Well, he might not be one of the most powerful characters out there, but Mister Fantastic definitely is one of the funniest, at least that was my impression. Mister Fantastic is very good at assassinating isolated targets, especially marksmen, but has no viable escape option if he gets into trouble, and that is one of the main downsides of this character.


  • Can ‘snipe’ squishy heroes from long range with his Ulti
  • Good ambusher
  • Very good vs heroes that rely on basic attacks 
  • Decent control
  • Good sustain. He can heal a lot of health with his S1 plus basic attacks.


  • Low Mobility (excluding the Ulti)
  • No escape tool (excluding the Ulti)
  • Vulnerable when attached to another hero

Mister Fantastic Item Build

Quantum Rifle Power Core Quantum Rifle
Hydra Boots MSW  Hydra Boots
Nightsword MSW Nightsword
Stormbreaker MSW Stormbreaker
Immortal Glaive MSW Immortal Glaive
Heimdall's Sword MSW Heimdall’s Sword
Swift Pummel Power Core Swift Pummel
Rend Particle Power Core Rend Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Agility Boost Power Core Agility Boost
Leech Tactic Leech
Blink Tactic Blink

Mister Fantastic early game (lvl 8)

First a quick look at Mister Fantastic’s package. His passive provides him with temporary (very short) immunity to basic attacks, making him very good against most Marksmen and some junglers that rely on basic attacks for most of their damage.

Elastic Punch (S1) is the main skill for Mister Fantastic and should be used to clear out the jungle, minion waves, and should be prioritized over the S2. Luckily, it has a very short cooldown, so it can be spammed whenever you need it. When using S1 it is important to hit the target and apply a very strong slow effect, so it won’t be able to escape from the following three enhanced basic attacks. These improved basic attacks will be your main damage dealing tool, since they have extended reach, hit harder and faster than regular attacks (with a hilarious ‘boink’ sound), while also healing Mister Fantastic whenever he strikes the target. It is a good idea to use enhanced basic attacks on minions and creeps to always keep Mr. Fantastic at full health. Both damage and healing (life steal) of enhanced basic attacks benefit from having high hp, unlike most other skills that only benefit from having attack items. You can see details about S1 mechanics in the note below. Oh, and most importantly, S1 ca be used alongside the Ultimate, but more on that later.             

NOTE: About the S1.  The HP and damage bonus to attack and healing applied to S1 and enhanced basic attacks is hp and damage bonus from items, your base Hp and attack don’t contribute to this bonus. For example, let’s say you have only one item, the Stormbreaker (+70 attack, +900 Hp), that would translate to +32 bonus damage (+14 from attack (+20%), and +18 from Hp (+2%)). It’s the same situation with healing, only the total bonus would be higher. More precisely, +48 bonus healing (+21 from attack (+30%), and +27 from Hp (+3%)). So, his enhanced basic attack won’t get the additional benefit from items that do not provide a bonus attack or Hp (like Twilight Beads, for example).

Flexibility (S2) is a mobility skill, kind of. It can be used to quickly move through creeps in the jungle or to get right into the enemy’s face. At first, I thought this ability would be great for chasing down opponents, but it isn’t. There are two problems with it. Firstly, it can’t be used while moving (Mr. Fantastic has to stop to extend his arms), and secondly, the animation is too long for a chasing. To simply put it, if the enemy is running away from you and he is within the last third or quarter of the S2 range, he will escape before you can grab him. This skill has very limited use as an escape tool since you can grab the ally and draw yourself to him – something that’s very easy to overlook or forget about but can be a lifesaver in some situations.      

Coil Strike (Ultimate) is the main assassination tool of Mr. Fantastic, and, has a very long-range, when fully charged up. However, hiding in the brush and ambushing unaware enemies from short range is the best choice, if possible. Here’s another nice trick. If you spot a foe on the minimap, approach just outside of his vision range, and start charging your Ulti. The camera will zoom out, allowing you to see further, and snipe the unfortunate victim. On the downside, you might also miss a long-range shot if your target is moving, and that really hurts since this skill has a very long CD – it is easy to miss your target with this skill. If you do manage to hit with the Ultimate, your foe will take a small amount of damage over time, and will have a very reduced movement speed, but you won’t be able to control his movement, so he might take you under the tower, or more likely toward his buddies. All in all, Coil Strike is great against isolated heroes, but you really have to commit when using it, since you will be stuck on your adversary, without any escape tools (except Blink), if things go wrong. On that note, you can also use this ability to escape, if the situation is really desperate. Just charge it up, and slingshot yourself out of there.  

