Cloak and Dagger is a true support hero, that can’t deal huge amounts of damage, but can be very useful when paired up with other heroes. Because of that, she should be always played in the bottom lane. Depending on the build she can be somewhat tanky or very squishy, but with a high energy attack. Regardless of the build, Cloak and Dagger should always stick to the backline, and let the melee heroes charge in, while she supports them by silencing/disabling the enemies. We decided to go with the Megingjord since without any defensive items she is too squishy for our liking. However, if you’re master at positioning and tactical awareness, and can avoid getting hit, maximizing her energy attack can be beneficial since it will increase the power of her healing skills, as well as the damage.

NOTE: Cloak and Dagger is currently ranked as an easy to play hero, but all of her skills have to be precisely aimed (except Living Light), she really benefits from using skills in the correct order, and requires precise timing and positioning. So, if you’re just starting out and want to play an easy to use support hero, Mantis is much more forgiving, while being somewhat similar in functionality to the Cloak and Dagger. That’s my two cents.  


  • Silence and immobilize make her very effective at neutralizing dangerous foes, especially Energy heroes, since they are almost useless without their skills
  • Powerful AoE heal. Cloak and Dagger can heal the entire team if her allies are close to each other
  • Ultimate can be a lifesaver to both, herself and her allies


  • Requires support from her teammates, just like other support heroes
  • Not great vs most marksmen and junglers, since silence won’t do much against heroes with strong auto attacks
  • No mobility skills

Cloak and Dagger Item Build

Regeneration Cradle MSW Regeneration Cradle
Clairvoyant Boots MSW Clairvoyant Boots
Arc Reactor MSW Arc Reactor
Casket of Ancient Winters MSW Casket of Ancient Winters
Megingjord MSW Megingjord
Goblin Mask MSW Goblin Mask
Heart of the Defender Power Core Psionic Mark
Suppression Particle Power Core Suppression Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Cloak and Dagger early game (lvl 8)

As already mentioned, Cloak and Dagger the bottom lane hero, and we will focus on providing the information on how to use her at this position. The Cloak and Dagger skillset consist of three skills and the ultimate, but the Dark Fear (S3) is definitively the most important. During the first few encounters, try to use the S3 on the most dangerous enemy, so it can be quickly silenced and possibly immobilized – silenced heroes can’t use any skills. The immobilized effect will activate in the spell area after ~1.5 seconds and can be often avoided, but if the enemy was previously slowed, stunned, or controlled in any other manner, he will have a hard time avoiding the second phase of this skill. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to use Light Daggers (S1) to slow down the opponent(s) immediately after activating the Dark Fear. I wouldn’t recommend using S1 first because the slow effect has a very short duration (only 1 sec) and the (S3) Cloak will take some time to reach its designated target (~0.5 sec), so the slow debuff will be almost over by the time the S3 activates. Both of these skills have to be aimed and the timing is extremely important, but if you manage to pull off this combo and coordinate with your partner in a lane, there’s a solid chance that you will be able to eliminate one of your foes. The opposing marksmen should be your primary target, since most of them are quite squishy and will suffer greatly if immobilized, but quite deadly if left unchecked. The Living Light (S2) is pretty self-explanatory, and it will heal you and all of the nearby allies. However, if possible, I would recommend using Light Daggers against an enemy hero right before the S2, because that will significantly increase the amount of health restored by generating additional Lifepower stacks.

 Considering the skills, I would recommend first unlocking Dark Fear, followed by Light Daggers, and finally the Living Light. After unlocking, the skills should be upgraded in a slightly different order, first S3 (max), followed S2 (max), and the S1 is the last to be improved. The reason for maxing out S3 and S2 first is to reduce their very long CD, and the S1 is the last to be upgraded since dealing damage isn’t your primary job a support hero. Darkforce Dimension (Ulti) should have a higher priority than any other skill and unlocked/upgraded whenever it’s available. Also, avoid spamming S1 in the early game, as it can quickly drain your energy pool, forcing you to teleport back to base.      

NOTE: If you’re being pushed back and have to defend, try to catch overeager enemies with S3+S1 combo, while they are in the range of your tower. Immobilizing opponents and letting the friendly tower do some work is one of the easiest ways to get some kills as Cloak and Dagger during the early stages of the match.  

NOTE: S3 can be used while moving and it can also cancel some skill that have long animations. It’s great for disrupting combos of the opposing players.  

Cloak and Dagger mid-late game

After the initial lane phase, Cloak and Dagger should always stick to her allies (she is a support hero after all). Considering the positioning, she should stay behind friendly tanks/fighters, while trying to catch as many enemies as possible with her S3. Her primary target should now be the mages, since silenced mage, without the skills, is almost completely useless. Most Marksmen and Junglers remain potent opponents even without their skills due to the powerful basic attacks, but the Dark Fear might immobilize them, so it’s far from being useless. All in all, if both stages of this skill hit at least two enemies, you will practically negate the opposing team two heroes, during the crucial first seconds of the team fight, probably swinging the flow of the battle in your favor. Some of the friendly characters will inevitably take damage, and that’s when you should move in with your healing S1+S2 combo, which should be enough to keep them on their feet, at least a bit longer – just make sure to get away from enemies as soon as you cast the S2. 

However, if the battle goes south, Cloak and Dagger can still salvage the situation by using her Ultimate. Darkforce Dimension (Ulti) is great for saving allies in trouble, especially low health tanks, since they won’t die as quickly as other characters, and you’ll often have enough time to pull them out of the unfavorable situation. I would suggest slightly retreating after using this skill on an ally in peril, as the Cloak will envelop the friendly Hero and return to your position, where it will drop off your teammate, while also healing him for a huge amount of health. Retreating is a good way to drop off a friendly (probably disoriented) hero in a relatively safe place, so he can have a second or two to collect his bearings. Proper use of the Ulti can be a lifesaver for both Cloak and Dagger and her teammates, and I can’t stress enough the importance of this skill. If the battle is won, Ulti can be also used to keep the offensive going by healing a badly injured ally, so he can keep pushing up the lane instead of returning back to base for healing.

NOTE: When using the Ultimate, try not to accidentally ‘catch’ the ally that was ready to eliminate (or pursuing) a low health enemy, or else they will have a lot of things to say to you, and none of them nice.