Pixie is a support hero in Marvel Super War, but is she, really? I don’t think so since she can’t support her team. So what is she then? Well, she can be played in several ways. She can be a classic energy hero with one support item, or without it. It is possible to use her as ‘tanky’ support, with all defensive items. However, if you want to do something really crazy, you can play her as a dedicated marksman, with physical attack items, only. Due to her high shield and excellent mobility, she can be decent in this role.     

With all that said, we decided to treat her as a support hero, even though she’s far from being pure support.


  • Very good mobility, from her S2 teleport and S3 blink. Pixie can zip around the battlefield, causing enemies to miss with some of their aimed skills
  • Good control. Slow from passive and S1. S2 blind can also cancel some skills and AoE knockback on her Ulti
  • Solid damage. Pixie isn’t really a support hero, she is much closer to a high mobility marksmen/energy hero


  • Somewhat squishy. Pixie has to get inside in the middle of the enemy team in order to use her Ulti, and that’s a very dangerous thing to do with a squishy hero
  • Undefined role in the team. She is classified as a support, but she can’t really support her team. S3 shield is her only support skill…

Pixie Item Build

Regeneration Cradle MSW Regeneration Cradle
Clairvoyant Boots MSW Clairvoyant Boots
Arc Reactor MSW Arc Reactor
Megingjord MSW Megingjord
Captain America's Shield MSW Captain America’s Shield
Goblin Mask MSW Goblin Mask
Heart of the Defender Power Core Heart of Defender
Suppression Particle Power Core Suppression Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Pixie early game (lvl 8)

Pixie’s passive by itself defines the playstyle of this hero. When moving Pixie will gain charges of her passive ability and once she collects 100 (very similar to the suppression particle), her next basic attack will deal increased damage, and will slow down the first targets and will affect other foes in a small area behind it. Also, Pixie will gather charges from all movements, including the movement form her skills (S2 and S3). So, Pixie should be always moving around and zigzagging across the battlefield.

Dust Explosion (S1) has a very low CD, and it’s a two-stage skill. With the first hit, Pixie will deal minor damage, slow down the target. After a brief moment, the dust will explode inflicting much higher damage to everyone in the area around the initial target. This skill is great for poking during the laining phase, and it can be constantly spammed, once you buy some Cd reduction items. You can also target a minion and the explosion will damage the opponent(s) around it. On that note, S1 area damage is decent for clearing minion waves, so spam it if you have to defend a tower.

NOTE: Upgrading the S1 will increase the damage of both, the first stage (initial hit), and the second stage (explosion). That’s why it’s a good idea to upgrade this skill first. Also, don’t use auto-targeting with this skill, since it will miss more often than not.  

Teleportation (S2) will, well, teleport Pixie a short distance, while dealing AoE damage and blinding the enemies. She won’t be able to move after teleporting, but she can use her skills and abilities. So, it’s still possible to move around with the S3 after using the S2. Now, about the blind effect. It functions similarly to silence, and it can interrupt/cancel some of the ongoing enemy skills. For example Ironman’s Ulti, Iceman’s S1, etc. However, your foes will still be able to use their basic attacks – I guess being blind doesn’t prevent you from being good marksmen or swordsmen… Ahhhhh… Anyway, Pixie will return to the original location after a brief moment.

Fairy Favor (S3) is the blink skill, that will grant Pixie and the allies she goes through a very strong shield. This is actually her only support skill.

Demon Banishment (Ultimate) is another control skill, and it should be used to disrupt the formation of the opposing team. This ability will knock back all foes in a large radius around the Pixie while dealing a solid (but not amazing) damage. S2 works very well in combination with the Ulti since it can quickly get you into the right position, and pull you back to your starting location after you use your most powerful skill.

Considering the upgrading of the skills, Pixie should first unlock all three, and focus on maximizing S1 first, followed by the S3, and finally the S2. She should take the Ultimate whenever it’s available, of course.

So, what should Pixie do in the early game? Well, at the very beginning of the match, use your S1 to poke, and slow down the enemies, making them an easier target for your allies. If your marksmen get into trouble, use the S3 to grant him and yourself a shield and try to slow down anyone that’s targeting him with the S1 or passive. You can also deliberately take a hit or two instead of your ally, since the shield will absorb the damage, leaving your health intact.

Pixie is very good at chasing down and finishing off low health heroes, with the S3 + S2 combo, or the other way around S2 + S3, followed by the S1 and the basic attack. I prefer to first use the S3 and grant myself the shield, and the S2 after that, so Pixie will have more time to attack the fleeing opponent, before returning to her original location. Anyway, the S1 and basic attack should be used after that to finish the job – even if you don’t get the kill, you will slow down the fleeing enemy, making it easier for your allies to catch up and finish it off.

In the early game, the Ultimate can be used to separate the opposing marksman from his support/tank by teleporting between them with the S2 and activating the Ulti. If the enemies start focusing their attacks on Pixie, use the S3, to blink away and gain the shield, and before you know it she will get back to the location at which you used the S2. You can also use the S3 before the S2+Ulti combo, to get the shield before charging in.

With all the teleporting, and zipping around, Pixie’s movement can be quite confusing, and she is very hard to hit with the aimed skills. So, you can often frustrate the opponents by forcing them to waste their skills, while trying to hit you. However, if they do land a hit and you get in trouble, use your superior mobility to run away. S3 is great as an escape tool since it will also give you a shield. Just remember not to use the S2 if you’re trying to run away since the enemies can just stop and wait for you to get back at the location where S2 was used.

NOTE: You can use this same S2+Ulti combo when defending, to push enemies below the friendly tower. Also, some tower diving is possible with the S3+S2 combo.    

Pixie mid-late game

During the late game, stick with your team, stay in the backline line, and try to shield as many allies as possible with your S3. You can also poke with the S1 since the slow effect will disrupt opposing players and the S1 explosion can deal decent damage if multiple opponents stay in the AoE.

If the opportunity presents itself, use S2+Ulti and try to separate squishy damage dealers from the rest of the team, while also slowing them down with the S1 or passive.

Also, if the battle goes south, you can try to cover the retreat of your teammates by pushing away the enemies with your Ulti. Of course, also shield them with the S3, if possible.

On the final note, when I think of her Ultimate, I am thinking in terms of ways to displace the opponents, and do not often use it as a tool for nuking the opposing team – real energy heroes are much better for that job.