Ivan Spasojevic

Mini Ivan

See that cheeky little monkey on the left? That’s me, 28 years ago, when I was only 6, playing on Amiga 600. You know, that’s where the Worms, The Secret of Monkey Island, Lemmings and many other legendary games came out. People say: “you can’t find games like that anymore”, but I beg to differ. Anyway, you can still see the same passion and zoning out whenever I’m doing something I like, including my lifelong passion – gaming. I’m currently doing a different line of work, SEO Management and writing, but when the time allows I get into the games I love and spend some happy hours. If there are friends playing with me, it’s even merrier. I love any kind of PVP, and MOBA games are all about it, so it was a natural choice to work on the possibly best MOBA on mobiles – Marvel Super War.

Djordje Jeremic

I always liked to play video games, and it all started with the Streets of Rage 2, back in 1993, when I entered a video game club for the first time. I didn’t get the first PC until I was 16 and that’s me on the picture about a year later. Yeah, that’s a funny looking face you make when somebody interrupts you in the middle of big battle… However, before I got the PC, a cousin of mine had an Amiga 1200 and I spent hours at his place mostly playing Age of Empires II. Interestingly, this very game was remastered a few years back and it’s being played to this very day. Right now I’m in my 30s and still enjoy playing video games whenever there’s some free time available. Currently, I’m interested in writing, SEO, and programming.