In Marvel Super War Heimdall is a tank hero. He was a guardian of Bifrost Bridge and a good friend of Thor. Just like in movies and comics, Heimdall wields Hofund, a huge greatsword.

Well, Heimdall was one of the first characters I played. Now, after hundreds of battles, I still think that he’s one of the best and most interesting tanks in the game, and definitely one of my favorite heroes. So what’s so good about him? Heimdall is a specialized tank, able to take tons of damage, and great at initiating fights. However, he isn’t ‘overly’ specialized, as he is also very good at taking out low health heroes, has solid mobility, and he’s one of the best (in my opinion) characters for taking a tower dive. Besides that, using him isn’t too demanding on a player, but he is far from being a boring, straight forward hero.


  • Very tanky. The combination of S1, S3 shield, and passive healing. 
  • Good Initiator. Can quickly close the distance with his S3.
  • Good Finisher. Can easily finish off low health heroes with his Ultimate.
  • Good at tower diving. S3 shield can soak up some hits.
  • Some sustain. Heimdall’s passive enables him to restore some health. The Ultimate is even better at healing, if you use it to eliminate opposing hero.


  • All of his skills have a long cooldown

Marvel Super War Heimdall Item Build

Glorious Armor MSW Glorious Armor
Hydra Boots MSW Hydra Boots
Starlight Armor MSW Starlight Armor
Cloak of Levitation MSW Cloak of Levitation
Megingjord MSW Megingjord
Captain America's Shield MSW Captain America’s Shield
Psionic Mark Power Core Psionic Mark
Burst Particle Power Core Burst Particle
Protection Module Power Core Protection Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Marvel Super War Heimdall early game (lvl 8)


First I would like to talk a bit about Heimdall’s passive. Omniphaty enables Heimdall to see all heroes on the map for several seconds (activates every 4 minutes). It is one of the most often overlooked (pun intended) abilities in Marvel Super War. So, in short, remember to pay attention to the minimap when playing Heimdall. You might spot an ambush, isolated and/or injured enemy hero, etc. Gaining a vision of the whole map can be very beneficial, so don’t let this small perk go to waste. With the other passive Heimdall will heal a small amount of health, after he hits anything (hero/minion/tower) approximately 12-15 times. Useful for keeping Heimdall longer in the lane, so he doesn’t have to get back to base as often.

S1 – Gatekeeper

When Heimdall activates Gatekeeper (S1) ability, he will summon a magic shield that will block 30% (max 50% at the highest level) damage from enemies in front of him. That is great, but he will also move much slower. This skill can be excellent in team fights, as it makes Heimdall very durable. However, it’s only useful if your allies start blasting the enemies while you take all the damage. It’s very frustrating, but sometimes the other players will choose to just walk away. Also, never use this skill without aiming, or you might find yourself blocking in the wrong direction. If you do make a mistake, tap S1 once more to prematurely lower the shield and cancel the skill. S1 can be very useful when defending (or attacking) towers.

S2 – Epee Attack

With Epee attack (S2), Heimdall will swing his sword twice in horizontal slashes and the last strike is an overhead chop. The first two slashes have a slightly longer reach than basic attacks,. The third one (overhead chop) can reach even further. It is also the most potent strike and applies a very powerful slow effect. A few points about the S2. Firstly, you don’t have to use all three strikes at once. Secondly, this skill can be used when chasing if the enemy is a bit further away. Even if the first two strikes can’t exactly reach your target (barely missing), the third one will most likely hit (because it has longer reach) and also slow it down. Auto-aim is usually good enough in this situation. Finally, all strikes that hit the enemy hero will temporarily degrade its armor, so it’s a good idea to use this skill just before the Ulti, if possible. But more on that later.

S3 – Hallowed Ground

Hallowed Ground (S3) is the most important Heimdall’s skill. It grants him (and nearby allies) a potent shield, and also much more. S3 one of the best tools out there for engaging and initiating the fight (excellent vs ranged heroes), as it will knock up all enemies in range. It is also Heimdall’s main mobility skill and can be used to give chase or run away. When using S3 just remember not to accidentally use the basic attack after throwing the sword, if you don’t want to charge in. I rarely use the other option for S3 (the sword returning back to Heimdall), because this skill has a very long cooldown, and shouldn’t be used for poking. It’s usually much better to use S3 to close in on the enemy. S3 is also great for tower diving.

Now that we got the basics out of the way, let’s look at the skill prioritization. I would suggest unlocking all three skills at first, and focus on maxing out the S3 first, followed by the S2.

NOTE: S3 has one of the longest cooldowns in Marvel Super War (excluding Ultimates), as far as I’m aware. Upgrading this skill will reduce the CD time, grant Heimdall higher shield value, and also deal a bit more damage. If you’re playing Marvel Super War Heimdall as tank, this is more important than the damage boost from the S2, in my opinion.

Heimdall is strong in the early game, but shouldn’t really get in a prolonged fight against some of the other tanks or fighters. So, don’t be too aggressive. This Hero can do a very nice early game combo by throwing the sword with the (S3), followed by a basic attack to charge in and knock up the opponent while gaining the shield. Heimdall can then use the three strikes from the S2 to close the deal. This won’t be nearly enough to kill a healthy character. However, the shield (from S3) should soak up most of the retaliatory attacks, allowing you to get out there almost unscathed.

Whatever the outcome, don’t linger in the melee, fighting with basic attacks. Why? In Marvel Super War Heimdall has skills that have a very long CD. That means the opponent will be able to use his skills again before you do. So, the favorable situation could quickly become an unfavorable one. That’s why I gave no prolonged melee advice. However, if the opportunity presents itself, he can try to go in for the very early kill against marksmen or mages, with the same combo, plus a few more basic attacks.

