In Marvel Super War Ronan is a control tank, pretty straightforward and easy to get a hang of. He is best at the start of the game, as his skills deal significant damage in the beginning, but not so much later on. This will allow you to surprise some unaware enemies and get a few kills probably since it’s not easy to run away from a hero that has 3 cc abilities.

Ronan the Accuser is one of the most badass looking characters in the Marvel universe. Most of the fans know him for the main villain role in the first Guardians of Galaxy movie where he was played by Lee Pace. He is wearing a black and purple exoskeleton suit that enhances his physique and enables all kinds of perks, like invisibility and shooting energy beams to name a few. But his hammer, second only to Thor’s is what he is truly known for. It is capable of devastating melee hits, controlling matter, shooting cosmic rays, and even teleporting or interstellar travel. When you think about it, maybe it’s not the second powerful hammer after all…

Born in the capital of the Kree Empire, Ronan quickly rose in the ranks after joining the special army branch – Accusers. This wasn’t done purely for his superb physical prowess, but through his intelligence, as he is one of the most brilliant minds in the Kree Empire. At one point he got to the position of the third most powerful being in the realm, but he wanted to seize the position of Supreme Intelligence. He almost succeeded, but alas, the puny Rick Jones interfered and stopped him at achieving his goal.


  • Exceptional crowd control, every skill is some sort of slow or a knock up

  • Great at the beginning of the round because he doesn’t need any offensive items and still deals a good amount of damage

  • His abilities are a mix of energy and physical damage

  • Good at tanking. Every time he knocks up an enemy, Ronan gains a stackable shield


  • No escape options. Not a single of his abilities will help you run in case things get ugly, you need to depend upon the Blink

  • His ultimate can be interrupted

Ronan Item Build

Glorious Armor MSW Glorious Armor
Hydra Boots MSW Hydra Boots
Captain America's Shield MSW Captain America’s Shield
Deathly Phantom MSW Deathly Phantom
Vibranium Suit MSW Vibranium Suit
Megingjord MSW Megingjord
Psionic Mark Power Core Psionic Mark
Burst Particle Power Core Burst Particle
Protection Module Power Core Protection Module
Agility Boost Power Core Agility Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Ronan early game (lvl 8)

Your first skill of choice should be Cosmic Rays in case you are playing in the top lane. It deals significant damage as it levels up, while your other skill, Hammer Smash is getting a cd reduction and a bit of damage boost, plus it’s all physical. Ronan should take the bottom lane, as his crowd controls will keep the enemies pinned while the marksman is filling them from afar. If you are playing in the bottom lane, upgrade the Hammer Smash first.

Use Cosmic Rays to clear minion waves and poke the enemies, and the Hammer Smash to poke the enemies and stack a shield. Try to play Ronan as if you are having Nightsword from level one: skill, basic attack, skill, basic attack. This way you’ll make the best use of his passive. Now, you can try to engage enemies as early as level 2. Soften them up a bit with both basic skills and then try to engage when they are low on health. Slow them down with Cosmic Rays, and then get in and try a few basic attacks, follow it with your second skill for a knock-up, and then bash again with your basic attack. When you get your ultimate, Worldshaker, things get really interesting. The attack pattern is the same, but you should finish up with your ultimate. Don’t get greedy about the damage dealt and wait for too long to use the skill (as it gains damage the longer it charges up), your enemy might blink away and leave you empty-handed. Most tanks can’t withstand trading blows against Ronan because of his shield and the fact that two of his skills are dealing energy damage. Tanks tend to focus on physical armor, at least at the start of the round. In case you need to run away, always use one of your skills to slow or stop your foes, and then run. Ronan is slow and this is the only way to outrun your opponent, as you have no other means of escape.

Ronan mid-late game

In the late game, Ronan is not a damage powerhouse like at the beginning of the round, but he can tank a lot more thanks to the defensive items. He is also a good addition to the team fights, as his abilities have a nice area of effect. The only thing he is missing is the means to quickly close the gap and charge or jump into the enemy team, but you can’t have it all. This is why you should engage carefully in case your team doesn’t have another fighter or tank to engage. Also, it will be particularly hard to escape, as your skills can’t target every foe that’s chasing you. So you will probably die as a hero (or in this case a villain) in case something goes wrong. In a team fight your shields will help you survive a lot longer than you normally would, just make sure to use your skills as soon as they are available. Don’t try to focus anyone particular in the enemy team, focus on hitting as many foes as possible with each ability, your team should do the rest. If they can’t finish off a bunch of controlled enemies, you lost anyway. And one final advice, don’t try to build him as a bruiser, although it may seem like a good idea, it’s not.