Scarlet Witch is a very straightforward, easy to use hero, and she packs quite a punch. She has extremely high burst damage and can take out multiple heroes simultaneously. All in all, this hero represents the classic mage play style… Stay back and nuke your opponents with devastating spells!


  • Easy to use
  • Very high AoE burst damage. Her S2, Ultimate, S1 combo can deal huge damage, especially in team fights
  • S2 is a solid defensive skill, that can enable her to survive ganks by pushing away and stunning the enemies


  • Vulnerable to high mobility heroes. Heroes with blink skills can quickly close the distance, and avoid your spells by getting out of the AoE.
  • No mobility skills

Scarlet Witch Item Build

Arc Reactor MSW Arc Reactor
Martyr's Boots MSW Martyr’s Boots
Cosmic Cube MSW Cosmic Cube
Casket of Ancient Winters MSW Casket of Ancient Winters
Wand of Watoomb MSW Wand of Watoomb
Loki's Scepter MSW Loki’s Scepter
Cosmic Vortex Power Core Cosmic Vortex
Strike Particle Power Core Strike Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Scarlet Witch early game (lvl 8)

First a quick look at the Scarlet Witch package. Her passive is pretty straightforward, you’ll deal bonus damage if you quickly hit an enemy hero with three abilities – most often triggers when you perform one very powerful combo, as we will see a bit later.

Enchanted Force Field (S1) is her bread and butter. This skill has a very short cooldown, long-range, and it’s great for poking and lane clearing. Honestly, because Scarlet Witch can (and should) stay far away from her enemies, and this skill can be used very often, I rarely use her basic attacks. 

Reality Warp (S2) is her main and only defensive ability. Because of that, it should be saved up and used to stun the enemies that get too close for comfort. Using this ability offensively and having it on cooldown when it’s most needed is the easiest way to get yourself killed when playing Scarlet Witch. S2 also has a shorter range than her other two abilities, and using it aggressively will get this hero inside the range of her enemies. Basically, using S2 aggressively is a bad idea since that would deny the Witch her greatest advantage over other heroes, and that is range.

NOTE: S2 can be used to cancel or disrupt the abilities of your opponents, most notably Ultimates. For example, S2 can push away Thor while he is in mid-air and charging his Ulti. It can also push back Hulk and Corvus when they jump to perform their own ultimate. Most notably, this skill can completely cancel Mister Fantastics Ultimate, if you hit him while he is ‘flying’ toward you. In short, the Scarlet Witch can cancel/disrupt any skill that includes jumping. 

At the start of the game, Scarlet Witch should poke and stay at maximum distance, since she can outrange most of her adversaries, and use S1 to clear minion waves. However, don’t get too comfortable, and always be prepared to use the S2 if the enemy jungler suddenly appears to gank you. This skill doesn’t have to be manually aimed, because quickly tapping S2 is way more important, and auto-targeting is good enough, as this skill has a very large cone. If you do get the stun, quickly follow it up with the S1 while moving away (S1 can be used without stopping, which is very helpful). If you’re facing a very aggressive enemy, try to lure it under the tower and use the S2+S1 combo, possibly getting a kill against the stunned enemy. Once you hit level 4 and get the Ultimate, Scarlet Witch becomes a power to be reckoned, and you can think about playing a bit more aggressively…   

TIP: Save S2 to stun enemies that get close (needs quick reflexes). This is one of the most important things to remember when playing the Scarlet Witch.        

TIP: S1 and Ultimate should be always manually aimed, don’t use auto-targeting.

Chaos Magic (Ultimate) is an extremely powerful ability, deals tons of damage, and also stuns the unfortunate opponents that get caught in its AoE. It has a short CD time for an Ultimate (so don’t hesitate to use it), but can be avoided by the high mobility heroes, so it’s a good idea to use this skill on slowed/stunned/immobilized or otherwise controlled enemies. Of course, the Ultimate should be followed by S1.

Finally, we get to the most important combo. As we already mentioned, if the enemy gets the jump on you, S2 is a lifesaver, but if the Chaos Magic (Ultimate) is available, you can now burst down your attacker before he even realizes what is going on. After the S2, quickly use the Ultimate to get another short stun, followed by the S1. Using three skills against the same enemy will also activate the passive, and that should be enough to instantly kill squishier heroes, and even the tougher ones will be badly injured. Speed is critical when performing this combo, and if you do it fast enough the enemy won’t have time to react.  

Scarlet Witch mid-late game

During the late game, stick with the rest of the team but always be in the backline, keeping your distance from the enemies. If you have a tank with AoE control abilities (like Namor, Ant-Man, etc.) pay attention when they use them, and immediately follow up with the Ultimate and S1. Controlled enemies are much easier to hit and they will have a harder time getting out of the S1 area, and it’s not uncommon to get multiple kills if you follow the lead of your tank. On the other hand, always stay away from heroes that have powerful, long-range, initiation abilities (like Hulk, The Thing, etc.). Scarlet Witch can still outrange them, but only if you’re positioned properly, behind the rest of your team. At the start of the team fight try to take out enemy marksman/jungler, since you can blast them from a safe distance and they almost certainly won’t have any energy resistance items. Also, avoid fighting high mobility heroes one vs one, as they can avoid your S1 and ultimate by blinking out of the AoE.

Well, that’s it. She is a very simple, and yet very effective hero to play once you learn how to position yourself, and quickly execute the combos.