In Marvel Super War Proxima Midnight is a jungler, one of the rare “true” junglers with high mobility and high skill cap that can cause a real mess in the right hands. Don’t mind that we only gave her one “plus” and a few cons, she must never be underestimated as the players that take Proxima usually know what they are doing.

Proxima Midnight is a relatively new addition to the Marvel Universe. She is depicted as a minion of Thanos, and the member of his order. She is also married to another supervillain – Corvus Glaive. What kind of marriage is that we’ll never know. Anyway, since her appearance in the universe, she didn’t have any significant roles yet. She mostly failed her missions and had some unsuccessful skirmishes against other heroes. That doesn’t mean she won’t have an important role in the years ahead.


  • Great mobility, even during the fight. She becomes hard to target with anything other than the basic attacks and auto-targeting skills. It also means that there aren’t many heroes that can escape her grip once she pounces at them.

  • Fun to play if you like a bit of challenge


  • Prone to crowd controls. If you take away her mobility, she becomes a sitting duck.

  • Hard to play. She is definitely not a hero you want to play if you are not familiar with these type of games or with Marvel Super War in general. Recommended only to advanced players.

Proxima Midnight Item Build

Quantum Rifle Power Core Quantum Rifle
Hydra Boots MSW Hydra Boots
Nightsword MSW Nightsword
Double Daggers MSW Double Daggers
Twilight Blade MSW Twilight Blade
Silent Hunter MSW Silent Hunter
Unstable Radiation Power Core Unstable Radiation
Rend Particle Power Core Rend Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Bestial Boost Power Core Bestial Boost
Leech Tactic Leech
Blink Tactic Blink

Proxima Midnight early game (lvl 8)

Let’s first talk about why she is so hard to use. It mostly comes from her passive Terror’s Shadow. It changes your basic attack to ranged after every skill usage, and it will blink you towards the direction of your stick. This is what makes her different and hard to use, although most people will say hurr-durr that doesn’t sound so hard. Try to do this in combination with basic attack after every skill and it becomes significantly harder because you need to hit with your skill, then hit with basic attack and dash in the right direction and then repeat the sequence every time while trying to cope with the enemy and calculate what you need to do in the next sequence. After a while, when you get used to these mechanics it will look natural, but it takes some time as it’s unique, there is no hero in the game with anything similar.

Your first skill of choice should be an Eclipse Raid. It has two stages, in the first one, she will rush in the specified direction dealing damage to anything in the way and gaining some movement speed while also getting some small portion of the shield. In the second stage, she can jump to the specified area (similar to Hulk’s ultimate) and slow the affected targets. Both stages deal the same damage, so that’s like boosting two skills instead of one. The second skill, Terror’s Shadow, is also a charge towards the set direction, and if it hits a foe she stops. If she doesn’t, she will slide to the end of the path which is excellent for both chasing and running away. Spear of Fate is Proxima’s ultimate skill and it’s kind of tricky to use it, as it’s a targetable skill with a narrow line, you need to hit first. In case you’ve hit, the spear deals some damage and stays on the opponent for 6 seconds (like a mark). If the enemy gets under a certain amount of health in those 6 seconds you can use the skill again and instantly kill him, while also harming any nearby foes in the process. It’s not that useful at the start, but later on, when the cooldown drops and the damage increases it becomes devastating.

Get the red buff in the jungle first, and don’t even try to engage anyone before you get to level 4, as most other heroes will slap you back to base in no time. At level 4 you can start engaging lightly, and after you get your first offensive item, you can do it more often. Always look around the map for any potential foes that overextended or run around with low health. They are your main prey, as you still won’t be able to kill most of the heroes 1 on 1. After you get the level and item advantage you can start freely engaging everyone except tanks and other junglers, but even they are valid targets in case you have the visible advantage (more health, outnumbering them, level advantage…). Start by using the Eclipse Raid and then basic attack, another ER, and basic attack, all while trying to move in the unpredicted directions. Use Terror’s Shadow to stun them briefly and continue your attack sequence. It’s important to maintain the discipline and use the basic attack after each skill, as well as the passive dash. Dash will increase your survivability by far in case the enemy has targetable skills. Finish off with ultimate if required.

Proxima Midnight mid-late game

Look for the opportunities to engage the foes that for some reason decided it’s a wise idea to solo push or defend the lane. If there are no suitable targets you need to engage in the team fights. This is not Proxima Midnight’s favorite ground, but you can do well if you engage at the right time. Timing is everything in these situations. Try to flank your foes and look out when their backline is busy with your team, that’s the right time to strike and try to make the best of it. Target the marksman first, as he can melt you down quickly. Use your ultimate much earlier than in the solo fights, as you need to dish out as much damage as possible in the short period and make the quick work of the marksman. Mages are a totally different story as most of their skills require targeting, and you are good at dodging attacks, so you will usually cut them down pretty easily. Don’t try to attack tanks at any time, except when he wanders into your team unsupported by his teammates, or when he is the last one alive in the team. It will take you a lot to take them down, and they usually have a lot of cc-s, so you should avoid them like plague.