In Marvel Super War Captain America is a fighter hero, and one of the most popular junglers. He is one of the famous Avengers and the leader of the group alongside the Iron Man.

Captain America is easy to use since he only has three active skills, and he was actually one of the first heroes I played in the Marvel Super War. His gameplay almost completely revolves around using the iconic, (almost) completely indestructible shield. The shield throw skill, in combination with the passive, grants him a solid speed boost and one free use of the Stars and Stripes, so it can be used two times in a row. This enables him to quickly travel a very long distance. Because of that, he is a very mobile hero, quite good at pursuing and running away from the opponents – enemies struck by shield throw will also move considerably slower.

Just throwing the shield at the wall (or an empty space) for the faster movement speed gain can be very beneficial by reducing the travel time from base to the desired location. With passive added to the mix, we also get a very good engagement combo, enabling him to stun the opponent while also gaining a temporary shield able to soak up some hits at the beginning of the battle. All in all, S1 + passive is a very versatile combo, that can be used in many different ways, but requires proper timing.


  • Very good mobility. With the S1, S2, S2 Cap. Can quickly cover long distance
  • Good control (stun after the S1, Ultimate)
  • Solid burst damage
  • Powerful Ultimate. Great for initiating the fight, grants Captain huge damage reduction and pushes away nearby enemies
  • Some sustain (S2 healing)


  • Vulnerable to control. Captain America will be in trouble if he can’t use his mobility.
  • Long skills cooldown. This problem is solved by the CD reduction items, in mid-late game

Marvel Super War Captain America Item Build

Quantum Rifle Power Core Quantum Rifle
Hydra Boots MSW  Hydra Boots
Double Daggers MSW Double Daggers
Nightsword MSW Nightsword
Stormbreaker MSW Stormbreaker
Immortal Glaive MSW Immortal Glaive


NOTE: With this item build and Spellcast boost Captain America would gain +100 attack (+30 bonus), and +900 hp if he takes the Stormbreaker since he would already have max CD reduction.

Psionic Mark Power Core Psionic Mark
Rend Particle Power Core Rend Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
Leech Tactic Leech
Blink Tactic Blink

Marvel Super War Captain America early game (lvl 8)

Captain America can carry his team to victory if you manage to get ahead of your opponents during the early stages of the game. He is most often played as a jungler, but can be also very good in the top lane. Regardless of the role, the Shield Throw should be your primary skill and upgraded as much as possible.  If played in the top lane, this character can be very good at poking and slowly reducing the opponent’s health before going in for the kill, with one very dirty combo. So how does it work? Use the range of the shield throw to hit your target at long distance, retreat a few steps, then strike the enemy with your basic attack and stun it, just before the shield returns to the Captain’s hands, and immediately use free S2 to get back and disengage. This way your enemy won’t be able to retaliate, and even if it does, the temporary shield from your S1 should soak up most the damage, leaving your health intact. Do not do this too often or it will become obvious and the opponent might figure out a way to counter this move.

Captain America should avoid prolonged toe to toe fights at the beginning of the match against other top lane heroes. However, with this strategy, he should be able to defeat his foe and push the first tower early. Once the Avenger Vanguard becomes available is time to go in for the kill, if your foe is at 50% or less health. The combo here would be, Ultimate, followed by shield throw (to slow down and gain a shield), basic attack (to stun), and the two uses of Stars and Stripes to seal the deal and restore some health. If you already have the Nightsword, go for Free S2 + Basic + S2 + Basic for the highest possible damage output. When Jungling, this same combo can be used to quickly take out monsters (excluding the Ulti of course). The additional speed from S1 with the free S2 can quickly get you to a next monster spawn point or to the lane where you just spotted a possible ganking opportunity by observing the minimap. If the battle goes south, S2 can be used to escape.

TIP: in Marvel Super War Captain America is good at tower diving, and able to easily finish off a low health enemy (25% or less Hp) hiding below the tower. Use the Shield Throw followed by the basic attack to jump in and stun the target under the tower, immediately followed by Ulti. The shield will absorb one hit from the tower, and the double Stars and Stripes should quickly get you outside of the tower range, so it shouldn’t be able to hit you more than once.

TIP: Use Free S2 and basic attack in combination with the Nightsword to quickly eliminate the monsters or minions and farm gold.

TIP: Be very careful when using Liberty Rush to pursue (or even worse, run away) If there are hostile minions around, since Captain America will stop to punch them if they’re in his way, and won’t cover the full distance of the S2.

Marvel Super War Captain America mid-late game

Hunting down isolated enemies, other than tanks, shouldn’t be a problem, so these should be your primary targets. In short, this hero has solid burst damage, but shouldn’t stay in prolonged fights. Armor Piercing items are very important, even more so if opening up a fight with the Ulti is your preferred method of engagement. 

 During team fights, wait for your teammates to engage the enemy before rushing into battle, because Cap. America can’t take many hits and will be in huge trouble if he gets controlled and can’t use his mobility to run away. After somebody else draws away the attention of the opposing team, try to catch enemy marksman or mage with your ulti and quickly burst them down. Avenger Vanguard can really shine here since it can grab ranged enemies from a solid distance, even if they are hiding behind walls.

TIP: When fleeing from the enemy, you can use S1 to slow him down, while speeding up yourself. Just make sure not to instinctively tap the basic attack afterward and close in on the foe from which you were trying to run away. 

TIP: Avenger Vanguard (Ultimate), doesn’t have to be aimed. However, aiming it in team fights will bring much better results since most of the time enemy tanks will be in the frontline, and you should avoid ‘wasting’ your ulti on them. Also, the aforementioned method of catching ranged heroes who think that are safe behind the walls is much easier with aiming. For example, if an opposing tank is a few steps in front of you, and the ranged enemy farther to the left/right, but still in the range of the Ulti, aiming the skill will ensure that you catch the squishy ranged foe, and not the tank.