In Marvel Super War Black Knight is made pretty convincing, he looks imposing riding around on his dark steed and charging valiantly at his foes. I’m pretty sure that he will be a favorite character of many people who are fans of the medieval ages or epic fantasy.
Black Knight’s story would suit some medieval fantasy comic perfectly, wearing the black full plate, with the black shield, sword, and of course riding a dark steed called Aragorn. He is a descendant of one of King Arthur’s knights, Sir Percy, and the line goes all the way back to the modern age. The second Black Knight didn’t continue his ancestor’s noble path but became a supervillain who fought the Avengers. After being mortally wounded by Iron Man he decided to call his nephew and told him that it is his legacy to bring back the honor that their bloodline once had. So, the Black Knight is a young lad called Dane Whitman, and he decided to walk the righteous path instead of the vile one. His first encounter with the Avengers didn’t end well as they thought it’s his uncle who wears the armor but he managed to expose his true nature before the possible bloodshed occurred. Afterward, he proved his worth to the Avengers who took him in as a member and he indeed proved his worth and restored the honor of his family. Later on, he met his great ancestor Sir Percy who gave him the Ebony Blade, a sword of great might. Alas, as the sword was cursed and after feeding on the blood of his victims he drove its wielder mad, so it had to be abandoned.

He will be played by Kit Harington in the upcoming Marvel’s Eternals.


  • Extremely mobile. All of his skills enhance movement speed, some by a really high margin, and they last fairly long enabling you to move quickly between the lanes and to chase the unfortunate foes
  • Good for engaging. Black Knights’ ultimate enables him to soak up an enormous amount of damage while moving quickly and it is a great tool for engaging the enemies
  • Good sustain. His main damaging also ability enables healing a solid portion of HP each time you hit.


  • Weak to cc. Any form of crow control that either slows him down or stuns will counter you completely
  • Not good against foes that can quickly change positions as his best skill requires precise targeting and it’s not easy to hit

Black Knight Item Build

Quantum Rifle Power Core Quantum Rifle
Upgraded Hydra Boots MSW Upgraded Hydra Boots
Captain America's Shield MSW Captain America’s Shield
Double Daggers MSW Double Daggers
Nightsword MSW Nightsword
Deathly Phantom MSW Deathly Phantom
Time Lag Power Core Time Lag
Rend Particle Power Core Rend Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Agility Boost Power Core Agility Boost
Leech Tactic Leech
Blink Tactic Blink

Black Knight early game (lvl 8)

His natural passive is Chivalry. Each time you use any of the acceleration skills his attack will enhance. Not that much at the start, but it gets better with each character level.

You should take the Ebony Blade as your first skill of choice. Hold the skill button and the knight will charge in the direction of your movement pad. You can do this three times in quick succession, and you can change the direction of attack each time with the movement pad. Whenever you hit the foe you will recover health depending on how much you have at the moment, because the skill will heal you more at low HP. Your second basic skill is Knight’s Charge. You will start to charge instead of moving regularly, reaching the maximum speed in two seconds, while the skill lasts six seconds. Your next basic attack in the charge state will knock back the enemy a bit while dealing increased damage depending on the distance from the starting point of the skill to the point of impact. The ultimate skill is Knight’s Judgement and it is really powerful, but that’s why its cooldown is enormous at the start. When you hold the skill button the Black Knight will enter the charge state similar to his basic skill, but the exception is that he will be immune to missile attacks and he will reduce any incoming damage by 80% for the duration of the skill. When you release the button, he will strike the foes in front of him for a solid amount of damage and knock them up for a second. Note that the skill can be interrupted by silence, and the strike will be used prematurely in this case.

The only right way to use this hero is the jungling path. He has a tremendous movement that enables him to roam quickly between the lanes and to quickly engage the unsuspecting foes. You can engage foes at level 4, two minutes into the round. Start by going for the red buff and the rest of the jungle before moving through the middle lane to try to surprise the enemy mage. Don’t linger in the lane, just keep moving towards the blue buff and clear that part of the jungle. Now you can start roaming the lanes. Don’t be afraid to assault the jungle on the enemy’s side, just make sure to have your running ability prepared in case you need to run away. Always be aware of what’s going on in the minimap, so you can quickly engage any foe that overextends too much, as they won’t be able to escape you.

Use the Knight’s Charge to quickly approach your foe and to knock him back a bit. Hit him with one basic attack and use the Ebony Blade three times, just make sure to hit each time. It’s much easier to hit a foe that’s trying to run away, as you will easily hit with all three charges. Use your ultimate to shield yourself in case the foe wants to fight back, and finish him off with the charged strike. Most foes won’t stand a chance against this blitzkrieg combo, the only ones you can’t kill with a combo will be tanks. However, you should avoid engaging any foes that move a lot in the combat using skills, like Proxima Midnight, Ghost or Lady Sif throughout the game, not just at the beginning. They are difficult to target and the main skill requires precise targeting.

Black Knight mid-late game

In the mid-game, you should act as a dive bomber sort to speak. What this means is, you want to attack quickly and run off even quicker. There is no lingering in the fight for too long because you are likely to perish in case any crowd control targets you. Usually, there are two possible ways to engage. In case your team doesn’t have any other heroes that can approach the enemy team without dying in the process, you need to act as a spearhead. Use your ultimate as you approach the enemy team and go straight for their backline. Try to use the skill as long as possible to soak up most of their offensive arsenal and make a safe path for your teammates. After knocking up their backline, use the Ebony Blade and move through their backline while slashing everything in the way. Afterward, use the Knight’s Charge to run off wherever you can, and hopefully, your teammates will capitalize on the chaos that you’ve created. You can return after a few seconds as the skill will still be active and smash their backline once again. Do this only if you have enough health. The second way to engage is to wait for your tank to do it. In this case, you want to flank their backline and hit them while they are not prepared, no need to use your ultimate until they start targeting you. Then use it to act as a second tank in your team and soak up as much as possible while your teammates are doing their best and hopefully targeting the same enemies. After you use up your ultimate it’s time for Ebony Blade and quick attacks through the backline. You might not get all the kills, but the impact you can make on the enemy’s morale and tactics is immense.