Mantis is a true support hero, unable to do much on her own, but great in combination with allies that understand how this character works. With the ability to put to sleep even the toughest of foes and also very powerful healing, Mantis can keep her team healthy and pushing forward, better than any other support hero. She is also one of the easiest heroes to use, and figuring out everything about her playstyle shouldn’t take more than two or three games. If you’re new to the Marvel Super War, I would suggest starting your journey with Mantis, since she’s a great support hero for beginners.


  • Powerful healing and resistance buff. Her S2 will constantly heal Mantis and one ally, and they will also gain damage resistance and share a portion of the damage. 
  • Some control and sustain with the S1
  • Her Ultimate can neutralize even the most powerful enemy hero for 2.5 seconds, while also granting Mantis huge resistance bonuses  
  • Can spot ambushes, since her passive enables her to see hidden enemies
  • Very easy to use


  • Requires allies. She is a great support hero but terrible on her own or with a bad team
  • Very low damage, probably the lowest DPS in the entire game
  • No mobility skills

Mantis Item Build

Regeneration Cradle MSW Regeneration Cradle
Clairvoyant Boots MSW Clairvoyant Boots
Frosted Spirit Orb
Megingjord MSW Megingjord
Arc Reactor MSW Arc Reactor
Captain America's Shield MSW Captain America’s Shield
Goblin Mask MSW Goblin Mask

NOTE: I suggest to first buy the Frosted Spirit Orb to get enough Energy regeneration, then Megingjord to make Mantis more durable, and assemble the Arc Reactor after that.

Heart of the Defender Power Core Heart of the Defender
Suppression Particle Power Core Suppression Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Mantis early game (lvl 8)

Let’s take a quick look at the Mantis skills first. Passive can help her spot enemies hiding in the bush (eye icon will appear above it). Ok, a nice thing to have. Life Drain (S1), will probably be the most often used ability. If you manage to hit an enemy hero (but not creeps or minions) with the solar blast, Mantis will restore a respectable amount of health, and slow the opponent down. The solid tool when chasing, but do not use this ability when running away and the enemy is close by (to slow it down and heal yourself) because it can’t be used while moving, can be dodged, and it will often lead to more harm than good.

Spirit Bond (S2) is your main support skill and will heal Mantis and her bound ally, while also granting resistance bonuses to both. Remember to use auto attacks while this skill is active in order to increase its duration. Both healing and resistance bonuses will increase at every skill level.

Considering skill upgrades, I would suggest first unlocking the S1, then maxing the S2. S1 is solid for poking and slowing down, that’s why it should be first unlocked, but with maxed out S2 you can keep yourself and the ally alive longer. Basically, further upgrading the S1 would give you more damage, but it’s more important to keep your lane partner (probably marksman) alive so he can rip apart your foes. Dealing damage isn’t your primary job as support, anyway. 

In the very early game, Mantis will be in the bottom lane, supporting the friendly marksman. She shouldn’t try to push the lane during the first levels, instead, focus on poking the opposing marksman with the S1, which will inflict a respectable amount of damage, early in the match. Even if he retaliates, you’ll get some health back from the S1, so this is a good trade for Mantis. S2 healing is rather weak at lower levels (and has long CD), so do not count on it too much, but do use it whenever you can, to keep yourself and your ally healthy. The point is not to push thinking that S2 will heal enough so that you and your lane partner can brute force the enemies. It most often won’t, and one of you two will end up dead… However, once you get your Ultimate, it’s time to be a bit more aggressive.

If you ever played against Mantis, Force Control (Ultimate) is probably the first thing you noticed. With this ability, Mantis will disable any hero, for a hefty 2.5 seconds, while also gaining 45% to a maximum of 60% damage resistance. When I first played her, I actually overlooked the damage she deals at the end of Force Control, which is, at least a decent amount. Anyway, the best way to use the Ulti would be to try to catch opposing marksman (not support), so your lane partner can quickly take him out, and focus on enemy support later. Also, one of the best uses of this ability is to catch an overly aggressive opponent under your tower, which should be able to eliminate him in two or three hits (bonus points if you catch the jungler). All in all, Mantis is very dependant on her lane partner and can work like a charm (with very little effort on your part), if she has a good teammate. On the other hand, she can be one of the most frustrating heroes to play, if your ally is bad/newer player, and doesn’t go in for the easy kill when you use the Ulti. Even worse, some players chose to retreat or go away for some unknown reason, while your Ulti is active, leaving your Mantis to die…

In this scenario, just stick to the friendly tower, and play defensively.  

Mantis mid-late game

Well, if you have a solid team, that knows how to capitalize on your skills, great, you’ll become a very effective fighting force. In this case, Mantis should do everything as earlier, catching the squishy damage dealers so her allies can eliminate them. If you support the allied tank/fighter with your S2, he won’t be afraid to charge into the enemy team, taking tons of damage, and soaking up some very nasty abilities, while you keep him on his feet. That’s it. Stay back, keep your allies healthy so they can continue pushing, and remember to use S1 to slow down fleeing enemies. It’s pretty obvious that as Mantis you should always try to stick to the rest of the team. However, sometimes things can go terribly wrong…

The worst case scenario for Mantis is a team that doesn’t have a clue what it’s doing. If that’s the case, try to find one at least semi-decent player (hopefully all of them aren’t terrible), and stick to him like glue, ignoring everyone else. A miracle might happen, and you just might be able to get away with a victory, or at least it won’t be a humiliating defeat.