heroes and making them truly vivid and alike to their comic book origins. So far they have managed to implement a lot of unique mechanics to each and every one of them. Because of that, gameplay with each hero is a different kind of experience and it’s truly satisfying.

What’s Marvel Super War Guides website all about?

It’s an unofficial website dedicated to Marvel Super War with guides on how to play each hero, as well as the tier list and the news regarding the game. We will feature every new hero as soon as it releases, write the news and try to build the biggest community related to the game, where players can easily find new teammates and share the news and leaks. If you want to share anything with the community we will credit you for it, but it needs to be well written and the subject has to be discussed with the website admins. For any other information, request or a bug report, feel free to contact us at support@marvelsuperwarguides.com

What modes are there?

There are a few different modes besides Ranked and the Standard match. One of them is a PvE match where the players can sharpen their skills against bots that are not at the real player levels, but it’s a good place to start when you are not familiar with the basics. There are three levels of difficulty and each one will bring a bit better bots to play against. We are strongly recommending any new players to start here, or they will quickly give up as the real players are usually much more skilled and unforgiving.

The other two modes (so far) are Free for All, which is pretty self-explanatory and Battle for Vibranium. This other mode is a 5 vs 5 arena where you need to collect 1000 vibranium to win. You can achieve it through three vibranium veins and through farming the opponents.

If you want to test any heroes use the Training, where you can set everything from your level and level of the bot you are facing to the custom gear and the number of characters.

How to earn gold?

The simplest way to pile up the gold would be playing a lot of Standard and Ranked matches. But there are other ways to accumulate a lot of gold rather efficiently. Leveling up would be one of them, and this is also easy to accomplish at the early levels because it takes just a few games to level up. Another way to do it would be finishing daily and weekly quests. You can finish the daily quests quickly (within three games to be exact) if you have a friend playing with you. So make sure to stack up a lot of buddies and play a few games with them daily. Just add a lot of them through the game itself if you don’t have real-life buddies willing to play it.

Always take a special quest, as you can’t stack up enough points to finish the dailies without it. To get the weekly gold bonus, you’ll have to play every day and collect all bonuses. If you are new to the game, make sure to check out the “Daily” tab and look for the Gauntlet. It’s easy to earn almost 10 000 gold just by finishing a few simple tasks, but mind that this is a one-time thing, dedicated to new players. There are also “Stark Supplies that will earn you some gold passively (5 per/hour), and although this is not much but it’s something…There are also various events that occur once in a while, so when you put it all together, it’s a decent amount.

Marvel Super War release date

The official release date in Asian countries was December 19. Although the release date for the rest of the world is unknown, the predictions are that it could be published in the rest of the world in July or August, because that’s how NetEase worked in the past. The game gets published in Asia, and then 6-7 months later they release it globally. However, the company itself did not specify an exact date, and this is pure speculation. Even a COVID-19 may have affected the final date, we don’t know. Stay with us, as soon as we know more we will write and share the news, although there is a way for you to play the game even if it’s not out in your country yet.

How to download Marvel Super War from a non-Asian country?

STEP 1: In order to download and play the game from the non-Asian country, you first have to download and install a VPN. Turbo VPN is free and that’s what we used. After installing the VPN choose one of the Asian countries as your new IP address location. For European users, we recommend selecting India. Why? Connecting to servers there should get you a bit better ping, so you can play PvP. Otherwise, PvE is the only available mode if your ping is too high.

STEP 2: Download and install the QooApp. We used this app, and it has to be downloaded via browser – it’s not available on Google Play Store. You can also try to download the game via APKPure, but that’s not the one we used, so we can’t guarantee that our method will work.

STEP 3: Run Qoo App, find and download Marvel Super War. Your VPN has to be active during the installation. Also, the download process could take a while. It was much longer than expected when we downloaded the game.

STEP 4: Install and run the game. It should automatically connect you to the servers located in the same country as your VPN IP address.

STEP 5: Play and have fun!