In Marvel Super War Iron Man is another excellent hero for a newbie player to start with. He is good at clearing lanes, keeps a good distance from his foes and all of his abilities are aoe. Pushing lanes is probably his major advantage, because of his Flight Thrusters. They allow you to fly over the obstacles and move at almost double speed for 12 seconds.

It’s a little known fact that Tony Stark was inspired by Howard Hughes, a pilot, philanthropist, and business magnate that died back in 1976. Another interesting fact is that Tony Stark didn’t plan on becoming Iron Man. Much like Batman, his parents died and he inherited his father’s company. But the little Tony was not a spoiled lazy bug, and he studied hard to become one of the youngest engineers ever, at the age of 16. At one point in his life, Stark was kidnaped by Wong-Chu after being wounded badly. This international terrorist didn’t want the wealth, he cared about the engineering knowledge that the young scientist had, and wanted him to build a weapon. However, Tony built an Iron Man suit and escaped. During this escape, he met James Rhodes, later known as the War Machine. The wound that he earned could not be mended as a piece of shrapnel got stuck close to his heart, and Tony was forced to wear the suit’s chest plate that pushes the shrapnel away as it works like a magnet. From this point on, he equipped the suit with various weapons and shields and decided to fight crime and help the people in need secretly, while officially leading the playboy life.

In the movies, he was played by the iconic Robert Downey Jr.


  • One of the easiest mages to play

  • Solid AoE damage

  • Good for clearing and pushing lanes as well as team fights


  • Vulnerable to ganking and cc

Iron Man Item Build

Cosmic Cube MSW Cosmic Cube
Martyr's Boots MSW Martyr’s Boots
Darkhold MSW Darkhold
Casket of Ancient Winters MSW Casket of Ancient Winters
Wand of Watoomb MSW Wand of Watoomb
Loki's Scepter MSW Loki’s Scepter
Cosmic Vortex Power Core Cosmic Vortex
Suppression Particle Power Core Suppression Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Iron Man early game (lvl 8)

Your first skill of choice is Micro Missiles, no doubt about it. This is your main ability for lane clearing and harassing opponents. It has great aoe but also a minimal casting delay, which means you need to predict the movement of your enemies. Always follow Micro Missiles (and any other ability for that matter) with your basic attack, because of the Iron Man’s passive bonus damage. Electromagnetic Shock will help with the pushy enemies and against gank if you manage to hit the enemy. In case you miss, Iron Man is a sitting duck. He is as soft as any other mage and can’t survive more than a few hits. I mentioned Flight Thrusters in his introduction. That skill has a few uses. First of all, you can help someone from your team relatively quickly, since your natural position is the mid lane. Second of all, you can use it to get back to the base, restore your health/mana, and return quickly. I’ll cover its last use in the mid-late game description.

In the early game don’t be greedy and try to get to level 6 as quickly as possible. This will unlock your ultimate and then you can wrestle against your adversary mage on equal terms. As for the skills, Micro Missiles first, Electromagnetic Shock as the second choice and Flight Thrusters when you got nothing else (after upgrading it once to unlock it).

Iron Man mid-late game

This is where Flight Thrusters get their final use. Iron Man can quickly push lanes and return in time to aid his team in a team fight. Be extra careful when you are pushing lanes as the enemy junglers might be near, so keep your finger close to the Electromagnetic Shock in case you need to push the enemy and getaway. In a team fight, you need to stay back as far as you can and shower the enemies with Micro Missiles and Unibeam (your ulti) which is great for burning multiple opponents when they line up. Just a hint: always target your ulti manually, otherwise it can be easily wasted as its auto-targeting isn’t working well. Save the Electromagnetic Shock in case someone jumps at you or to finish off an enemy if he is low on health. You can use your Flight Thrusters in the fight but in the middle of it approximately, to chase the remaining enemies or to run away in case your team got smacked. Don’t use it at the beginning since it lasts 12 seconds, and afterward Iron Man needs to do a “hero landing”, which can serve you to the enemies on a plate.