In Marvel Super War Namor is an offensive tank. He is great at setting up the kills for his allies and initiating fights. With the ability to heal from his passive, Namor can take a lot of punishment and will stay on his feet when you expect him to go down. The ability to trap multiple enemies with the ultimate is probably the most recognizable feature of this hero.


  • Large area control. With his, Ultimate Namor can hold multiple enemies in his whirlpool.
  • Very good sustain. Passive enables him to continuously recover a portion of missing health
  • Can spam skills. Namor doesn’t have an energy bar.
  • Very tanky. From the shield of his S2 and passive healing.
  • Some mobility. Namor’s speed bonus when he’s in water can be used to run away or quickly engage the enemies


  • Needs allies. Namor alone, can’t do much.
  • Enemies can easily get out of his Ultimate with blink or blink skills

Marvel Super War Namor Item Build

Glorious Armor MSW Glorious Armor
Upgraded Hydra Boots MSW Upgraded Hydra Boots
Megingjord MSW Megingjord
Starlight Armor MSW Starlight Armor
Cloak of Levitation MSW Cloak of Levitation
Vibranium Suit MSW Vibranium Suit
Psionic Mark Power Core Psionic Mark
Burst Particle Power Core Burst Particle
Protection Module Power Core Protection Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Marvel Super War Namor early game (lvl 8)

A large part of Namor’s gameplay is focused on his passive so let’s first take a quick look at it. Whenever Namor hits an enemy hero, he creates a pool of water. While standing in the water, he’ll get a solid amount of regeneration and deal some AoE damage.  He will also move faster through it. There are two other ways to create water, the S1 and Ultimate. So, Namor should try to stand in the pool of water (for healing) and draw the enemies right next to himself (so the passive can deal damage) and his skill set enables him to do just that. Note that passive healing won’t heal much damage at the very start of the game (but it is still something). On the plus side, it gets much better once you reach higher levels and buy Megingjord.

TIP: Namor doesn’t have an energy bar and can spam S1 and S2 whenever they get off the CD (save the Ulti, don’t spam it). Since both of these skills provide him some tankiness, Namor can stay in lane almost indefinitely! Spam S1 and use it to heal, since you don’t have to worry about the energy.

TIP: In Marvel Super War Namor can move through the river that goes through the middle of the map faster than other heroes because of his passive. So, if you see that ally in the lane next to you needs help, don’t hesitate and rush to his aid. This is also the best route for escaping, as you will move faster than the hero that is chasing you.

NOTE: Namor’s passive enables him to restores a portion of the missing health, and the less health he has the more he will regenerate each second. So, don’t be afraid to stay and fight when playing this hero, even if you’re low on health. Well, except if you’re not standing in water. Namor is just like a fish, almost helpless on dry land.

Considering the skill upgrades Namor should focus on maximizing the S1, over the S2, because this will give him a shorter CD, and he will be able to summon waves more often.

Summon Waves (S1)

Summon Waves (S1) is his main and the most often use skill, that deals meager damage, but will slow down his target while granting Namor a speed boost, plus the other advantages that this hero has while he’s in the water. Use it to initiate one vs one fights, and also the team fights, if your Ultimate is on CD.

Trident of Neptune (S2)

Trident of Neptune (S2) has a mediocre range, so it can be a bit difficult to hit enemies that are trying to run away from you with this skill. It should be used almost exclusively against heroes that are already in the pool of water, so you can ‘fish them out’. S2 will also grant Namor a strong shield, and this is his other ‘tanky’ skill – the first one being passive healing.

TIP: You can pull in two (or more) heroes with the S2, if they’re standing in line, behind each other.

So how to play Namor? It’s very simple, actually. Use the S1 to summon waves, and slow down your opponent. After that, immediately pull it in with the S2, followed by a basic attack. As Namor’s passive deals damage to enemies close to him, he should always try to stay in the water and keep his opponents right there, next to him. You will be using this combo a lot. I call it a fishing combo!

Jokes aside, this simple combo can be very effective when defending (to draw them in) or pushing towers (to fish them out). All in all, don’t mess with this hero, if he’s close to his tower, especially in the early game. Also, you should really avoid tower diving on Namor, since once you get in, you can longer get out. He will pull you in with his one and only combo, while healing, and the shield will keep him alive. Just don’t. Pulling somebody under your tower is the easiest way to get kills with this hero.

Another unusual way to use the S1 is to throw it behind yourself, and use the speed boost to escape, if you get in trouble. This is not the best escape tool, but it’s the only one that Namor has. Well, it still beats zero escape options, which is the case with most other tanks in Marvel Super War. You can use the S1 in the same manner for pursuing, but only if the enemy is close by when you start the chase, since this skill doesn’t have a very long-range, and it can’t be used while moving.

Deep Sea Vortex (Ultimate)

Deep Sea Vortex (Ultimate) is great for boxing in enemies so your allies can take them out. This skill has an enormous radius, but a very short range and Namor has to get close in order to use it. With that in mind, if you’re setting up an ambush, and can’t reach the nearby enemy with Ulti, use the S1 in his direction, and use the speed boost to quickly close the distance and activate the Ultimate. Most enemies, especially newer players will panic once they get caught inside the whirlpool and will try to get out (not blink out) constantly hitting the edges. Sometimes they won’t even fight back… Which is great for you! Just like shooting the fish in the barrel! However, more experienced players will use blink to get out if they have to, so even if that happens, forcing enemies to ‘waste’ their blink is still very beneficial for you and your team.

TIP: In Marvel Super War Namor should avoid using Deep Sea Vortex in one vs one fight. Save this skill and use it once you have support from your teammates. After the July 2020. update, whirpool will no longer disappear if Namor leaves it.

NOTE: I prefer to play Namor in the bottom lane since he is very good at setting up kills for his marksman ally, and taking damage instead of him. But he can be also used in the top lane.

Marvel Super War Namor mid-late game

During the late game, it is your job to initiate the fights, it is that simple. Namor’s Ultimate works very well when combined with heroes that deal AoE damage over time (like Scarlet Witch), or have to charge up their abilities. I remember one game that I played as Thor, and I would charge up my Ultimate on top of Deep Sea Vortex, which would hold enemies in place… There are more heroes that work well in combination with Namor, basically anyone with aimed AoE skills. As I previously mentioned, don’t be afraid to stay and fight during team fights, and always stay in the water. Also, try to drag the enemies with the S2 right next to you, so the passive, Glorious Armor and later Vibranium Suit can deal damage. Namor can regenerate tons of health in the late game and should avoid retreating back to base.

When you start a team fight, try to catch one or two most dangerous opponents with your Ultimate, and separate them from the rest of their team. If they get separated, your allies should be able to quickly take them out, and your team should be victorious. Well, if your teammates are at least semi-decent players. If not, well… Prepare for tons of frustration, since Namor is a nice tank/support hero, but isn’t really able to do much on his own.