Introduction to Marvel Super War Heroes

Welcome to our Marvel Super War Heroes page. Here, we grouped all heroes by their class (obviously) and you can find a very detailed guide for every hero. The guides include item build, power core build, tips for playing a certain hero, and more.

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There are six hero classes, and these are Tank, Fighter, Energy, Marksmen, Assassin, and Support. The heroes can be used on one of the five positions: Top Lane, Mid Lane, Bottom Lane (support), Bottom Lane (marksmen), and Jungle.

Most of the heroes are suitable for playing one role in the team, but there are some exceptions. Certain heroes are more versatile and can be used effectively in two different roles. Now we will go through each class, and talk about the most suitable role (positions) for each of them. We will also mention some notable multi-role heroes.


Tanks in this game, just like in any other MOBA, are the most durable, toughest characters. Generally, they are strong in the very early game. Tanks are able to take and deal solid amount of damage, but quickly start to fall behind the other classes in DPS department, as the match progresses. Well, unless you’re building a tank with offensive items, which is a very bad idea, and your teammates will not appreciate it, at all. Your job as a tank is to initiate the team fights, and protect the squishier allies. You should also try to stop the enemy from getting to your own squishier backline by using crowd control abilities.

Marvel Super War heroes that belong to the tank class should be played in the top lane. They can be also used in the bottom lane, supporting the allied marksman. Top Lane tanks will get more powerful during the match, as they don’t have to share gold and XP. There is also no need to buy a support item if you’re a top laner. Some of the heroes in this class are most suited for one or the other role, but in general, you can play all tanks on both positions. One exception is Groot that should be always played as the bottom lane support.

I wouldn’t recommend using attack items on the heroes of this class. There are a few exceptions. For example, Heimdall, since he can be played as either pure Tank or Bruiser, with one or two attack items.


Marvel Super War heroes that belong to the fighter class are the most versatile. They are usually played in the top lane or as junglers. The Top lane fighters are most often played as Bruisers usually with 2-3 attack items. Some of them can be also played as pure tanks, or more offensively, hence the versatility part. One exception in fighter class is the Ant-Man since he should be played as a pure tank.

Fighters, in general, are some of the toughest characters in the game (after tanks). They’re also able to dish out a lot of punishment.

Besides top lane, this class provides us with some of the best junglers in the game. It’s very hard to definitely position heroes in this class since most of them can be played in both positions. With that in mind, here are the most suitable roles for every fighter in Marvel Super War.

NOTE: Heroes with an asterisk(*) sign are very good in both roles.

Top Lane: Corvus Glaive, Thor*, Executioner, Thanos*

Jungle: Deadpool*, Captain America*, Captain Marvel, Black Knight, Lady Sif, Mister Fantastic*, Blade


Energy heroes, are most often played in the mid lane. Their main characteristic is the very high damage output. More often than not, they achieve this through AoE abilities. Most members of this class, have a very long range and have to aim their skills in order to hit their adversaries. With that said, most Energy heroes are vulnerable to enemies with high mobility, since they can quickly close the distance, and are often able to avoid the AoE spells and skill shots.

Members of this class are often quite squishy, but not as much as marksmen. The energy items provide them with some  Hp. Having at least a single character from this class in your team is crucial. Without it the opposing team doesn’t have to worry about the energy resistance, and can focus on building only physical resistance items. 

One exception to this rule is Hela because she has very high sustain, and decent damage reduction (with Ultimate), which actually makes her a very tough nut to crack.

Three heroes from this class do not fit this profile, at all. The first one Emma Frost, and should be played as a jungler. The second character is the Ancient One, and she could be played as either jungler or top laner. She is most commonly played as jungler. Also, the Ancient One can take a lot of punishment and is able to endure in team fights due to her high sustain.

The third one is Adam which is a top a lane hero. He has tons of sustain, but all of his abilities have a fairly short range. This makes him unsuitable for mid lane position as other mages can easily kite him.


Marksman class of Marvel Super War heroes is always played in the bottom lane, and they have the highest DPS in the game. Characters in this class are often the carry for their team. However, in the early game, almost all of them are quite weak and require protection from a friendly tank or a support character. The goal when playing marksman is to quickly farm gold in the early game and get the first damage item as soon as possible since that makes a huge difference.

Marksmen are the squishiest characters in the entire game. They will quickly go down if someone gets close to them and attacks them in melee. Because of that, they should always stay behind tougher teammates like tanks and fighters. During the mid and especially late game, ranged heroes become a true powerhouse and are able to eliminate all but the toughest opponents in a matter of seconds. Also, they often rely on life steal items, which work very well with their huge DPS, and rarely have to get back to base for healing. Besides fighting opposing players, another main job of the marksmen is destroying enemy towers, and eventually their base, in the final stages of the game.

Some marksmen can be also played as junglers and these are Angel, Star-Lord, and Gambit. These three have very high burst damage, but unlike other members of this class, they also have good mobility.


Assassins are one of the squishiest characters in the game, and they’re only slightly tougher than marksmen. However, unlike marksmen, assassins are melee heroes that have to get close to their target in order to deal damage. Assassins should always play at jungler position.

The two most notable features of this class are high burst damage and good mobility. With that in mind, they prefer a hit-and-run playstyle. So, use them to quickly close the distance, and burst down the target. Take advantage of their mobility to run away before the rest of the opposing team comes. What assassins really shouldn’t do, is any kind of prolonged melee combat. If you already used all of your damage skills and your target is still standing, it is better to disengage, and try again later.

Just like other junglers, assassins are at their best during early and mid-game, since they should have some XP and gold advantage over their opponents.


When we’re talking about the support class of Marvel Super War heroes, we have to notice that they are quite different from each other. One common trait that all of the heroes from this group share is that they should be always played in the bottom lane, supporting the allied marksman. Now let’s look at some of the differences.

For example, there are two main healer heroes, Mantis and Cloak & Dagger. They’re very often played, since both of them are able to keep their teammates alive, and have some cc abilities. Groot, on the other hand, is the hybrid between the tank and support character. His main traits are the ability to take a lot of punishment (S2 shield), regeneration and improved speed when hiding in the brush. He also has a lot of crowd control skills, which can be uses to set up plays, or prevent enemies from getting to his marksman ally. Groot deals energy damage, which is a bit weird, since my first association of the huge tree that strikes enemies with its branch, would be physical damage.

Ebony Maw is another of the Marvel Super War heroes that belongs to the support class. His playstyle is also very unique. Even though this guy is support, he can dish out a respectable amount of damage, mind control the opponents, or get into the teammate or the opposing hero. Funnily enough, Ebony Maw can use his abilities while being inside the host. He also has some healing, but nothing too impressive. Lastly, we have the Invisible Woman, which is excellent at scouting and shielding her team. Besides that, she can also set up plays with her AoE invisibility and immobilization.

I said that Invisible Woman is our last support character, since Pixie doesn’t have any support abilities other than her shield. With that said, we don’t consider her to be a true support hero.

Which are the best Marvel Super War heroes?

Well, there are many excellent heroes in Marvel Super War, but some really stand out from the crowd. The heroes that can carry the game come from a fighter, marksman, and energy class, while the tanks are supports are great for assisting the team and play a very important role, but can’t achieve much not on their own. If you find out what specific heroes are the best in the game, at the moment, check out our Marvel Super War Tier List.