NOTE: You can be interrupted by stuns while charging up your Ultimate, which is extremely annoying. Even worse, you can even get interrupted while in mid-air, after activating the Ulti and flying to your destination – Scarlet Witch did this to my Mr. Fantastic with her S2, more than once. If any of the above scenarios happens, your Ulti will be wasted and will go on cooldown. Ughh! 

So, what should Mr. Fantastic do in the early game? Well, it’s very important to clear the whole jungle, so you can reach level 4, and unlock the Ultimate. Once that’s done, I would suggest sniping or ambushing the opposing marksman, since they’re very squishy, you can catch them from far away and they can’t get rid of you once you wrap around their body (plus you can gain a short immunity to basic attacks, which are important for most marksmen). In other words, once you catch him, he’s toast! Mr. Fantastic can do a very deadly combo, with the Ultimate followed by S1 (no need to aim it) and three enhanced basic attacks which is enough to burst down squishier characters, while healing himself. Just don’t use the S2 while you’re attached to your victim, or you may accidentally abandon it and draw yourself to another hero. Anyway, if all goes well, this should get you the first kill of the game. If you can’t find the opportunity to ambush the marksman, energy heroes and some junglers are also good targets for your Ulti. Just avoid tanks and fighters as, most likely, you won’t be able to deal enough damage to take them out.

TIP: As I already mentioned, do not use the S2 while being attached to the other hero with the Ulti! If you’re under the enemy tower and try to pull yourself and your foe out of it by targeting the allied hero, Mister Fantastic will leave his victim (canceling the Ulti) and drag himself towards the teammate. In short, if you target another hero with the S2 while the Ulti is active, your Ultimate will end.

So, overall it’s very simple. Pay attention to the minimap, and wait for the good opportunity to strike from an advantageous position. After that, just aim the Ulti, and use the S1 plus empowered basic attacks to take out your prey. If the Ulti is on CD, you can also ambush the opponents with S2 + S1, albeit from a much closer range.

In the early game, Mr. Fantastic can be very hard to deal with, if he targets previously mentioned type(s) of heroes. Because of that, I would suggest playing aggressively, actively searching for the next target as soon as your Ulti gets off the cooldown and jungling in the meantime. This hero is strong in the early game but a bit weak later on, so try to get ahead of your opponents quickly or you will be in trouble in the late game.    

NOTE: When attached to the enemy hero, Mr. Fantastic is a sitting duck and can be easily hit with aimed skills, so try your best to find isolated heroes. In short, opposing energy heroes will easily hit you with all of their skill shots, and quickly melt you down.

TIP: Tower diving against a low health enemy is a viable option and I would recommend it (just not before level 8, or so). The aforementioned Ulti, S1, basic attacks combo can quickly take out low health, squishy opponents, while the healing from empowered basic attacks should be enough to keep you on your feet.

Mister Fantastic mid-late game

Well, during the late game there will be a lot of team fights and Mr. Fantastic isn’t very good at them. As we’ve seen earlier he is very good at taking out isolated heroes, but without the escape tool and overall mediocre mobility, he can be in a bit of trouble during the late game. My advice would be to avoid engaging in a team fight with Ultimate unless the opposing team is already seriously distracted. The reasoning is simple. Once you attach yourself to the enemy, there’s no going back, and if the opponents focus on you, well… Let’s just say that healing from S1 won’t be nearly enough to save you (if you play the jungle build with attack items). Your best bet would be to wait for some squishy to become separated from the rest of the group and quickly burst him down. Just remember that Mr. Fantastic isn’t great in the late game, especially against players that stick together, so don’t mess around and finish the match as soon as you can if the opportunity presents itself.  

NOTE: Heimdall’s Sword is a solid choice for the sixth item, as you’re an easy target when attached to another hero, and with it, you’ll get some energy protection plus energy shield (most energy heroes have to aim their shots and you’re the perfect target for them). On the other hand, characters that use life steal items are heavily using basic attacks. These are mostly marksmen and junglers, your favorable targets, and this item will reduce their life-stealing capability.