In Marvel Super War Storm is as terrifying and beautiful as she is in the movies and comics. She can wipe the whole team singlehandedly and she isn’t even that hard to play. Of course, all of her powers are related to the weather control and they are devastating..

Storm is the first African hero that the Marvel made all the way back in 1975. She is an heir of the long line of African witches that was raised in both Cairo and Harlem, New York as her father was American. Like most superheroes, she lost her parents early and had to turn to pickpocket to survive. Her pickpocketing skills led to accidentally meeting Professor Xavier who saw great potential in her and convinced Storm to join the X-Men. She accepted and her training began. Except for her magic, she is also well trained in hand to hand combat by Wolverine, Black Panther and a few other members of the organization. She is also capable of inter-dimensional travel and lockpicking that she learned as a kid. But where she really shines is controlling the weather, as she can inflict terrible storms and unleash the powers of wind and water in all of their might. She is considered to be one of the most powerful mutants on Earth and that earned her the title of Omega-Level Mutant.

Storm is truly a lovable character that was portrayed in a lot of movies, cartoons and she is as iconic to Marvel as Wonder Woman is to DC. In the early movies, she was played by the stunning Halle Berry who got replaced by Alexandra Shipp later on.


  • Great AoE damage and range. All of the Storms’ abilities have an amazing range (the longest range of all mages) and they are all aoe. This makes her perfect for lane clearing and poking distance enemies without having to put yourself in danger

  • Strong in both early and late game

  • Excellent starting hero. If you are looking for a starting mage there is no better option than Storm or the Scarlet Witch


  • Prone to crowd controls. As any other mage, you won’t survive long in case you get stopped

  • No escape options. Her passive is usually not enough to save you in case the jungler targets you

Storm Item Build

Arc Reactor MSW Arc Reactor
Martyr's Boots MSW Martyr’s Boots
Cosmic Cube MSW Cosmic Cube
Casket of Ancient Winters MSW Casket of Ancient Winters
Wand of Watoomb MSW Wand of Watoomb
Loki's Scepter MSW Loki’s Scepter
Cosmic Vortex Power Core Cosmic Vortex
Suppression Particle Power Core Suppression Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Storm early game (lvl 8)

Let’s start with her natural passive, Wind Shield. If she doesn’t take any damage after a few seconds a shield will appear and after it is depleted she will gain move acceleration for two seconds. This will help a bit against aggressive foes but don’t put your hope in it to outright save you from the difficult situations. It is helpful and that’s it.

Your first skill of choice should be Chain Lightning. This is one of the most potent poking skills in MSW. It’s dealing great damage to each target and it jumps from one to another. You can poke your laning opponent the whole time through the enemy minion wave without closing in once. Just hit the first minion and the lightning will jump from one minion to another until it finally hits the hero behind them. Annoying mechanics that will drive your enemy mad, he can’t stand anywhere near the fight to feed on the minions or poke you, and you will stay safe at all times. However, if he plays aggressive and wants to chase you away, you have another skill that has tremendous range – Hurricane. This is your tool to stun anything that comes close enough and give you enough room to run off. It’s especially handy against jungling foes that will try to punish any of your field trips away from the defensive towers. So, if you see any foes storming (pun intended) towards you, Hurricane first, blink second. Now we will talk about the real threat that makes Storm viable in any team, it’s her ultimate. Eye of the Storm is hands down one of the top tree ultimate skills in the game. It triggers once again after the first impact in the x shape and it has a rather large area of effect. Its damage depends on how much health the targeted enemy has. The lower the health the more damage it deals, up to 3 times more than the basic value. You are probably thinking – an awesome finisher, and it is, but it’s not all. If it kills any enemies cooldown resets and you can cast it again. If that one kills anything, you can cast it again, etc…It is the ability that can decimate the whole enemy team in a matter of seconds, particularly useful in the late game. Because it’s heavy mana consuming ability, Arc Reactor item is a must, as it will allow the indefinite casts of your ultimate.

In the early game just stay close to your tower and try not to overextend much if you are not aware of the enemy jungler’s location. Poke your laning opponent with Chain Lightning and Hurricane, finish them off with Eye of the Storm if you are certain it will kill them (under ¼ health it works 100%). Don’t roam around the lanes, stick to your own, chase the enemy away, and get as much XP and gold from the minions as possible.

Storm mid-late game

This is where the Storm is really terrifying because of her ultimate mechanic. Any team fight will end in a matter of seconds if the enemies are not smart enough to target you with everything they have. Don’t try to target the backline as your skills will probably hit them anyway. Focus on the closest enemy, stay at the safe distance and hurl everything you have until you see one opponent that’s low on health. This is when you should use the ultimate and start steamrolling your opponents in most cases, as you will kill them one by one without breaking a sweat. Don’t just spam the ultimate, make sure you have a suitable target before casting it, as the cooldown reset won’t trigger if no one dies. Also, try to use the Chain Lightning as soon as it’s ready, it will soften them up nicely and you don’t have to bother to target, just hit the first foe in range. When you unleash the full potential she has you’ll understand why she got the title of the Omega-Level mutant.