Invisible Woman is a support hero in Marvel Super War, and she is great at shielding herself and allies. Unlike most other support heroes, the Invisible Woman actually packs a decent punch, so you should be able to dish out a decent amount of damage. Invisible Woman is the best scout in the Marvel Super, as she can safely move around the map while being invisible, revealing positions of the enemy heroes, and enabling her allies to set up ambushes.


  • High damage for a support hero
  • Excellent at scouting, since she can become invisible (but Hawkeye can still see her)
  • Her Ultimate can make all teammates invisible, while also granting them a speed boost. This ability is excellent for setting up ambushes and starting team fights
  • Very strong shields, that can protect the entire team, with proper positioning
  • Solid Control. Slow from the S2 can easily lead to stun, and her passive can also slow down enemies. Ulti will imprison enemies for a hefty 2 seconds


  • Requires teammates, just like most of the other support heroes
  • Needs good coordination with the rest of team, in order to get the most out of her Ulti and S2
  • Her Ultimate has to be used in melee range, and that’s not great for a squishy support hero
  • Solid protection, but no sustain. Invisible Woman can’t heal herself, nor her allies
  • No escape option, other than blink

Item Build

Regeneration Cradle MSW Regeneration Cradle
Clairvoyant Boots MSW Clairvoyant Boots
Arc Reactor MSW Arc Reactor
Casket of Ancient Winters MSW Casket of Ancient Winters
Virus Cannon MSW Virus Cannon
Megingjord MSW Megingjord
Heart of the Defender Power Core Psionic Mark
Suppression Particle Power Core Suppression Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Protection Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Invisible Woman early game (lvl 8)

Invisible Woman’s passive enables her to turn invisible (well, of course, it does) after being out of combat for several seconds. However, if there are enemy heroes nearby, she will enter the stealth mode – yellow exclamation mark will appear above her head, warning you that you’re about to be discovered. So, she can also sense enemy heroes, even though she can’t see them. Being invisible doesn’t make you untargetable/invulnerable, and you will still receive damage from AoE or targeted abilities. Attacking, taking damage, or staying near the enemies while in stealth mode will break the invisibility, and her next basic attack will deal additional damage, while also slowing down a targeted hero.

Considering the skills, I would recommend maxing the S1 first and taking the Ultimate whenever it’s available.

Psionic Guard (S1) is her main damage dealing and protection ability, which will also grant her a short speed boost. It deals decent damage, and the psionic wave will return back to the Invisible Woman after reaching the maximum distance, granting her and all the allies that it goes through on the way back a shield. Note that the shield value will be significantly higher (~25%) for each enemy hero struck by this ability. S1 can pass through multiple targets, and it’s a solid tool for clearing minion waves. This ability has a relatively long CD (9 seconds), but upgrading the ability will also reduce CD (6 seconds when fully upgraded).

TIP: Try to move and position yourself behind your allies after using the S1, so everyone receives the shield when psionic wave returns back to you. Of course, try to hit enemy heroes with this ability, to actually deal some damage, and empower your shield. Note that you will gain a shield (although weaker) even if you miss with the S1.

Psionic Light (S2) is her main control ability and it’s great if your allies know how it functions. It will deal with minor damage to the first target struck, slowing it down, and also marking it. Now, the marked target will be stunned and will receive a hefty amount of additional damage, if you or your allies hit it three more times with basic attacks, shortly after marking it. This skill works great if you’re supporting fast attacking marksmen (like Hawkeye, or even better Rocket Raccoon) since they will be able to quickly activate the stun and the bonus damage. Upgrading the S2 increases the damage potential and reduces the CD, just like her S1. 

TIP: The marked target will have a blue sign below it, and this sign has three areas. Only one area is filled when you strike the target for the first time, and each additional basic attack will fill one of the empty areas. When all three areas are filled, the next attack will stun the target. I mentioned Rocket Raccoon, as one burst from his rifle fires 3 shots and should instantly stun the marked target.

NOTE: Hitting the target marked with the S2 with skills won’t add additional marks or activate the stun.

TIP: If you’re playing Marvel Super War with a friend and can communicate by teamspeak or by being in the next room, Invisible Woman is an awesome hero to play, since you’ll be able to coordinate when using her Ulti, and you can inform your friend when to move in and attack the target marked with your S2, so you can almost always get the stun and the additional damage from this skill.

Invisible Force Field (Ultimate) is great for setting up ambushes, and you can also use it to initiate fights during the laning phase. Once activated, this ability will render you and all the allies invisible for 3 seconds, while also providing a very large speed boost. Ultimate also has a second stage, and if use it again in the following 3 seconds, you will imprison all enemies in the targeted (don’t use auto-aim) area – imprisoned enemies won’t be able to move, but can still attack, similarly to the immobilized effect.

During the early game try to coordinate with your marksman ally, and set up plays. Invisible Woman can do an S1 plus S2 combo, to first slow down the target (and shield herself and her ally) and then mark it with the S2. If your ally follows up, you should get a quick stun, and hopefully a kill. During the first few levels, Invisible Woman should pull back after using her combo, since both her S1 and the S2 have a long CD until you upgrade them. Occasionally retreating, and getting out of combat is also needed in order to activate her invisibility passive. If you don’t know the position of the opposing players, move ahead of your marksman in invisibility mode, and try to spot targets for him. If you see a yellow exclamation mark, that means that enemies are close by (probably hiding in the brush), and if it turns red, you’re about to be discovered so get out of there. Once you reach level 4 and unlock the Ulti, you become truly good at setting up kills. Use Ultimate to turns yourself and your ally invisible and move forward to immobilize your opponents with the second stage of this ability. This should be followed up by the S2 to get a stun on the most dangerous foe, and that should be enough to quickly eliminate it. In short, Invisible Woman’s Ultimate is very good for initiating the fights in the early game.     

Invisible Woman mid-late game

During the late game stick, Invisible Woman should stick together with her teammates, just like any other support hero. However, it’s also a good idea to go ahead of them and scout, while she’s in invisibility mode. If you’re suspecting that the opposing team has started the Surtur fight, you should move in and provide the vision for your teammates, so they can get gather and hopefully set up a successful ambush.

Well, the best way to start an ambush is definitely with Invisible Woman’s Ulti, since it can make all allies invisible and grant them a speed boost, and the second stage of this skill should be used to initiate the fight and immobilize multiple (at least two) enemies, making them easy targets for your allies. You can also try to immobilize the enemies while they are fighting Surtur, so one your allies can potentially go in for the steal.

Invisible Woman can play a very big role after the fight starts by shielding all or most of her teammates with the S1. Remember to always pull back after using this skill, and try to position yourself between your team and psionic wave that’s coming back to you. The goal is to shield as many allies as possible. With proper positioning, S1 can make a big difference during team fights, because with shields on several characters, your whole team will be able to soak up much more damage.

Also, if one of the dangerous foes jumps into your backline (mage or marksman), you can try to neutralize with the slow, and possibly a stun from the S2.