In Marvel Super War Corvus Glaive is a fighter hero. He is one of the members of the Black Order, and husband of Proxima Midnight.

If you ever faced the undying Corvus Glaive, the first thing you probably noticed is his most iconic feature and that is the ability to revive himself. Corvus Glaive is a very versatile hero that can do a bit of everything. He has some mobility, can take a fair share of hits before going down, and his deadly Glaive can exact a lot of punishment on any enemy. This guy is also able to control his opponents with all of his three skills. However, he isn’t a specialized character, and doesn’t really excel in any of these areas (except high burst damage). If I would have to sum up Corvus Glaive in two words, I would say that Agile Fighter is the best description for this character. Also, he is one of my favorite heroes in Marvel Super War.  


  • Strong Early and Mid game
  • Solid mobility and control (S2 over the shoulder throw, S1 slow, and Ultimate)
  • Good Burst Damage (with combos)
  • Good Survivability (resurrects himself, has high health, escape tools, and some healing from S1)
  • Solid Initiation with the Ultimate      


  • Long cooldown, at lower skill levels (considering that he has only 2 skills plus Ulti)
  • Bad for beginners. All of his skills should be aimed, and require precise timing and positioning, so easy to play label is a bit misleading in his case.  

Marvel Super War Corvus Glaive Item Build

Stormbreaker MSW Stormbreaker
Hydra Boots MSW Hydra Boots
Starlight Armor MSW Starlight Armor
Heimdall's Sword MSW Heimdall’s Sword
Megingjord MSW Megingjord
Double Daggers MSW Double Daggers
Nightsword MSW Nightsword
Hydra Boots MSW Hydra Boots
Stormbreaker MSW Stormbreaker
Immortal Glaive MSW Immortal Glaive
Double Daggers MSW Double Daggers
Megingjord MSW Megingjord
Psionic Mark Power Core Psionic Mark
Rend Particle Power Core Rend Particle
Enhancement Module Power Core Enhancement Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
Teleport Tactic Teleport
Blink Tactic Blink

Marvel Super War Corvus Glaive early game (lvl 8)


First, let’s take a look at Corvus Glaive passive. Soul Charge is probably the most iconic feature of this hero as it allows him to resurrect himself with the hp equal to the amount of currently held dark matter. One important thing to remember here is that Soul Charge has a very long cooldown, 210 seconds more precisely. With that in mind, try to avoid risking too much and needlessly ‘dying’ in the first few minutes of the match.

Yes, Corvus will get up and continue fighting, but that might leave Soul Charge on cooldown when it’s needed the most. For example, during the first larger battle. The other passive can be often overlooked by newer players, but it’s actually very important and makes up the foundation of playstyle for this hero. I am talking about a bonus to energy damage, but we’ll discuss how to use it in combos a bit later.

Edge of Demise (S1)

Edge of Demise (S1) is his main ability and should be maxed out early on. Always try to hit with the glaive edge when using S1. Otherwise slow and life steal won’t activate (also edge hit grants higher damage). This skill has a few very important aspects. It can be used while moving,but it has a bit slow animation (it takes Corvus ~1.5 seconds to swing his glaive). It also has a bit longer reach than most other melee abilities in Marvel Super War. When retreating, use it to slash at the enemy hero behind you, without stopping, to slow him down and heal yourself. it’s relatively easy to hit somebody directly behind you with the edge. S1 has long reach for a melee skill and that’s why it can be used for poking against tanks and some fighters while staying at a relatively safe distance.

It can be used in the same manner when chasing, just move forward and swing, slowing down your prey. S1 has a large cone and can hit multiple heroes with Glaive edge healing a respectable amount of health, making it shine in team fights. The second stage of the S1 (stab) has solid damage, which becomes even better if you can hit multiple heroes. However, the enemies will rarely line up, and I often can’t take the advantage of this bonus in practice. S1 is the main tool for clearing minion waves. Both the first and the second stage of the S1 have long reach, and Corvus can also use S1 slash, S1 stab combo for poking.

NOTE: The second stage of the S1 (stab) will trigger basic attack effects (Nightsword’s passive, critical hits, etc.) and it also counts as using a skill, but it will not activate the Corvus Glaive’s bonus energy damage passive. Also, Corvus can’t move during the S1 stab.

TIP: Use S1 to quickly clear minion waves, it’s easy to hit all of them and quickly eliminate them with S1 (slash) + basic + S1 (stab).

Dark Shadow (S2)

Dark Shadow (S2) is his main mobility skill, great for pursuing, retreating, and avoiding AoE attacks. It can be also used for engaging. I avoid engaging with this skill and like to keep it ready for escaping/chasing.

Now, let’s talk about a very early game with Corvus. During the first few levels, Corvus is very strong, but shouldn’t fight a full health enemy toe to toe (fighter or a tank is most likely his opponent in the lane) to the bitter end. The reason for this is simple, Corvus has above average CD on his S1 in the early game, so his opponent will most likely use the abilities two times before Corvus can use his S1 for the second time. However, Corvus Glaive has better mobility and reach than most other tanks and fighters, and should use the full advantage of this fact. If you are facing one of the tanks that are very powerful in the early game, use the superior reach of the S1 to poke and try to lure them close to the tower, using the S2 to throw them under it.

