Quicksilver is an assassin hero in Marvel Super War, that relies on his excellent mobility and powerful Ultimate to defeat his foes. When you encounter Quicksilver for the first time, you’ll face his slow-time force field, that almost looks like cheating, and he is probably going to be one of the most annoying characters until you learn how to counter him. As I already said this hero has extreme mobility but is really weak in prolonged, head-on combat. Because of that, he is the very definition of a hit-and-run hero, and using guerilla tactics is the only way to play an effective Quicksilver. 


  • Excellent assassin. If you get caught in the Quicksilver’s Ultimate, you will almost certainly die.
  • Very good mobility. From both his passive and the S2.
  • Untargetable when using the S1. It’s possible to avoid some very nasty effects and bully your opponent with this skill
  • Control immunity. Quicksilver is immune to CC when he is inside his slow-time energy field
  • Solid burst damage, when he uses the combos of his skills and passive to the full extent


  • Easy to avoid Ultimate. Heroes with some mobility (and experienced players) will get away from Quicksilver once they hear the clock ticking down
  • Mediocre without the Ulti. Quicksilver is a one-trick pony, and can’t do much if his most powerful ability is on CD

Quicksilver Item Build

Quantum Rifle Power Core Quantum Rifle
Hydra Boots MSW  Hydra Boots
Nightsword MSW Nightsword
Double Daggers MSW Double Daggers
Godslayer MSW Godslayer
Gungnir MSW Gungnir
Unstable Radiation Power Core Unstable Radiation
Rend Particle Power Core Rend Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Bestial Boost Power Core Bestial Boost
Leech Tactic Leech
Blink Tactic Blink

Quicksilver early game (lvl 8)

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Quicksilver is that he has no energy pool, and uses force instead. The force enables him to use abilities and can be easily depleted if you’re playing this hero for the first time. However, he can also keep his force pool almost constantly full by proper use of the passive and his S1 skill, since both of them can recover a small portion of the force, whenever they hit a hostile target. 

Quicksilver’s passive is a big part of his playstyle since it enables him to instantly teleport right next to his target after using skill and strike it for increased damage. The passive can be used during the following several seconds, after using an ability. With all that said, Quicksilver should always use a single basic attack after using a skill, since that will increase his burst damage, and will also recover some force. That’s why the Nightsword perfectly fits him, at least in my opinion.

Instastrike (S1) is his main damage dealing ability and should prioritize early. With the S1 Quicksilver will strike all the targets in the AoE, and will also become untargetable while he is zipping around and punching. S1 is great for quickly clearing minion waves, and can be used to strike multiple heroes in the team fights while avoiding some of their nasty abilities. On the downside, this skill will consume a large amount of force. Upgrading the S1 will reduce its CD and increase the damage.

Hypercharge (S2) is the blink skill, and Quicksilver can have up to two charges that can be used almost instantly, one after the other. However, this skill also deals a decent amount of damage and will restore some force, if you hit or pass through a hostile target. Because of that, you should always try to hit an enemy with the S2. Well, except if you’re trying to chase down or running away from the opponents, then using S2 to close distance/escape is desirable. Still, I wouldn’t recommend using it twice in a row when chasing, since that will severely deplete your force, and will leave you only with the S1 for the actual combat. Besides that, you will also find yourself without the escape tool if things go wrong, and Quicksilver is an easy prey without his mobility.

Spatial Relativity (Ultimate) is his signature skill that will create a slow-time sphere. Everyone and everything will be severely slowed down while inside it, except Quicksilver. His allies will also suffer a slow effect, but they won’t be slowed as much as the enemies. Once Quicksilver activates the Ultimate, you can hear the clock ticking down, and most experienced players can avoid it. On the other hand, the Ulti is great for forcing opponents to ‘waste’ their blink, and it has a much shorter CD.

NOTE: Quicksilver is immune to CC (stun, immobilize, etc.) effects while he’s inside the sphere, so don’t get out of it unless you want to run away. 

So, what should Quicksilver do in the early game? In short, he should farm, and avoid fighting other heroes until he reaches level 4 and unlocks the ultimate. After that, try to ambush an isolated enemy that moves away from the safety of the tower, and catch it inside Spatial Relativity. Activating the Ulti, followed by the S2 to close some distance, and a basic attack to appear right next to the target is the approach I go for, but don’t activate the Ulti unless you’re certain that your target won’t be able to escape. The full combo would be Ulti, S2, basic, S1, basic, S2 (aim through your target), basic attack. This is usually enough to burst down squishier heroes.

If you fail to assassinate the target, run away. This hero should never stay in melee for more than several seconds. Avoid fighting tanks in the early game, as they can take more punishment than you can deliver.

When playing Quicksilver, try not to fall behind in gold/XP, as it will really hurt this hero (not enough damage to burst down even the squishy targets). Also, avoid any ‘fair’ fights if your Ulti is on CD because Quicksilver isn’t very impressive without it.

Quicksilver mid-late game

Quicksilver can be very effective in the late game team fights, but only if you manage to catch several opponents inside your Ulti. With that said, you should never initiate the team fights, since your hero will be focused by the opposing players and will most likely die before he can summon the sphere. Instead, wait for your tank to initiate before charging in and doing your thing. In the chaos of the ongoing team fight, it’s easy to overhear the clock ticking down until it’s too late.

Ultimate is also very useful if your team is pushing the tower. If you summon the sphere below the tower, you will reduce its rate of fire, so your teammates can destroy it and keep on pushing forward, toward the enemy base. You can also do the same trick to disable the main tower, and destroy the enemy base, with the help of your allies.

Countering Quicksilver: Start running away from him as soon as you hear the clock ticking down – use blink if you have to. You can also see the circular icon below the Quicksilver if he activated the Ultimate – that’s another way to recognize it. Anyway, if you avoid his sphere, turn around and beat the crap out of him, since he isn’t that powerful outside of the safety of his bubble.