In Marvel Super War Colossus is a Tank/Support hero, and he can be used in both top and bottom lane. Colossus is the same as in the movies and comics, a very tough and strong brawler, but also a very calm person, unlike Hulk. In the movies, he was a friend and the mentor of Deadpool. Well, he tried to be the latter, his ‘student’ often ignored his advice and done the opposite.


  • Very durable. The physical damage reduction from passive and the shield from the Ultimate make Colossus one of the toughest characters.
  • Decent CC. Both of his skills can knock down the opponent, and S2 will also slow them down. However, S1 is hard to hit with, and S2 knockdown has an extremely short duration.
  • Solid damage for a tank
  • Some mobility. The speed boost from the S2.
  • Slow immunity. A very useful trait of his passive.


  • No engage skill. Colossus has to get close to his target in order to start the fight.
  • No escape option. Outside of speed boost from the S2, Colossus has no other tool for running away.
  • Fairly long CD on both of his skills. Considering he only has two skills plus the Ultimate.
  • S1 has a very short range
  • Low base HP, for a tank. Only slightly more than 5,000 HP at level 18

Marvel Super War Colossus Item Build

Glorious Armor MSW Glorious Armor
Hydra Boots MSW Hydra Boots
Starlight Armor MSW Starlight Armor
Deathly Phantom MSW Deathly Phantom
Megingjord MSW Megingjord
Captain America's Shield MSW Captain America’s Shield
Enhancement Serum MSW Enhancement Serum
Hydra Boots MSW Hydra Boots
Captain America's Shield MSW Captain America’s Shield
Deathly Phantom MSW Deathly Phantom
Megingjord MSW Megingjord
Starlight Armor MSW Starlight Armor
Psionic Mark Power Core Psionic Mark
Burst Particle Power Core Burst Particle
Protection Module Power Core Protection Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Marvel Super War Colossus early game (lvl 8)

The Organic Steel Body (Passive)

The Colossus will receive less physical damage from the first three hits, and he will also be immune to slow. Slow immunity and damage reduction are great, but there is one big downside here. After receiving three strikes, the Colossus has to be out of combat for 15 seconds in order to refresh his passive.

The Organic Steel Body (passive) makes him very tanky. It is excellent against burst damage heroes (mostly physical damage junglers) since they rely on several powerful strikes to take out their foe. 

The damage reduction charges are represented with three white lines below the HP bar, and one of them will disappear each time you receive a hit. If you pay attention to these lines, you can tell if your passive is on CD or not, and how many charges are left.

Passive has a very long CD time. 15 seconds might not seem too much in theory, but it is in practice. To make matters worse, it won’t reset after you die, unlike other abilities. So, after respawning, you have to be out of combat for another 15 seconds… Ugh! Colossus would be a great hero if this CD was a bit shorter. Somewhere around 10 seconds, or so.

Upgrading Skills

Unlock the S2 first, followed by S1. Just max the S2 after that, taking the Ulti whenever it’s available.

Double Power Punch (S1)

In Marvel Super War Colossus can hit multiple targets with double fist swing(S1), and knock down the opposing hero(es). This skill has decent rectangular AoE, but extremely short range. It will draw all opponents to the middle of the rectangle, just like the Scarlet Witch Ultimate. Use S1 to clear minion waves.  

NOTE: You don’t have to hit two heroes in order to activate the knockdown effect. The knockdown will also activate if you hit a hero and a minion. So, try to catch some minions alongside your opponent, if you’re playing in the top lane (1 vs 1). Otherwise, you won’t get the knockdown.


Short-range plus the need to hit multiple targets to activate the knockdown makes S1 very unreliable cc ability. Almost useless in 1vs1 if there are no minions/creeps around. On the flip side, it can work great in team fights, if the enemies are bunched up. 

Metal Charge Tackle (S2)

S2 is going to be your main tool for almost everything – control, mobility, and damage. The S2 is a two-stage skill. The first stage deals solid damage and slows down your target. Hitting the enemy hero will also grant you a good speed buff, and it is a prerequisite for using the second stage.

NOTE: Do not use the S2 for clearing minions. You will only hit one of them with the first phase of the S2, and that’s it.

In Marvel Super War Colossus can use improved mobility to get close to the enemy and hit it with the second stage of the S2. This will cause a very short knockdown (plus slow), but you can now use the Ultimate. Basically, S2 is there to inflict some punishment and set up the Ulti.

