In Marvel Super War Ancient One is an energy assassin that has a lot of sustain. She should be played as a jungler to unlock her full potential.

History lesson. Ancient One was born in a hidden village somewhere on the Himalayas. We will skip the part how he became a sorcerer, and note that he is approximately 500 years old. The most important fact is that apprentice and a student was none other than Doctor Strange. He came to the Ancient one seeking a cure for his hand, got offered an apprenticeship which he refused at first.  However, after a while some certain plots made him change his mind. So the Ancient One trained one of the greatest sorcerers in Marvel universe and the keeper of Infinity Gem. That should be enough to conceive how powerful this old man is. However, in the movies and in the game the Ancient One is a girl.


  • Sturdy energy assassin – Ancient One has an excellent survivability despite the fact that she doesn’t use a lot of defensive items. It’s her skills that gives her sustain and keep her alive, while dealing a solid energy based damage
  • No mana
  • Ultimate can be a game changer, especially in the late game


  • Prone to crowd controls
  • If you misuse your ultimate you will probably die

Ancient One Item Build

Shining Ether MSW Shining Ether
Martyr's Boots MSW Martyr’s Boots
Eye of Agamotto MSW Eye of Agamotto
Antimatter Cannon MSW Antimatter Cannon
Megingjord MSW Megingjord
Wand of Watoomb MSW Wand of Watoomb
Time Lag Power Core Time Lag
Suppression Particle Power Core Suppression Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Agility Boost Power Core Agility Boost
Leech Tactic Leech
Blink Tactic Blink

Marvel Super War Ancient One early game (lvl 8)

Your first skill of choice must be Tao Mandala. It is the one you will be using the whole game and basically the only skill that’s worth mentioning – damage wise. It looks like a glowing disc, and it hits a wide area in front of you, before returning to you. Now, that’s not it. She gains a shield, both when you throw the disc and when it returns (if you hit an enemy with it). We have to mention the passive skill before continuing with the description. When you use both Tao Mandala and Illusion Shift, a mandala activates around your hero (you’ll shine like a Christmas tree) and it explodes after 1.5 seconds dealing some damage and giving you 1 layer of energy.

At five layers you will enter the peak state, where some skill descriptions change becoming more powerful (obviously). A huge percent of damage you deal will heal you, giving you a life steal effectively. Now, your first skill will cast two discs instead of one, enabling you to hit more targets and of course harming them excessively in the process. Your second skill, Illusion Shift is a blink basically. The third active one is Astral Projection. It enables you to transcend your mortal body, get out of it, and become a spirit that floats around damaging any foe you pass through and slowing them in the process. You are not invincible, and your body will still get hit. However, the damage is reduced significantly while also being immune to any crowd control effects. Let’s explain how the ultimate works and then we can start explaining the gameplay. Inter-Dimensional Travel enables you to see all enemy heroes when you first use it. Then you can cast it again to shift to the distant spot on the map or target an enemy player and switch position with him, which is much better in most cases.

Move through the jungle like you usually do try to gank the lanes here and there and poke the enemies early on, as you won’t be able to finish them off at the first few levels. Of course, if they are already on low health go for the kill. When you get to level 4-5, you can start getting busy around the enemy heroes, ganking them more often while also clearing the jungle when you go from lane to lane.

Your opening skill depends on the situation. In case you’re flanking an unsuspecting foe (and you want this most of the time) you can use the disc and then blink when he starts running. Time Lag (Isotope) should slow them down, so just keep bashing and spamming Tao Mandala until they die or run away. You should also stay at the closest range as possible as you want passive to trigger when you are in the proximity of the target. Don’t forget the Astral Projection once they think they are safe beneath their tower, it could give you some unsuspecting kills.

In case you are attacking a foe head-on try to poke them with a disc, but you need to engage with Illusion Shift. No need to be afraid even if there are two foes you are facing in case they are close to each other, as the mandala will trigger much more often and you will get a huge life steal, surprising your foes and getting some easy kills. Note that you do NOT want to attack foes with a lot of crowd control.

Marvel Super War Ancient One mid-late game

This is your playground, Ancient One is one of the rare junglers that shine in any team fight. The more, the merrier. What you want to do in the late game is have good communication with your team, as you can pick one foe out even before the fight commences using your ultimate. Have your teammates stand close to you and use your ultimate on one opponent. You tow will switch places, and you need to either start running, which will most likely be the case or use Eye of Agamotto. It will enable you to alive for as long as you possible(if they surrounded or cc-d your hero) and then start engaging when your team has probably finished the one you teleported back to them and they can help you. Why does Ancient One love crowds so much? You get one layer of passive each time it triggers on one opponent. Three opponents will quickly trigger it, putting you in the peak state, increasing the damage and survivability immensely. Just try to stay out of any crowd controls if you can and you will decimate your adversaries, I guarantee it.