COMBOS (in theory)

The point is to use a skill plus basic attack(activates passive), followed by another two skills (to reset the CD of passive energy damage) and finally another basic attack to again activate the passive. With the proper use of combos, Corvus Glaive will have very high burst damage during the whole match.

My favorite COMBO

S1 (slash while moving forward) + basic attack + S1 (stab) + S2 (throw enemy over the shoulder) + basic attack. This way your first basic attack will activate the bonus energy damage (and Nightsword/Starlight armor passive), and the second basic attack will activate Corvus Glaive’s passive for the second time.

NOTE: Although the S1 (stab) would also trigger the Nightsword, without basic attack after S1, bonus energy damage will not activate.

If you do manage to burst down the enemy and K.O. your enemy with this combo, great. If not, pull back towards the safety of your tower and wait for the skills to get off the cooldown. Unless your foe is very low I wouldn’t recommend staying in the melee and trading blows with basic attacks, even if you have a slight advantage. One very nice variation of this combo is to take a few steps back after the first basic attack and try to feint retreat, luring the enemy close to your tower. If he takes the bait, use S2 to throw him over your shoulder, under the friendly tower. Towers are deadly at lower levels, and this is one of the easiest ways to get kills with Corvus, in the first few minutes of the match. All in all, when playing Corvus, try to avoid using auto-aim with skills, keep moving, and always try to hit that sweet spot with Glaive edge, rather than a pole. It makes a huge difference.

Anyway, if you do manage to get an early kill, push the tower, or roam a bit and help out teammates in the other lanes.

TIP: If the enemy gets in your face (right next to you), start moving backward while swinging your Glaive (S1), in order to hit with the edge, since hitting with the pole is far from ideal. I know it’s very simple advice, but it’s very easy to forget to do this in the heat of the battle.

Deadly Abyss (Ultimate)

Deadly Abyss (Ultimate) is excellent for closing the distance, engaging enemies (especially ranged ones), and keeping them in place. Don’t hesitate to use it for escaping if the situation becomes desperate since it doesn’t have a very long cooldown (becomes even shorter with all of the CD reduction items).

Ultimate Combo

Use Deadly Abyss (Ulti) to engage. At this point, most players will try to get out of the Black Hole, so use the S2 to throw them back in there. Continue the combo with a basic attack (activates energy damage passive) followed by S1 slash, which should heal a portion of the damage you took, plus S1 stab, and another basic attack to activate the passive for the second time. This combo can burst down almost any character, excluding tanks.

TIP: If you’re confident that the enemy won’t be able to escape from the Ultimate (he’s in the middle of the Black Hole and has no blink), there’s no need for the immediate S2. Instead, you can make one basic attack and pre aim S1 at the center of the hole, getting an easy hit with the glaive edge.

If you’re doing well at the start of the match, roaming around a bit, and looking for some targets of opportunity isn’t a bad idea at all, especially if you manage to get ahead in terms of Gold/XP.

Marvel Super War Corvus Glaive mid-late game

Mid-game is probably the best time for Corvus Glaive (considering Hero power) so be aggressive and try to make the most out of it. Ah, I forgot to mention one very important thing. With Soul Charge active, you can afford to take more risks (and should) than other heroes. However, try not to die below an enemy tower, or deep inside the hostile territory. If that happens, the resurrect will count for nothing and the enemies will just pound you back into the ground, as soon as you get up.

During the late game, Corvus is probably going to be one of the toughest characters on the friendly team, but he isn’t as durable as tanks (at least with this item build). Because of that, avoid charging headlong into multiple enemies, or else you risk being melted down in a matter of seconds. So, my advice would be to approach every team fight carefully and maneuver around opposing tanks, trying to hit squishy backline with one of your deadly combos.

Coordination with other teammates can bring extremely good results. One example is from a few games that I played with Thor on my team. With Deadly Abyss (Ulti), Corvus would keep multiple enemies in place by drawing them in the center of the black hole (so they can’t escape), while Thor does a Thunderclap. There were similar combos when Loki or Doctor Strange were on my team. The point I am trying to make is very simple. Deadly Abyss works very well in combination with other heroes that have AoE abilities that deal damage over time since Corvus can prevent enemies from escaping for several seconds.

TIP: If you find yourself resurrecting, while surrounded by enemy heroes, with no means of escape (S2 and Ulti on CD), you can try one last hail Mary by moving away while swinging the Glaive with S1. The life steal might just be enough to enable you to get out of there. The same goes for team fights, hitting 3 foes at once will restore a lot of health to Corvus.

As we can see, although he only has 2 skills and ultimate, Corvus is far from being a straightforward hero. In fact, effectively playing this guy requires a lot of precise positioning, timing, and using skills and basic attacks in a somewhat specific order. In Marvel Super War Corvus Glaive is ranked as an easy to use hero. However, in my opinion, Corvus is at least Normal difficulty character.