In Marvel Super War Beast is truly a beginner hero. Easy to get a hang of, if you played these types of games he’ll feel like home. He is only fitted for jungle, don’t try to play him in the lanes. His skill set makes him a great ganker.

Hank McCoy was born in Illinois, the U.S. His father worked at the nuclear power plant and he got exposed to the radiation before his son’s birth. This seems to be the cause of Hank’s mutation. Hank is exceptionally intelligent but the humans and even children can’t accept him for what he is. Luckily, Professor Xavier came to the rescue and invited this young prodigy to his special mutant school, where he was given a chance to thrive and to further develop his superior intellect. Even at an early age, he was given an opportunity to join the X-Men, which he gladly accepts. They’ve given him the nickname “Beast”. His first test was none other than Magneto, and later on, he fought quite a few villains before leaving the X-Men to become a scientist at the age of 20. After one unfortunate accident where he took one of his own serums, his mutation became permanent and he got a blue fur, claws. canine teeth like a cat and the ability to climb the walls and ceilings.


  • Easy hero to get the hang of jungling, good choice for starting players
  • Excellent sustain, very strong one on one
  • Nice ganking skills. He can surprise most foes and make a quick work of them


  • Weak at the beginning of the round – item reliant

Beast Item Build

Twilight Beads MSW Twilight Beads
Hydra Boots MSW Hydra Boots
Dual Blade MSW Dual Blade
Double Daggers MSW Double Daggers
Godslayer MSW Godslayer
Immortal Glaive MSW Immortal Glaive
Swift Pummel Power Core Swift Pummel
Suppression Particle Power Core Suppression Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Agility Boost Power Core Agility Boost
Leech Tactic Leech
Blink Tactic Blink

Beast early game (lvl 8)

Your first skill of choice should be Bestial Fury. Although they didn’t state it in the skill’s description, it also doubles the range of your basic attacks. At the start you should play as any other jungler, keep clearing the beasts (hmmm…) in your jungle and try to do it as quickly as possible, you should get to level 4 soon. This is where you should start ganking lanes, but beware, you are as fragile as the iPhone screen. Choose your battles carefully. When you find your fitting target turn on Predatory Shadow and start hunting. You’ll get a lot of movement speed (moving on all fours), and the Beast will automatically blink to the target as soon as the skill’s arrow hits. You should then proceed to slice and dice your target using the Bestial Fury, and when they try to run (and they will start to run) use your Bestial Rage to chase and slow them down to finish off your kill. Afterward, go back to clearing your jungle. Make sure to avoid the tanks and fighters, they are a hard nut to crack at this point. Rinse and repeat until level 8.

Beast mid-late game

This is where it gets interesting and a bit tricky. The Beast is sturdy in the mid and late-game thanks to his life steal (both skills and items). You still can’t rush fights head-on, in the team fight you need to wait for it to start before you pounce their backline. Don’t linger in one place too long, keep moving as much as you can. You should have enough damage to meltdown every mage or archer in 2-3 seconds, if they try to push the lane solo, focus them, it’s a free kill. In case the things get rough at any time, pull back, attack some jungle monsters, refill and start over. There is no need to recall back to base at the late game with Beast which is a significant advantage, to be honest. Keep moving, clear the jungle, and watch the mini-map. Stay close to your teammates and get ready to pounce if the fight occurs. Timing is gold when it comes to Beast, make sure your timing is good and your enemies will know fear.