In Marvel Super War Ghost is a fairly tricky character to play as it takes some time to get used to moving through the enemy hero after every action to get that passive bonus. She has to be played as a jungler, as the rather fragile physique doesn’t allow you to trade blows with most heroes, so you need to make every fight a nasty surprise for the foe. Ghost has a lot of movement boosts, so it’s rather easy to move through the jungle and between the lanes. It helps with the running foes, as well as your own ability to escape the fights if the need occurs. Her skill set makes her a powerful addition to every team, but only in case you play your cards the right way.

You know how it’s a sensitive topic to talk about sexes these days? Well…In the original story, Ghost was a male programmer that worked at the prestigious company that ruined his life. He barely escaped their claws alive, and decided to become the anti-corporate saboteur from this day on. In the comic he is presented as villain, but we could discuss fairly long whether his motifs and goals are all wrong. I would call him an anti-hero, but never a villain.

Anyway, he was “converted” to female character in the Ant-Man and the Wasp and the game developers decided to keep on this popular trend and we will refer to Ghost as a she from now on.


  • Extremely mobile hero, she can even move through the objects quickly. Great for offensive actions, as well as fleeing

  • Stealthy. She can approach enemies without being seen, and this is a great jungler trait


  • Weak to crowd controls
  • Hard to master. You’ll need to play dozen of games to consider yourself good playing with her

Ghost Item Build

Quantum Rifle Power Core Quantum Rifle
Hydra Boots MSW Hydra Boots
Nightsword MSW Nightsword
Double Daggers MSW Double Daggers
Twilight Blade MSW Twilight Blade
Silent Hunter MSW Silent Hunter
Time Lag Power Core Time Lag
Rend Particle Power Core Rend Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Agility Boost Power Core Agility Boost
Leech Tactic Leech
Blink Tactic Blink

Ghost early game (lvl 8)

Your first skill of choice should be Quantum Positioning (QP). It will be your main tool throughout the game for both engaging as well as running away and jungling. But the most interesting feature is her passive Quantum Corrosion. It applies the mark on a foe when you pass through them using any of the two abilities, or when you walk through them. When you hit the marked foe again with your basic attack or skill it will deal additional damage to them and you’ll get 65% acceleration for two seconds, allowing you to pass through them again, and again, and again…This is also applicable to the beasts, so you should practice your combo on them at first. Another great skill is Quantum (really?) Shuttle. This might be the best ability to run away from the crowd in the game while also being an excellent tool to engage your foes. It will turn the Ghost incorporeal (untargetable) for two seconds while leaving a shadow behind, but you can trigger it earlier with a basic attack and turn corporeal again. If you pass through any foe you’ll deal damage to them, apply the mark, and then in case you are chasing someone, use your basic attack to turn corporeal. The shadow you left behind will come to you, hitting all foes in the way, and applying another mark you can use. You might literally kill someone while running away from them.

Move through the walls using your both skills and clear the jungle fast, try to gank the mid lane (or whatever you think is the best option at the moment) and then you can go clear the second jungle. You’ll get level 4 and your ultimate. Now it’s all about map awareness. Look around for the potential gank targets while also clearing beasts as you go. There are two ways you can engage your targets. I mostly use the Quantum Positioning to throw the disc through the foe and behind them. You’ll mark them, so hit with basic attack afterward. Then you can start to zig-zag through the foe while hitting them in the process. It’s important to make the best use of your passive so pass through them and then use your basic attack. Keep doing it until they fall. Use your incorporeal form in case you need to chase them or run away. No need to use your ultimate on one foe, use it only for the team fights.

Ghost mid-late game

Nightsword will help in this part of the round as it will trigger most of the time. Ghost is not a spammy jungler that mashes basic attacks whenever it gets near a foe. It’s all about tactics, positioning, and patience with her. She is a hard hitter, but your attacks are rather slow because you have to make sure that the foe is marked at all times. Prey on the targets that are solo pushing lanes or defending, whatever. They are your bread and butter. As I mentioned above, use your ultimate only in a team fight. It will give you a lot more flexibility and survival since you are invisible while you are standing in the circle. It will also refresh your QP, allowing you to engage with it again. Try to keep in close to the fight, but not too close. Target only the backline, and you should do fine. In case things go wrong, use your ulti again to retreat to the circle and become invisible. Remember, your weapon of choice is a surprise as Ghost excels in the ambushes and quick run-offs while the enemy is still wondering what the hell happened.