Daredevil is an assassin hero in Marvel Super War, and although he’s blind, he is actually a very capable jungler. Daredevil’s most notable characteristics are his excellent mobility, that enables him to catch other high mobility heroes and powerful burst damage. This guy can beat into submission even the toughest opponents with his multi-purpose baton, but pulling off his combos will require some practice…


  • Very high burst damage. With proper combos, Daredevil can take out squishy heroes in a blink of an eye
  • Very good mobility. With S1 and S2, he can quickly cover a lot of ground and engage his target
  • Decent survivability and sustain. The shield from his S2 can soak up some damage, and the passive will heal a solid amount of damage
  • Interesting Ultimate. Daredevil can separate his target from the rest of the team with his Ulti


  • It’s a bit tricky to hit with the S1. S1 projectile has low velocity, and Daredevil has to hit with it, in order to activate the second phase of the S1
  • Somewhat difficult to play. If you screw up combos with this guy, you’re most likely dead. Definitely not recommended for new players.
  • Long skill CD. Both Daredevil’s abilities have a long CD, considering he only has two skills plus Ulti

Daredevil Item Build

Quantum Rifle Power Core Quantum Rifle
Hydra Boots MSW  Hydra Boots
Nightsword MSW Nightsword
Double Daggers MSW Double Daggers
Stormbreaker MSW Stormbreaker
Heimdall's Sword MSW Heimdall’s Sword
Unstable Radiation Power Core Unstable Radiation
Rend Particle Power Core Rend Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
Leech Tactic Leech
Blink Tactic Blink

Daredevil early game (lvl 8)

We’ll start with Daredevil’s passive since it’s a very important aspect of his gameplay. With his passive, Daredevil can stack up to three enhanced basic attacks, whenever he uses blink skills. So how to get three stacks, when he only has two skills? It’s rather simple, use the S2 on some object, and he will perform a double somersault, gaining two stacks, and you’ll get the third one from the second phase of the S1. His enhanced basic attacks deal significantly higher damage, and will also heal some HP, so it’s very important to have a full-stack before engaging your foe. Besides that, Daredevil will also gain an attack speed boost after using blink skills, which makes him very good at bursting down a single target. On top of that, you will also get a reduced CD on the S2, whenever you smite the enemy with one of your enhanced basic attacks.

The second part of his passive enables him to sense all enemies, even if they’re invisible, but only when they use one of their skills. However, this second part of the passive has a bit long CD.

Billy Club Bash (S1) is going to be your main damage dealing and initiation skill. Hitting your target with the S1 is a very important and difficult part, as I already mentioned, because when Daredevil’s throw his club, it doesn’t fly through the air as fast as most other skills in the game, and it can be very difficult to hit moving targets with this ability. To make matters worse, you can also accidentally hit minions or creeps, marking them instead of your intended target. However, if you do hit an opposing hero, you can use the second part of this skill to instantly teleport right next to him and smack him with your club for a hefty amount of damage. The second phase of this S1 has a very long-range (comparable to, or even longer than the Black Panther’s ultimate), and it’s great for catching high mobility heroes, but you’ll first have to mark them with the first part of this skill.

S1 should be prioritized over the S2, because it’s Daredevil’s main damage skill, and upgrading it will also reduce the CD.

TIP: You can also hide in the brush, mark the opponent’s buff creep with the S1, and try to steal it with the second use of the S1 and leech.

Blind Pursuit is your main mobility skill, and it should be always used before engaging the enemy. The S2 functions like blink, but you will get the double range out of it, if you hit any obstacle since the Daredevil will bounce off it in the direction of your movement, basically making it a double blink skill. The S2 will grant your hero a powerful shield, and up to two enhanced attack stacks, so always try to use it immediately before starting a fight.

Guardian Strike (Ultimate) is a straightforward ability that will launch one powerful strike knocking back your targets. I said targets, because this skill will affect a small AoE, so it’s possible to hit multiple enemies at once. It’s great for isolating a single opponent and pushing it back toward your teammates. You can also use it to throw your foe away from the safety of his tower, or throw him under your own tower.