As I already mentioned, Heimdall is great at closing the distance and engaging ranged characters (if handled properly). Aforementioned S3+basic+S2 combo pretty much sums up how to do it. Ahem, well one more thing. You don’t have to use basic attack immediately after throwing the sword. There’s a few seconds window before the sword returns back to you. Also, you don’t have to throw the sword directly at the enemy. It can be thrown a bit behind it, and the Heimdall will still charge forward knocking it up and getting the shield once he reaches the sword. Basically, any enemies that are between the Heimdall and his sword will be affected by this ability. This brings me to another point. You can use S3 to jump over walls and surprise your targets that way.

Ultimate – Admonishing Blade

Admonishing Blade (Ultimate) is a very powerful finishing ability, with which Heimdall can get some kills early in the match. This ability will deal solid amount of damage plus an additional 20% (up to 30% at max level) of the target’s missing Hp. Now, most importantly, this skill shouldn’t be used if the enemy has more than 25% health. I really want to emphasize this point, as there are a lot of players in the lower and mid leagues that just tap the shiny button of this skill whenever it’s available. They’re basically wasting it on enemies that have well above 50% health…

So, what’s the best way to use it? Well, we already covered that the enemy should be at low health (~25%). Secondly, in an ideal situation, Heimdall should first use the S2 to completely demolish opponent’s armor (up to 45% reduction), activating the Ultimate immediately after the overhead chop (third strike). This way, you’ll get the most damage out of the Admonishing Blade. If Heimdall eliminates an opponent with Ulti, he will consecrate the ground, enabling everyone on the team to recover a significant amount of health, before pushing forward. Very beneficial effect, but often overlooked even by Heimdall players, let alone other players on the team.

Another point about the ultimate is that you should really get to know the other characters in Marvel Super War, in order to make the most out of this ability. Generally, the S2 for armor reduction is mandatory if you are facing a tank Hero, and this rule also applies to most fighters. Without it, their armor will soak up the majority of the damage.

However, if you’re facing a marksman, assassin, or a mage, they will rarely (if ever) have any armor, so the Ultimate should be used as soon as they get seriously injured, and the S2 isn’t necessary. Well, that would be all the basics for Heimdall in the early game. Use S3 + S2 combo and follow up with the Ultimate if you get the opponent low enough, but mix up your moves from time to time, or you will become predictable.

There’s one more neat and simple trick that I would like to share. If you see a badly injured enemy hiding below the tower, you can use the S3 to quickly get to him, followed by the Ultimate to finish off your foe. The shield from the S3 should soak up most of the tower shots, allowing Heimdall to get out of there with his health intact.

So, if such an opportunity presents itself, take a quick detour in the neighboring lane, smite down the squishy enemy under his own tower, before returning to your own lane. So, if you are fighting against this hero, the tower won’t save if you’re alone, low on health, and facing a decent Heimdall player. It’s better to get back to the base than to give him an easy kill. In fact, do not be anywhere near Heimdall, if you’re low, even if you have allies nearby. This guy can take some serious punishment and won’t hesitate to charge in and take you out.

Here’s another little trick, this time with the S1, that can help out when you’re tower diving. Let’s say you charged, activated the Ulti, and now, just as you are getting out of the tower’s range you see another, slow-moving shot coming your way. Simply, activating the S1 in the direction of the shot will reduce the damage taken by Heimdall. Every little bit helps, and avoiding/reducing unnecessary damage will help you stay in the lane longer, and all of these little things lead to XP and level advantage in the long run.

With Ultimate available, Heimdall’s ability to see the whole map also comes in handy. He can spot isolated injured enemies, that wouldn’t be normally visible on the minimap and go in for the kill.

Marvel Super War Heimdall mid-late game

During the mid and late-game Heimdall should stick together with his team. Avoid wandering around too much. As Heimdall, you’re the main tank and it’s your job to initiate team fights. So how to do it? Well, as I already said, S3 is the best tool for the job. Try to throw a sword into the more dangerous but squishy enemy backline, and charge in knocking up all enemies between you and the sword.

Ideally, you would want to affect at least two or three enemies with this ability. If the opponents start focusing on you for whatever reason, use S1 once you get down to ~60% percent health, while slowly retreating backward. The damage resistance from the S1 and Battle Cry (passive healing) that is gained by taking hits will enable you to withstand tons of punishment. That should buy some time for the rest of the teammates to do their job and eliminate the opponents.

After the initial charge, try to focus on the most dangerous enemy with the S2, reducing his armor and slowing him down. During team fights, multiple heroes will often target a single enemy, rapidly depleting his hp pool. So, unlike in the early game, I would suggest using Admonishing Blade as soon as you see that somebody has dropped to 40% health or less. 

Well, that’s an about it, on the final note, look at your teammate’s hp before initiating a fight, because they might not join in if they’re too low. Also, if you have a player(s) with a very bad score on your team, don’t count on them joining the fight once you initiate it.  

TIP: Heimdall can be very good against heroes like Hawkeye because his S2 automatically locks on the hero with the lowest health, and that is most likely you if you’re the first to charge in. So, if you turn on the S1 shield, it will take him a lot of time to take you out and since he isn’t dealing too much damage, life steal won’t be very effective. In short, he becomes a very easy target for the damage dealers on your team. Hawkeye is one example, but that’s how the S1 can be used to counter almost any life-stealing hero in the team fights, presuming he takes the bait and attacks you, of course.