In Marvel Super War Black Widow is a jungler with a lot of tricks in her sleeves, which makes her unpredictable and fun to use. Unlike most junglers, she is not hard to use, despite the fact she has 4 active skills. You can expect a lot of her signature moves and gadgets blasting around, while she is wearing that tight black leather suit…

Natasha Romanova was born in a former U.S.S.R. and got adopted by Ivan Petrovich because her mother died in battle for Stalingrad in 1942. Later on, in a retroactive continuity, her origin was altered and she was actually trained and biologically enhanced by the Department X. Using technology, they’ve changed her body to withstand a lot more than actually possible. That’s what’s keeping her young and beautiful after many decades. In one of her missions, she got sent to the U.S. to assassinate a scientist who fled the Soviet Union. She easily infiltrated the Stark Industries and started working there. After one quarrel with Iron Man, she decided to convince Hawkeye to help her defeat Iron Man. She fell in love in the process, and the love for her country started to diminish. KGB found out about this so they’ve tried to kill her and almost succeeded, so Hawkeye went to the Avengers to seek help as they couldn’t fight alone. However, she got caught and “brainwashed” again. She attacked the Avengers with Swordsman and Power Man, but Hawkeye managed to save her once again, and they’ve both soon became members of the Avengers. She became a costumed hero named Black Widow. Her skills include hand to hand combat, marksmanship, she is a tactics expert and proficient with gadgets like grappling hook, knock out gas and explosives. In the movies, she is portrayed by the stunning Scarlett Johansson.


  • High combat mobility. She has a few abilities that allow her to move quickly during combat. It reduces the chance to get hit by your opponents, while it also enables her to catch any foes that try to run

  • Good burst. She can take down any defenseless hero in a matter of seconds

  • Combat sustain. She can restore a fine portion of health thanks to her ultimate ability


  • Weak to cc. If you get stunned in a wrong position later in the game, you are toasted

Black Widow Item Build

Quantum Rifle Power Core Quantum Rifle
Rocket Boots MSW Rocket Boots
Double Daggers MSW Double Daggers
Godslayer MSW Godslayer
Nightsword MSW Nightsword
Immortal Glaive MSW Immortal Glaive
Time Lag Power Core Time Lag
Rend Particle Power Core Rend Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Agility Boost Power Core Agility Boost
Leech Tactic Leech
Blink Tactic Blink

Black Widow early game (lvl 8)

Specialist is the name of her passive. When you use any of the abilities she leaves a mark on the enemy. When four marks are stacked, you will get armor penetration against the marked foe for three seconds. Not great, but not bad either.

Focus at leveling up the Shadow Kick first. Its damage will increase and the cooldown will drop, so you’ll be able to use it quite often. When you use the ability, the Widow will dash in the specified direction, kicking the foe twice. The skill has a rather short range, but it is good nevertheless. Widow’s Sting is your second skill of choice, and it would be a contender for the first skill of choice, but the high cooldown is what’s keeping it lower. It doesn’t get better as you level up either, but at least it doesn’t cost more mana either. You’ll release electricity in a cone in front of you, slowing all foes and dealing great damage. After this, your next basic attack will make you dash towards the enemy, stunning him for a second and dealing further damage to him. Your third basic skill will be a Grappling Hook. It does deal some damage, but more importantly, you can move around the map with it, closing in on your enemies quickly and running away if the need arises. Finally, her ultimate is Final Tempest. She will start spinning around, shooting her pistols, and healing herself in the process quite nicely. The more foes you shoot, the more health you will heal.

Now that we got the mechanics out of the way, let’s talk about the proper utilization of her arsenal. Start with the red buff in the jungle, clear everything around it, and then try to go for the blue buff. In case you can poke the enemy in the middle lane do it, but don’t linger around too long. While you are clearing the blue and the rest of the monsters look at the minimap to decide where should you go next, top, or the middle. Try to engage the foe with less health and closer to your tower, as they will need a lot more ground to cover to get to the safety of their tower. Don’t engage the enemy jungler if you don’t have a clear health advantage at this point. Move through the lanes all the way to the bottom, and after you finish ganking the bottom lane, the first monsters should reset. Do another run through the jungle and make the same ganking run through the lanes. At this point, you’ll have your ultimate unlocked and your survivability will be much better, allowing some riskier offensive actions.

Black Widow mid-late game

In the mid-game, you want to keep roaming lanes to prey upon solo laners and clear the jungle on the go. When the team fights start, be close to the heat but engage after your team, don’t try to be a hero as you will die quickly. Black Widow can clear her foes quickly, but she can’t withstand a lot of beating. Avoid tanks, you want the juicy foes like mages and marksman. Engage them using your Grappling Hook, one basic hit and then you want to use the Shadow Kick. This will hit the foe and move you behind him, changing your position quickly and probably making their first skills miss. Use the Widow’s Sting after and follow it with another basic attack to stun your target. At this point, you’ll probably be targeted and your health will start dropping, so it’s time to use your ultimate and heal up, probably finishing off someone from the enemy team in the process. Try to target as many foes as possible with your ultimate, as you heal more with every foe hit. Don’t waste your ultimate too quickly, only use it when you get targeted or when you run right into the enemy group. It has a high cooldown, so you’ll regret each time you waste it. Now, if the things aren’t going well and you need to scram quickly use the grappling hook again to escape the team fight quickly. Remember to use it left or right away from everyone, don’t try to run back to your team as most of the enemy skills will be flying that way and you can literally die from side effects or some nasty aoe.