In Marvel Super War Groot is tank/support hero. He is one of the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy team. Groot doesn’t talk much, in fact, he only utters one sentence “I am Groot”. Rocket Raccoon is his best friend and the only one that can understand him.

Groot is a simple, and relatively easy to play the hero. As a Tank/Support, hybrid Groot should be always played in the bottom lane and he has two jobs. First is to protect his own marksmen, and the second one is to set up kills for his ally. He is very good at both, as he has tons of control. Three control skills, and only one of them has to be aimed.


  • Tons of control. All of Groot’s abilities are there to control the enemies.
  • S1 can pull in enemies under the friendly tower and can pull them away from the safety of their own tower.
  • AoE immobilize is great in combination with heroes that deal AoE damage over time.
  • Sturdy. S2 shield enables Groot to take more hits.
  • Some mobility and sustain – from his passive, when he is in the brush. Healing enables him to stay in lane longer.
  • Baby Groot can scout for the rest of his team, so he isn’t totally useless after getting K.O.


  • No escape option, other than running away through the brush, and sometimes there won’t be one nearby.
  • It’s easy to miss with the S1. It can hit minions and has a long animation, so it is a bit difficult to hit moving targets.
  • Groot is almost useless on his own. Good support, but Groot alone can’t do much.
  • Some energy problems. Groot has decent hp regeneration, but he can relatively quickly burn through his energy pool and this will force him to return back to the base.

Marvel Super War Groot Item Build

Enhancement Serum MSW Enhancement Serum
Hydra Boots MSW Hydra Boots
Captain America's Shield MSW Captain America’s Shield
Megingjord MSW Megingjord
Deathly Phantom MSW Deathly Phantom
Vibranium Suit MSW Vibranium Suit
Psionic Mark Power Core Psionic Mark
Burst Particle Power Core Burst Particle
Protection Module Power Core Protection Module
Agility Boost Power Core Agility Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Marvel Super War Groot early game (lvl 8)

During the early game, Groot should try to drag in the opposing marksman with his Bark Stab (S1), and knock them up with Branch Slap (S2). This will grant him a shield and enable his ally to quickly and easily eliminate the dangerous opponent. When we talk about the positioning, Groot should always stay in front of his lane partner and take hits instead of him. Remember to use the brush to quickly close the distance, and get some healing if Groot gets injured.

Considering the skills, Groot should first unlock both of them, and focus on maxing out the S1. This will grant him a shorter CD on this skill.

NOTE: Upgrading the S2 doesn’t grant a shorter CD and doesn’t improve the shield value. It only grants Groot a bit higher damage. Dealing a bit more damage should be at the end of your priority list, as a tank/support hero. If it granted a bit higher shield value, this skill might be worth it, but it doesn’t, which is a bit weird in my opinion.

So, the aforementioned S1, S2 combo is what you’ll use as Groot for most of the game. If you’re pushed back, try to drag one of the enemies under your tower. Use the Growing Pains (Ultimate) to keep them rooted (pun intended) in place so the tower can do some of the work for you. This is one of the easiest, and usually, the only way, to get the kills with Groot from the beginning, until the end of the match. If you and your ally push back the enemy, use the same combo offensively to drag your foe away from the safety of his own tower.

If the enemies get around you, use the S2 to knock them up or the S1 to drag them near you, protecting your marksman. It’s not a big deal if you get K.O.-ed as Groot if your sacrifice saves your ally. However, if you do get K.O.-ed, scout around the map, and try to reveal the position of the opposing players before growing back to the full size. Ahem, just remember to get back to your own territory before respawning. You don’t want to grow back to the size of the full tree while being surrounded by enemies. If you do this, they will cut you back to the size of the sapling almost immediately.

Remember to use the brush whenever you’re pursuing or running away from the enemies. The speed boost can help Groot catch up to fleeing opponents and control them, so his allies can take them out. It will also help Groot to run away when he’s low on health.

TIP: Avoid needlessly spamming skills whenever they’re available. In Marvel Super War Groot can quickly deplete his energy pool and will have to retreat back to base. The quick loss of energy is a big downside of this hero, and it kind of negates the advantage of his passive healing. If he didn’t have problems with energy, Groot could stay in lane much longer.

Marvel Super War Groot mid-late game

During the late game, Groot should stick with the rest of the team and try to initiate the fights with his S1, and the S2 after that. If this skill hits one of your opponents, your teammates will likely take him out in a matter of seconds. So, there will be one less enemy to worry about. If this doesn’t happen and the enemies constantly manage to get away from your team, well… You’re probably stuck with a bad team, and that’s probably the worst thing that can happen to a support hero.

When the team fight with multiple heroes on both sides finally happens, use the Ultimate to hold enemies in place. This will make them easy targets for your allies. Yeah, it’s possible to get out of the area of Groot’s Ulti but at least some opponents should be caught by your roots. If you have heroes that deal huge amounts of AoE damage over time (like Scarlet Witch, Loki, or even Thor), they will be able to easily hit and use their full damage potential against immobilized enemies. In short, Groot is very good in combination with heroes that have AoE skills. 

All in all, Groot can’t do much on his own (probably the lowest DPS in the game), except pulling in and controlling opponents. So, taking hits instead of your teammates, protecting them, and setting up kills should be your main focus when playing Groot.

Countering Groot:

In the early game, just make sure he doesn’t pull you in under the tower (or from the safety of your own tower). If he uses the branch grab thing, it will be on cooldown for the next ten seconds or so, and you can safely engage him.