In Marvel Super War Snadman is a tank hero. In comics and movies his main adversary is the  Spider-Man.

Sandman, unlike other tanks, does not have any skills that would allow him to actually take more damage, and that is the first problem with this character – he can’t take as much damage as most other tanks. The second problem is slow animation speed on his Ultimate since the enemies that pay attention to what’s going on around them can easily get out of AoE. Still, with a lot of annoying control skills, Sandman can be fun to play.

Update 06.08.2020.

Sand Hammer: Sand Hammer’s Stage 1 damage has been decreased from (20/65/110/155/200+100%*physical attack + 4% enemy’s max HP) to (20/55/90/125/160+90%*physical attack + 4% enemy’s max HP)

Sand Hammer’s Stage 2 damage has been decreased from (20/65/110/155/200+120%*physical attack + 5% enemy’s max HP) to (20/55/90/125/160+120%*physical attack + 4% enemy’s max HP)


  • Control freak. All of Sandman’s abilities are there to control the enemies, including his passive.
  • Some sustain. The passive enables him to stay longer in lane (but not in combat).
  • Solid Mobility. With S3, Sandman is much more mobile than the other tanks, and he has a decent escape option.
  • Decent initiator. With Ulti Sandman can quickly close the distance and start the fight.


  • No tanky skills. Outside from passive, that is useless in combat, Sandman has no tanky skills.
  • Long animation on most of his skills. Ultimate can be easily avoided, and it is also possible to get out of his S1 (second stage).

Marvel Super War Sandman Item Build

Glorious Armor MSW Glorious Armor
Hydra Boots MSW Hydra Boots
Megingjord MSW Megingjord
Cloak of Levitation MSW Cloak of Levitation
Starlight Armor MSW Starlight Armor
Captain America's Shield MSW Captain America’s Shield
Psionic Mark Power Core Psionic Mark
Burst Particle Power Core Burst Particle
Protection Module Power Core Protection Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Marvel Super War Sandman early game (lvl 8)

Let’s first take a look at Sandman’s passive. Sandman’s enhanced basic attack slows down and creates a pile of sand that will restore some health when you pick it up. Because of that, Sandman can stay longer in a lane. However, sandpiles are almost useless in larger fights, as you will rarely find the opportunity to go around picking sand in the heat of the battle. Now, about the Sandman’s size. It depends on hp boosting items and your current hp. So, in order to get the increased size and AoE on your abilities, you first need to buy items that provide a large Hp bonus since base hp doesn’t affect Sandman’s size. Also, try to keep the Sandman at high health.

With increased AoE on his S1, it will be more difficult for Sandman’s enemies to avoid this (slow animation) skill, and that’s the main reason why I choose to go for an early Megingjord. With the larger size, it will be also easier to hit with the S3 and the Ultimate will have longer knock up time.

NOTE: Enhanced basic attack (that slows) has a longer range than basic attack.

Considering the skills, Sandman should first unlock all three of them, and focus on maximizing S1 first. The second choice should be the S3, and finally the S2.

In Marvel Super War Sandman can do several very interesting combos. During the early game, if the enemy gets close to your tower, try to slow it down with either S1 or the enhanced basic attack and use the second stage of the S1 to knock it up. While your target is in the air, move behind it and use the S3 to push it under your tower.

Flying Sands (S3) can be used for engaging or escaping as I previously mentioned, this skill can also deal solid amount of damage and stun the enemies if you smash them into the wall. So, here’s another combo. Use the S2 to slow down and trap your enemies with the sand wall, and use the S3 to shoulder charge them into it.

NOTE: It’s really weird, but the damage on the S2 scales from energy attack. Who would ever buy any energy items for Sandman? Very, very, strange.

Sandstorm (Ultimate) has a huge range and can be used to surprise your opponents. If you see an ally in trouble, you can use the Ultimate to quickly get to the other lane. This skill has a very long casting time and your foes will have enough time to get out of its area if they pay attention. Sandstorm is excellent for initiating team fights, from far away.

TIP: There’s one very dirty trick that you can do with Sandman. If you see the enemy running away on low health, or teleporting, he will probably put his guard down when he reaches the safety of his towers (and will probably look at the score, items, minimap, etc.). At that point, use the Ulti to teleport right next to him and take him out. This is a very risky maneuver, but smashing some unaware players while they’re teleporting, with the giant sand hammer, in the middle of the enemy territory, is a very rewarding experience (at least for me), and I’ve done it more than once. If things go bad, you can always use S3 and try to escape.

Marvel Super War Sandman mid-late game

In Marvel Super War Sandman can be played as an initiator tank. However, he can be also used as a defensive tank if his Ulti is on CD. Protecting the allies can be easily achieved by pushing back the enemies with the S3, slowing them down with enhanced basic attack and S1, and knocking up anyone nearby with the second stage of the S1. And after your allies are safe, Sandman can trap overly aggressive enemies with his S2, probably securing the kill, and enabling his team to come out victorious from the team fight.

Well, this is exactly what Sandman should do in the late game, stick with the rest of the team, initiate the team fights if you can (and if Ulti isn’t on cooldown), and most importantly, protect your damage dealers with your large array of control abilities. What you shouldn’t do as Sandman is use the Ultimate during the team fight (if the battle has already started), because you will be ‘absent’ from the battlefield for several seconds while casting this skill, leaving your squishier allies at the mercy of the opposing team.

TIP: When you do initiate a team fight, try to target the backline of your opponents, and get into their squishier heroes. After that, try to push one of them toward your teammates with the S3.