Gambit is a marksmen hero in Marvel Super War, and he is also one of the most powerful characters in the entire game, at least in my opinion. With his solid mobility, Gambit is capable of engaging enemies when needed, and running away when necessary. His most fearsome feature is the ability to gather cards which can be quite devastating if used with a full-stack. It’s not uncommon for this guy to eliminate multiple opponents with the single use of his S1 during team fights.


  • Solid in the early game. He isn’t really weak in the early game, unlike most other marksmen
  • Insane burst damage. With stacked up cards, Gambit can instantly kill multiple heroes even if they are relatively ‘healthy’
  • Good mobility, from his S3, and Ultimate
  • Good survivability. With CC and damage immunity from his Ulti, Gambit can be difficult to take out and can escape from an unfavorable situation 


  • Gambit has to jump close to his target(s) in order to use the Ulti, which is not ideal position to be in, as a squishy marksmen
  • It takes him a few seconds to gather cards, so his S1 nuke isn’t immediately available 

Gambit Item Build

Double Daggers MSW Double Daggers
Hunting Greaves MSW Hunting Greaves
Silent Hunter MSW Silent Hunter
Dual Blade MSW Dual Blade
Twilight Blade MSW Twilight Blade
Gungnir MSW Gungnir
Swift Pummel Power Core Swift Pummel
Suppression Particle Power Core Suppression Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Gambit early game (lvl 8)

Gambit’s passive will active every time he uses the ability, improving his attack speed and empowering his next three basic attacks, by throwing two cards. Activating the passive is a great way to gather cards, since Gambit will gain 3 energy cards (instead of 2) whenever he hits an enemy hero, or 1 card whenever he hits a minion or creep – hitting creeps with regular basic attacks won’t get you any energy cards.

Energy Card (S1) is his nuke ability. Gambit will throw all of his energy cards in a cone, dealing a hefty amount of damage. If he hits a single enemy multiple times, his damage per card increases, so using this ability at very close range (melee), is the best way to maximize the damage, if your goal is to burst down a single target. Also, Gambit can gather up to 14 cards, and these will be marked with numbers 1-10, and later letters J, Q, K, and A if you have the more than 10 cards – just like a real card deck. So, if you see letter A above your hero’s head that means he’s at full stack of 14 cards, so throw that Ace, and vanquish your enemies. S1 is going to be your main damage dealing skill, but it shouldn’t be used at the very start of the battle, instead, try to gather 10 or more cards before using this extremely powerful ability.

Card Strike (S2), is usually the first ability that you’ll use, at the start of the battle, to deal some damage and activate the passive. Gambit will throw a set of five cards dealing damage and exploding in the small AoE. This skill can’t pass through enemies, so your cards will explode as soon as they hit the first target.

Leap Hit (S3) is his main mobility (jump) skill. Gambit can use it jump across walls, and your hero will also slow nearby enemies, and inflicting damage in a small area, upon landing. So, the damage/slow effects will be activated upon landing, not when you pass through your target, and it is possible to affect more than one opponent if they are standing close to each other. Also, since it’s AoE skill, you don’t have to land directly on your target, just near it. With all that said, I normally use the S3 to disengage from melee opponents.     

Considering his skill priority, I would suggest unlocking S2 first, followed by S1 and S3. When it comes to skill upgrades, S1 should be maxed out first, S3 second, and finally S2 last. I suggest prioritizing S3 over the S2 because upgrading the S2 will only grant you a minor damage boost, while upgrading the S3 will significantly reduce the CD of this skill, and will also get you a much higher damage boost.

With Card Control (Ultimate), Gambit will throw 8 energy cards, while jumping in the specified direction. The cards will explode shortly after that dealing damage for the second time to all enemies in the AoE. There are two very important aspects of this skill. Firstly, Gambit will gain short damage and CC immunity after using this skill, so it can be used as both offensive (to jump in) or defensive tool (to pull back). There will be a yellow/golden light around the Gambit while his CC and damage immunity are active so avoid attacking this guy and wasting your skill if you see that Gambit is glowing. Secondly, using the Ultimate will grant you 8 energy cards and will instantly refresh CD of your S1, so ideally, you should use the S1 before the Ulti, and it can be used immediately after the Ulti (8 cards are not the max value, but it is a solid stack).         

Gambit is not as weak as other marksmen in the early game, as I previously mentioned, but he also can’t be defined as a strong early game hero. With that in mind, play a bit cautiously in the early game, at least until you unlock the Ulti, at level 6. With the Ulti available, Gambit can easily defend against ganks, due to his cc and damage immunity, and he can often turn the tables and eliminate the overly aggressive jungler (or other enemies).

If the Ulti isn’t available, Gambit should open the fight with the S2, gather some cards (ideally 10 or more) with up to 3 enhanced basic attacks, and use the S1 to finish off his foe, while saving the S3 for chasing/retreating as per the situation.

When facing a single enemy, it’s usually a good idea to stack up some cards, jump close to it with the S3, use S1 for powerful burst, followed by Ulti, and the S1 again. If everything hits, you will surely burst down your target (Ulti and second part usually aren’t required). The point is that, if you want to use Ulti aggressively, you should first use the S3 to close the distance and slow down your target and use the Ulti to jump back.    

There are so many possible combinations with this character, and it would be impossible to cover them all so I have just made a few examples, which should be enough to explain the key points when using Gambit.

Gambit mid-late game

In the later stages of the match, Gambit becomes a true powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with. He is now able to burst down almost an entire enemy team with his deadly combos, as well as take out a single target. One major issue when facing Gambit (besides his insane burst), is that he’s a very slippery foe, and can often get out of range of the melee heroes, and kite them with his superior mobility.

So, how to engage in team fights? Well, you have the damage and cc immunity, and that’s fine, but remember that you’re still playing a squishy marksman, and one thing that you really shouldn’t do is initiate the team fights. Yeah, Gambit is a bit difficult to kill, but if he jumps into the enemy team (like a moron), and starts the team fight, he will likely die as soon as his immunity ends.

With that in mind, wait for your tank to initiate the fight and use the S2 plus a few basic attacks before going in. Once that’s done, Gambit can perform a killer combo, that will likely take out multiple enemies, if not the entire team.

So, with some cards gathered move in and use the S1, trying to hit as many targets as you can. Use the S3 + Ulti after that, to jump close to the opposing damage dealers, and immediately get back (with Ulti), followed by one or two enhanced basic attacks and the S1. If everything goes well you will likely take out several enemies, winning the team fight.

Again, these are only some examples of combos, and you really have to adjust to the situation when playing Gambit. The point is to stack cards with S2, use S1 burst, jump in with S3 (slow plus damage), and get back with Ulti while having the immunities, and use the (refreshed) S1 for the second time to end the fight, making the most out of Gambit’s skill set.