In Marvel Super War Magneto is a mage that focuses on controlling the metal balls to harm his opponents. He can also create a magnetic shield to protect himself as well as the powerful magnetic hurricane to stun his foes and grind them to fine dust. He is capable of annihilating the whole enemy lineup alone, which makes him a terrifying adversary on the battlefield.

Magneto is one of the best characters ever written in the comics, ever. Fought in WW1, he became a veteran only to see the rising of the Third Reich and then got captured and sent into Polish prisoner camps with the rest of his family. His sister, mother, and father were executed, while he survived and escaped thanks to his mutant superpowers. Unfortunately, he got caught again and sent to Auschwitz where he met his future wife, Magda. They escaped the camp together and fled to the Ukraine where Magda gave birth to a little girl named Anya. After one occasion where he showed his powers, the mob of humans set his house on fire with his little daughter still inside. The girl died and the enraged Magnus unleashed his wrath at the mob, killing everyone and destroying a part of the city in the process. Magda ran away, fearing for her life and later on gave birth to his twin boys. Obviously, Magneto had to flee Ukraine and went to Israel and met Professor Xavier. Two became friends, even though neither of them revealed that they were mutants. After one unfortunate event, they both exposed themselves and Magneto left his friend because of the different views towards the race of mutants. Ironically, Magneto who was a victim of the prosecution because he was different, viewed the mutants as a race superior to humans and decided to dedicate his being to wipe away the human race in order for the mutants to rise. He was wronged many times in his life, and the hatred for humans seems almost natural. However, he isn’t a clear supervillain as he helped the X-Men many times and at some points even behaved like a hero. Complex personality and a well-written background story made Magneto one of the most beloved “villains” ever made.

He was portrayed by iconic Ian McKellen in most movies.


  • Excellent aoe burst. Magneto can clear the entire enemy team with one precise aoe burst if he survives long enough

  • Solid defender. He can cripple or completely stop the enemy’s attack pointed at a particular tower he is defending


  • To execute his burst properly Magneto has to position himself close to the center of the enemy team. Most tanks can’t survive more than a few seconds in the middle of the enemy team, as a mage you need to be extra careful

  • Weak to cc. He won’t survive for long after being stunned

Magneto Item Build

Arc Reactor MSW Arc Reactor
Martyr's Boots MSW Martyr’s Boots
Antimatter Cannon MSW Antimatter Cannon
Darkhold MSW Darkhold
Wand of Watoomb MSW Wand of Watoomb
Loki's Scepter MSW Loki’s Scepter
Cosmic Vortex Power Core Cosmic Vortex
Suppression Particle Power Core Suppression Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Magneto early game (lvl 8)

Electrosensitivity, his natural passive will boost your basic attack after using any ability. While the damage boosted isn’t that high and important, spawning a metal ball whenever you hit a foe is, as you can use it to boost the damage of some other abilities. Metal balls will last for 6 seconds after spawning.

You should focus on leveling up Master of Magnetism as soon as possible, after unlocking every basic ability at least once. This is your basic source of damage and it will be useful for clearing lanes as well as the enemy engagement. It launches three balls in the specified direction, and they will go through the enemies, hitting everything in the way. Magnetic Radiation is your second skill of choice and it serves as a boost for your first skill. Basically, it unleashes a magnetic field in a cone and slows every hero it hits while also damaging them and pushing away the metal spheres that are already lying around. Your third skill is a Magnetic Force Field and it protects your hero with a minor shield, but more importantly, it’s giving you a movement boost. Magnetic Storm is a frightening ultimate and your main source of damage which will cause a lot of enemies to melt in seconds. It pulls back all of the metal spheres in the range towards you, damaging every foe in their path and stunning them for a second. You’ll get a shield and movement speed similar to the Magnetic Force Field and then the storm will start grinding all of the enemies caught within for three seconds. The damage of the storm is boosted with each metal sphere you’ve managed to pull.

In the laning phase try to hit the foe with a sphere and then use your basic attack. At the beginning of the round you’ll have that small damage boost through your passive, so use it to harras the opponent as much as possible. At the first sign of trouble (read: nasty junglers) use the Magnetic Force Field to run away. You can’t kill any junglers early on, there is no point trying. Use the Magnetic Radiation to further harass your adversaries even when they are out of the range of your basic attacks. It’s also wise to use it against every foe that is trying to run away to slow them down, and for the enemies that are trying to chase you. When you unlock your ultimate you will use it just once or twice before going into the mid-game, and we will explain the combo chain behind it there.

Magneto mid-late game

This is your playground, in the mid and late game. In Marvel Super War Magneto will most likely outperform anyone when you look at the “damage done to the heroes” at the end of the round and you’ll see why this is the case. In the mid-game, the team fighting starts. It is highly recommended to use the following burst. Use the Master of Magnetism to spawn three spheres and hit the first foe you can. Follow it with your basic attack to conjure another sphere. Now spread them around using Magnetic Radiation and follow it with another basic attack to make another metal sphere. Your first skill will probably be right off the cooldown and you’ll be able to use it once again. Now that you have eight metal balls lying around you should use your ultimate and rush right into the middle of the fight. When the storm starts you will have more than double of the basic damage this skill initially deals thanks to the number of the spheres you have. As the fight already lasted a few seconds before you used the ultimate, all of your foes should be injured and the storm will most likely finish them off. Make sure you have as many spheres as possible or the ultimate will be wasted and its cooldown is quite high, so you won’t be able to use it for a while. Also, your timing is crucial, if you use it too early the enemies will strike back and you won’t survive long enough to utilize the three seconds. If you use it too late, your team might get wiped, and again you won’t survive the encounter if the enemy heroes have any crowd control abilities. In case you get focused a lot, use a defensive item like Eye of Agamotto to increase your survivability.