Angel is a marksman hero in Marvel Super War that can be played both in the bottom lane and as a jungler, since he has solid mobility and can burst isolated foes. Most marksmen are weak in the early game and the Angel is no exception, he is one of the weakest characters during the first few minutes of the match – If played in a lane Angel player should be very defensive. However, this character becomes a true powerhouse in the later stages of the game as we are about to see.


  • Very high burst damage. Angel can quickly burst down a single enemy with the Ultimate, S2, S1 combo
  • Marksman with some mobility. With the S3 he is able to run away or chase down his foes.
  • Ultimate grants him a strong shield, and it’ great for engaging a single enemy
  • S2 can be used while moving, and that’s very good for chasing and poking


  • Angel has to get into the melee range when he uses the Ulti. Something that’s very dangerous to do for a squishy hero, especially in team fights
  • His skills have a long cooldown until you upgrade them to higher levels

Angel Item Build

Twilight Beads MSW Twilight Beads
Hunting Greaves MSW Hunting Greaves
Double Daggers MSW Double Daggers
Dual Blade MSW Dual Blade
Twilight Blade MSW Twilight Blade
Gungnir MSW Gungnir
Swift Pummel Power Core Swift Pummel
Rend Particle Power Core Rend Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
Leech Tactic Leech
Blink Tactic Blink

Angel early game (lvl 8)

Angel’s passive is a pretty straightforward, every fifth basic attack will deal additional damage.

Judgement (S1) is his second most important skill and it’s very similar to the passive. Hitting the same enemy repeatedly will mark it with the original sin and will cause additional damage after four hits (this effect is always active). Actually using the S1 will grant you a temporary attack speed boost.

Sacred Feathers (S2) is his most important skill and should be upgraded early in the match. When you use the S2, Angel will launch five feathers, to strike down his foes. Most importantly, this skill can be used while moving, and this makes Angle quite good at chasing down fleeing enemies, and poking. This skill is also great for kiting, and you can easily punish low mobility heroes by moving around while hitting them with S2 and some basic attacks. It is also excellent for clearing minion waves (but avoid using it for this purpose, if there are opponents nearby), or creeps if you’re playing as jungler.

NOTE: S2 Feathers can’t activate the critical hits, like most other abilities. Also, damage of each feather after the first that hits the target will be reduced to 15%. At first, I thought that the first feather to hit the target will deal base damage +55% attack and each additional base damage +15% attack. But no, each additional feather will deal only deal 15% of the total damage.

Holy Vestiges (S3) is his mobility/blink skill. It has a bit long CD, so try to save it for the moment when it’s really needed.

Considering his skills Angel should first unlock all three, and focus on maximizing the S2, followed by S1, and finally the S3. Ultimate should be taken whenever it’s available. As I already mentioned Angle should play defensively in the very early game, and focus on farming (both in the lane and as a jungler). When played in lane use the S2 to poke your enemies, and run away with the S3 at the first sign of danger. This character is extremely squishy during the first minutes of the match and should avoid fighting other heroes. Once you reach level 6 the Angel unlocks his Ulti and can start looking for the opportunities to get some early kills.

NOTE: Jungler Angel should avoid fighting other junglers, in the early game, and run away, especially if they have CC abilities.

Angel’s Coming (Ultimate) is a very powerful ability, that doesn’t hit very hard, but it has a very long range and will get you right next to your target, almost instantly. It will also slow down your enemy while granting Angel a very powerful shield. All of that, combined with the mobility form the S3 and the burst damage from the S2 is what makes Angel suitable for jungling, even though he is a marksman. With that said, be careful and try not to overextend when you using the Ulti since Angel is very a squishy character and won’t last long in battle with or without the shield. Ideally, try to find an isolated squishy enemy, and quickly burst it down with the Ulti, S2, S1 combo, followed by basic attacks, and retreat after you get the job done.

Metamorphosis is unique to Angel and it will further upgrade one of his three skills. You can choose to upgrade one of them each time you upgrade/unlock the Ultimate. Here, I would suggest the same order as with the skill upgrades, so S2/S1/S3. With the S2 you’ll get more 5 more feathers, and can now inflict up to three original sins with the single uses of these skills if 9 of your shots hit the same target, and the basic attacks will reduce the CD of the S2. In short, Angel gets a huge power boost when you reach level 6 and unlock the Ulti, so be careful, and try not to accidentally tap some other skill instead of the S2 and ‘waste’ your first metamorphosis. The other two are also neat, with some true damage from the S1, or the additional use of the S3, but not as good as the S2 damage boost.

NOTE: When you do a metamorphosis for the S3, you can use it to engage enemies, and use the instant refreshing of the CD (after the Original Sin triggers) to run away/pursue, as needed. Just keep in mind that you can activate instant refresh of the CD only once every ten seconds – otherwise, Angel would be zipping around the map every 2-3 seconds with his S3.

Angel mid-late game

In the late game, Angle becomes a true powerhouse, and he is able to carry his team to victory. All of Angel’s abilities will get reduced CD each time you upgrade them and will have significantly shorter CD later in the match when combined with items, and with all the metamorphosis unlocked you will be an extremely dangerous opponent. 

On the downside, during the late game, big team fights become more and more common, and that’s when Angel’s ultimate can become his bane if handled by inexperienced player. In short, this hero is very squishy, so avoid using your ultimate in team fights because, if you get yourself in the middle of the enemy team, they will burst you down before you even realize what happened – the shield is good enough when facing a single enemy but not against four or five of them.

With that in mind, use your standard S2, S1, followed by basic attacks combo at the beginning of the big battles, and use the Ulti once enemies are engaged by your tank, and after they waste their use their most powerful abilities on him and other teammates.

On the other hand, if one of your foes get separated from the rest of the group, don’t linger. That’s the perfect scenario to use your Ulti and quickly take it out. Late game Angel has insanely high burst damage and will melt down any hero (excluding fully farmed tanks) in a matter of seconds.               

TIP: At higher levels, you can quickly catch up to opponents that are very far away by using the S3+Ulti. If things go wrong, you can always use the ‘free’ S3, from the metamorphosis upgrade to run away.