When playing Daredevil, you will start by doing a standard jungle thing, using the mobility and improved damage of your basic attacks from the S1 and S2 to quickly clear the creeps. This guy can start thinking about engaging the enemies as soon as he gets to level 4 and unlocks the Ulti, but he will get a huge power spike once you buy a first damage item.

Why? Well, almost all of his skills will only receive a boost if you have a bonus attack from items. In other words, your base attack value doesn’t count for them. These abilities include:

The healing from the passive. Improved basic attacks will only heal 5 + 2/level hp until you buy the first attack item, and this is such a minor amount that you won’t even notice that your Daredevil is healing

Both phases of the S1 (only base skill damage without items)

S2 Shield (only base shield value without items)

Ultimate (only base skill damage without items)

With that in mind, try not to risk too much until you assemble your first weapon since it will significantly buff up your survivability (by strengthening the S2 shield, and granting you more healing from the passive), as well as tremendously buffing your damage.

To put it in even more simple terms, for all of you out there that don’t wish to bother with the math, as soon as you get the Quantum Rifle (~level 6), your Daredevil will get ~50% stronger shield, ~50% more damage from the S1(first phase, the second phase of the S1 won’t get as high damage boost since it also deals % of target’s HP), and Ulti will deal approximately twice as much damage. What about his healing? At this point, he will heal approximately three times as much health per hit…. Not being too aggressive, and playing safe until you get the Quantum Rifle now sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?     

Anyway, with Quantum Rifle firmly in your grasp, it’s time to start hunting down some unfortunate enemies. Daredevil can be one of the most efficient assassins, able to quickly burst down every opponent (except tanks and bruisers) if you manage to pull of his combos. As I previously mentioned, the majority of his damage comes from the enhanced basic attacks, so let’s see how to use them to the greatest effect.

When engaging the enemy, it’s very important to hit the obstacle while closing the distance with the S2, in order to gain the shield and two stacks of his passive, from the double jump. This should be followed up by S1 (mark), plus S1 again (teleport and strike), and enhanced basic attacks (plus Ulti, if it’s available) to finish off your foe.

However, I usually go for a bit different approach, when possible. First, I would try to ambush my target and mark it with the S1 (ideally when there are no minions around), followed by a double somersault with the S2 (shield + 2x passive), and the S1 again, to get right in its face, plus basic attacks/Ultimate. Your second use of the S1 will really terrify your opponent when he realizes that you’re suddenly right next to him.

Whatever approach you choose, just keep in mind that stacking 3 enhanced basic attacks is extremely important, because that, plus the damage from the S1, is often enough to quickly burst down squishier heroes, and it will get you some sustain from passive. In other words, with all three stacks from passive, you can take out most heroes in 4-5 hits. Oh, and if things go terribly wrong, you will reset the CD on the S2 with your enhanced basic attacks, so your Daredevil should be able to run away. 

On the other hand, if you miss with the first use of the S1, consider pulling back, and trying another time, for obvious reasons.

The worst-case scenario when engaging? You perform only a single blink with the S2, and miss with the S1… If this happens, start running away immediately, because your Daredevil won’t be able to do much with a single empowered basic attack, and it will take some time for his skills to get of the CD. 

Daredevil mid-late game

In the late game, Daredevil should roam around, and try to find isolated enemies. If you have a lot of experience with this guy and can pull off his combos, all other heroes are a fair game.

When it comes to team fights, Daredevil should try to engage the backline of the opposing team and burst down one of their squishies, preferably a marksman. One method that I used for getting around the tank, is S2 to jump forward and to the side, bounce off the wall, going forward and to the other side (jump left bounce right, for example). If all goes well, you will bypass the tank, gaining shield and 2 enhanced basic attacks in the process, and you’re ready to take out some squishies that are no longer safe behind their tank. It’s usually a good idea to run away as soon as you take out a single enemy, because this hero, just like most other junglers, shouldn’t stay in prolonged melee.

You can also use the Ulti during the team fights, and if you’re in the right position, it’s possible to separate one or more enemies from their allies and push them toward your team.