It can be also used as a semi-decent escape tool. Hit the enemy to gain a speed boost, while slowing it down, and run away. If you still have the passive, the Colossus will be immune to slow, so escaping won’t be an issue. However, in team fights, you will definitely receive more than 3 hits, so don’t count on slow immunity too much… 

Osmium Elbow Drop (Ultimate)

In my opinion, the Ultimate is an active defensive skill, that can also dish out respectable damage. It has two charges, and there’s a very short CD between using them. However, refreshing the spent charge takes some time (15-20 seconds).

Ultimate has a very long range and it can be activated during the following ~3 seconds after knocking down the enemy. So, it doesn’t have to be used while your opponent is on the ground. This skill will also knock back and injure all foes that are close to your primary target, similarly to Captain America’s Ulti. So, it’s also solid at dealing some AoE damage and breaking your opponent’s formation, if they are close to each other.

Colossus will gain a very strong shield once you max out this skill, and this will be your main defensive tool. Use the Ulti as soon as you can, the shield(s) will keep you on your feet, even if you’re low on health.

Very Early Game

Colossus should play somewhat defensively during the first few levels. Why? Well, he isn’t as powerful as most other tanks at the very start of the match. Because of that, I wouldn’t recommend fighting other tanks head-on at levels 1-3. Once you reach level 4 and unlock the Ultimate, you can start playing more aggressively.  


Try to hit your enemy with S1 while there are minions around to get the knockdown. Follow it up with the Ulti to get a shield and deliver some elbow punishment. After that, use S2, S2, and Ulti again. Using your most powerful ability twice will deal a solid amount of damage. Besides that, the shields should soak up almost all strikes coming your way, leaving you almost unscathed. This can work against most tanks and other heroes that have low mobility or short-range skills.   

However, more often than not, you won’t be able to get close enough to engage with the S1, especially against ranged opponents. With that in mind, the S2 is going to be your main ability for initiating fights (and almost everything else).

The S2 has some range, so use it get the first strike and gain a speed buff. You don’t have to immediately use the second phase of this skill. Your target will be slowed down and you’ll move faster. So, it’s possible for Colossus to use higher speed, close the distance, and use the S1 knockdown, if possible. Naturally, Ulti comes right after that and the second phase of the S2 for another knockdown. 

The point is that the speed buff from the S2 can be very useful in many situations. With that said, just remember that the Colossus will move faster after you hit the opposing hero with the S2, and use that to your advantage.

Against single targets, just use S2, move, S2, Ulti. Without a knockdown effect, S1 can only help you dish out a bit more damage. The second stage of the S2 has a solid range, and you should be able to catch even more mobile heroes. BTW, I love the animation of this skill. 

NOTE: Pay attention to your passive, remember to get out of combat and refresh it, when possible.

Marvel Super War Colossus mid-late game

Well, like other tanks, Colossus should stick with the rest of the team and be on the frontlines. However, unlike most other tanks, Colossus doesn’t have a clear role.

He isn’t a defensive tank, like Ronan for example, since he has very little cc against single targets. This means he will have trouble stopping a good jungler that dives into the backline.

On the other hand, he isn’t a pure initiator tank, like Hulk or Thing. Why? Well, he can’t quickly close the distance. Yes, he gets the speed boost, but only after hitting the enemy hero with the S2… So, Colossus has to walk until he gets relatively close to the enemy and use this skill.

With all that said, play Colossus as the situation demands it. Go forward and engage less mobile foes, or try to protect your damage dealers if the opponents constantly harass your backline.

Colossus isn’t overly specialized and can play in both lanes. In short, he is a versatile tank, able to perform several roles, but doesn’t excel at any of them.

All in all, he is able to take tons of hits in team fights, but only if you manage to quickly use the Ulti and gain the shield. After all, that’s certainly the most important trait for a tank.     

Countering Colossus

Keep your distance from him, if you’re playing a ranged hero, and just poke him. Also, don’t be close to your allies in team fights. Colossus is great against bunched up enemies, as his S1 can knockdown multiple targets. Also, his Ultimate will deal damage and push away everyone close to the primary target. Colossus loves fighting against closely packed foes, don’t give him the opportunity to do so.