In Marvel Super War Mysterio is a mage that relies upon his illusions and deception to defeat his opponents. He can trick his foes through cloning himself and quickly switching positions between himself and the clone, making him almost impossible to catch. This, however, is compensated by the inability to quickly burst his enemies like some other mages. To be honest, he is quite fun to play with.

In the comics, he is a failed actor (stuntman to be exact) that shifted his work to special effects. However, this was not satisfying for him, and he decided that to utilize his talents even better in crime! Regular crime doesn’t pay off kids, it only pays off if you are in politics, remember that. So, his first target was none other than the friendly neighbor Spider-Man. At first, it seemed that the Mysterio managed to frame a crime to our belove teen superhero, but the Spidey has seen through his schemes and got Mysterio arrested. After being ashamed and defeated a few more times, he shifted his focus to Daredevil. Mysterio almost succeeded in driving him insane, but the Daredevil saw through his disguise with the help of Doctor Strange.

One cool fact is that Mysterio is just a regular human with no supernatural powers, unlike most other heroes and villains.

In the Spider-Man movie (2019) he was portrayed by the famous Jake Gyllenhaal.

Update 06.08.2020.

Perilous Fog: Perilous Fog’s damage bonus has been decreased from (22%*energy attack) to (12%*energy attack)

Deadly Orbit: Deadly Orbit’s damage has been decreased from (140/210/280/350/420+55%*energy attack) to  (120/190/260/320/380+40%*energy attack)

Shield value has been decreased from (200/300/400/500/600+120%*energy attack) to (80/110/140/170/200+80%*energy attack)


  • Exceptional harasser. He is so versed in harassing the opponents, that they will play defensively most of the time

  • No mana

  • Great to have in a team fight. He will wreak chaos upon the enemy team thanks to his toolset


  • Not as deadly as some other mages in terms of pure damage dealing

  • His ultimate can be rendered useless by the targeting option in the game

Mysterio Item Build

Darkhold MSW Darkhold
Clairvoyant Boots MSW Clairvoyant Boots
Cosmic Cube MSW Cosmic Cube
Casket of Ancient Winters MSW Casket of Ancient Winters
Wand of Watoomb MSW Wand of Watoomb
Loki's Scepter MSW Loki’s Scepter
Cosmic Vortex Power Core Cosmic Vortex
Strike Particle Power Core Strike Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Mysterio early game (lvl 8)

Let’s start with his passive – Perilous Fog. This is the source of his power, and he will create a fog between himself and his foes passively every couple of seconds. The fog will boost his best attack skill after you collect 5 of them. Whenever you collect one fog, you’ll damage the closest enemy for the tiny amount of damage and slow him a little bit, but the slow stacks, so it can be useful. Also, your basic attacks deal a bit more damage after each skill, but it’s insignificant.

Your bread and butter will surely be Lethal Element, so make sure you upgrade it to the maximum after unlocking each ability. It targets a single foe with a projectile and creates a fog, but the catch is to collect 5 fog clouds and its damage is multiplied three times, approximately. Boosted skill is great for finishing off foes that are low on health, but make sure you have a clear space between yourself and the target as it will hit the first hero in the way. Another skill you should focus on is Deathly Orbit. It has a high cooldown and it can’t be used that often, but it’s pretty good otherwise. Try to create orbits as wide as you can, as it will be much harder for any foe to target you this way. You can use it for tower dives, or as soon as you get ganked, as you will be immune to crowd controls and you will gain a shield. This skill had saved me many times, but beware not to waste it, as you don’t have enough firepower as it is. Your third active skill is Mirror Illusion. It creates a copy of yourself that mimics your movement as if you are looking at the mirror. You can also blink at the position of your copy in a few seconds after casting the skill. It is really useful to distract foes, switch lanes quickly, and to escape the possible gank. His ultimate is Holographic Assault, and it will create a mess when you cast it upon one enemy, as every friend or foe around him becomes Mysterio, and he can even target his allies. However, there is an option in the game that renders this skill useless, as you can set up a manual target in the options, and you’ll be able to target the real Mysterio through the icon on the screen.

You play in the middle lane, so don’t spread too much if you don’t have your illusion in a good spot to blink away. Otherwise, you’ll become a jungler food. Try to poke your foe and to collect fog whenever it’s safe. As his main skill is auto targeted, it’s easy to hit with it, so keep moving around all the time and spam your skills whenever they are off cooldown, as you don’t have any mana. This allows you to clear the lane and pressure your opponent all the time, as he will have to go back once in a while to recharge (in case he didn’t build a mana regen item first). Whenever you want to move far away from safety, use the illusion behind you, and start running towards your target. Once you unleash all you have upon him, use the blink to swap positions and instantly get to safety. Mysterio is not the hero that can burst someone quickly at the start, but he is annoying as a mosquito in the summer, neven backing off. Eventually, he will push away most foes and make them go back to heal.

Mysterio mid-late game

Mysterio is much more potent in this part of the game, as he will finally put his ultimate to good use (in case your foe doesn’t use the option mentioned above). You don’t need to get close to the actual fighting, as all of your abilities have a solid range. Still, it’s wise to use the illusion to the opposite of the direction you intend to run (if you want to run off left, use it to the right of you) in case things get rough. Use Lethal Element prior to Deathly Orbit, as it will create a fog that you can safely collect with the proper use of the orbit. Try to confuse one foe with your ultimate (pick the marksman or jungler if you can) as it will most likely render them useless and they will start running away or targeting wrong people. Either way is good. When you collect enough fog, try to finish off one of the lower health foes, but only if it’s safe to flank around and do it, don’t put yourself at risk as Mysterio is squishy like most other mages in Marvel Super War. One last note, you can use your illusion to go behind the enemy tower, finish off a low health foe, and blink back to safety, but use this with the utmost caution as one good cc in the wrong place will disintegrate you.