In Marvel Super War Rocket Raccoon is a marksman that uses some kind of a heavy machine gun and mines to attack his adversaries, but he can also get on all fours and run off quickly if the need occurs. He will collect scraps from the fallen enemies and upgrade his skills even further during the game.

Rocket Raccoon made his first appearance in Marvel comic way back in 1976, and his creator took the inspiration from the famous Beatles’ song – Rocky Raccoon. Since then he didn’t appear in many comics, but most people remember him from the Guardians of Galaxy movies. He is a witty master tactician, and although he might seem grumpy most of the time, he is a kind soul. Being an exceptional marksman, he loves using guns, and the bigger they are the happier he is. He can also climb walls, threes and he is nimble thanks to his raccoon body and the sharp claws. Groot is his best friend, and the ‘coon is the only one that understands what that darn three is saying.


  • One of the best laners in the game. Raccoon can quickly get rid of the minion wave and push the tower if he is left unsupervised

  • Can set up a nice ambush using his mines. Stay in the bushes and wait for the unsuspecting foe to walk right onto your mine cluster. If your jungler is following your call it’s an easy kill


  • Weak at the beginning of the round. As many other marksman heroes, he is a perfect target in the early game, not being able to deal any damage and weak against cc with low health on the top

  • Relies upon basic attacks and one skill to deal most damage

Rocket Raccoon Item Build

Silent Hunter MSW Silent Hunter
Hunting Greaves MSW Hunting Greaves
Dual Blade MSW Dual Blade
Double Daggers MSW Double Daggers
Twilight Blade MSW Twilight Blade
Gungnir MSW Gungnir
Swift Pummel Power Core Swift Pummel
Rend Particle Power Core Rend Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Rocket Raccoon early game (lvl 8)

As we already mentioned above, he will collect scraps from the fallen enemies and after he collects a certain number (read, 15) he can choose what ability to improve, or you can improve his range by 100 units. We would strongly recommend taking Machine Gun Volley first. Afterward, you should improve his attack range, Explosive Mines, and lastly Raccoon Sprint.

Your first skill of choice should always be the Machine Gun Volley, as this is your main damage source throughout the game. His attacks become aoe which is great for clearing minion waves as well as hitting the enemy hero close to the minions without being in his range. His second active skill, Raccoon Sprint will give you a great speed boost for two seconds, which is suitable for both chasing and running off. ‘coon’s ultimate is not great but it’s not that bad either. He can place mines while running, which is suitable when you need to run away from your foes. You can place them along the path of retreat without slowing down. They are also suitable for trapping the unsuspecting foe, as you can have up to four of them set up at one time. Just place them next to each other and lure the opponent towards you, or place them at their moving path and stand in the bushes for a surprise attack. If you are not using mines like this and just place them around randomly, or try to hit a foe with one at the time you won’t have much success, as some heroes have basic abilities that literally surpass single mine damage.

How do you play the Rocket Raccoon? The best way to do it is to split push the lanes and try to make something out of it, as he is not really a dueling material but he can clear lanes exceptionally fast. Don’t be hasty at the start of the round as most heroes will wipe the floor with you, so you need to play as defensive as possible and kill as many minions as you can to collect scraps. Don’t try to duel another marksman, or anyone else for that matter, just poke them whenever you can. When you get the mines you should pile them up at one spot away from the minion’s path, as they can also trigger the mine. Try to lure the foe to your mine cluster and then you can engage them, not before.

Rocket Raccoon mid-late game

In the mid-game, you should try to solo push the lanes all the way to the last one if you can. Watch out for their jungler as he will annihilate you, so place the mines along your potential retreat path to slow him down. This tactic will make the enemy team split up, as someone will need to defend those lanes. As soon as you are done with the last tower move to another lane. If they pile up and start pushing your lane move to another one. You don’t want to duel multiple foes, and none of them can clear the waves as fast as you can. Just keep pushing all the time. This tactic will help you upgrade your skills quickly through the scrap you’ll get from minions. It will also boost your gold and XP, so you can be a formidable foe in the late game. In the late game there is not much tactic, keep spamming those mines at the enemy team and attack the closest foe, but try to stay at the edge of your range at all times. Your Machine Gun Volley is the main tool in team fights, as the teams usually pile up and you can hit multiple foes.