Welcome to our Marvel Super War Thanos guide! The Mad Titan belongs to a fighter class, and he can be played as both jungler and in the top lane. However, unlocking Thanos will take a lot of time or a lot of money, depending on your choice. He is one of the most powerful heroes in the game currently, and that’s an undeniable fact, so he could be worth obtaining. That’s why he is so high on our tier list.

In the comics, Thanos is born on Titan, as the part of the Eternals, a superior race. He has unprecedented strength, intelligence, and resilience that is part of this race, as well as his special bond with Death. In the Infinity timeline, Thanos will (SPOILER ALERT) kill half of the beings in the universe to “bring balance to it” and to secretly please Death. The gauntlet he is using is well represented in the game, and it’s at the core of his gameplay.


  • Excellent finisher. Thanks to his ultimate, he can deal quite the damage to any foe that’s low on health, finishing him instantly
  • Versatile in all areas. Thanos has solid durability and control, decent mobility, and good offense. All of these aspects can be further enhanced by the Infinity Stones
  • Unpredictable gameplay. Depending on your item build and chosen Stones, your enemy won’t know how to counter you, until they learn firsthand


  • You’ll probably finish your Ph.D. before you’ll be able to unlock him through gameplay. It was a bit easier to unlock him before, now it takes over a thousand games to collect enough crystals to have a chance of unlocking him

Thanos Item Build

Quantum Rifle Power Core Quantum Rifle
Hydra Boots MSW Hydra Boots
Stormbreaker MSW Stormbreaker
Nightsword MSW Nightsword
Captain America's Shield MSW Captain America’s Shield
Cloak of Levitation MSW Cloakof Levitation
Psionic Mark Power Core Psionic Mark
Burst Particle Power Core Burst Particle
Resistance Module Power Core Resistance Module
Vitality Boost Power Core Vitality Boost
Leech Tactic Leech
Blink Tactic Blink

Thanos early game (lvl 8)

His natural passive is straightforward and easy to understand, he gains a shield that can absorb a hefty amount of damage, but only if he doesn’t take any damage for a couple of seconds.

Considering the skill priority, Thanos should unlock all three abilities, and focus on maximizing S1 first, followed by the S2, and finally S3. Additionally, each of his basic abilities can be enhanced by one of two Infinity Stones, whenever you upgrade the Ultimate.

Cosmic Power (S1) is his main damage dealing skill, and it also provides a decent amount of control and has two charges. With the first stage of this skill, Thanos will strike enemies in small AoE, while slowing them down. It’s great for engaging and setting up his target for the second stage of this skill (because the slower target is easier to hit), or his S2. 

There are two possible options for enhancing the S1 – Power Stone and Mind Stone. The Power Stone will enable you to deal some AoE damage when you hit with the second phase of this ability. The Mind Stone will enable you to mind control the enemy character, which will move toward you while being unable to perform any other action, similar to Emma Frost’s or Ebony Maw’s mind-controlling skills. 

We recommend using the Power Stone, and this should be the first stone you should use with Thanos.

Titan Rage (S2), also has two stages. The first stage isn’t overly impressive as it inflicts minor damage in the AoE and a weak slow effect. However, his next basic attack will be enhanced and will deal double damage while also knocking up the target. 

The S2, just like any other of his abilities (excluding Ultimate), can be enhanced with one of two Infinity Stones. For the S2 the choices are Space Stone or the Reality Stone. The Space Stone would enable Thanos to instantly blink to his target with the enhanced attack, while the Reality Stone will summon two clones that will soak up a portion of the damage and will disappear upon death, or after several seconds, whichever comes first. They will also attack enemies of their master, striking them for some minor damage. 

We recommend using the Reality Stone as it makes Thanos much sturdier.

Titan Strike (S3), is his main mobility skill. The first upgrade option is the Soul Stone, which enables Thanos to deal some additional damage to a nearby target and heal some of his HP, providing him with some sustain. The other option is Time Stone, and it enables you to reverse time, kind of. You can get back to your starting position by using the S3 again, and heal up some of your wounds sustained after using the S3 for the first time. We recommend using the second gem, as it has many interesting and practical applications.   

Infinity Gauntlet is a great finisher that also unlocks one of the Infinity gems each time you upgrade it. 

We will describe the jungling process. Start by clearing one part of the jungle, then look for suitable ganking opportunities. If you find any you can try to gank your target as Thanos will have enough damage and control to push the target back or finish it off even at this level. Then go to the other part of the jungle and clear the rest of the monsters, taking the buff first. You should be level 4 by this time, and it’s time to look for the enemy that’s suitable for gank again. Help your allies in their lanes as Thanos is more than capable of taking on enemies in the lane, and supporting his team. When you get to level 6 it will be much easier to engage targets and finish them off quickly. Start the combo by initiating the fight with S1, follow it by the S2 + Brutal Strike (basic attack), and then use the S1 again. Use the basic attack once more and finish it with your ultimate, as the target should be low on health at this point. 

Thanos mid-late game

Thanos is pretty sturdy in this part of the game, even if he has no defensive items. When he unlocks the second stone, clones will soak up a solid portion of the enemy damage targeting you. Later on, you’ll have a Time gem and it will enable you to start the brawl and leave when things get nasty with the decent amount of your health intact. Also, the S3 is great for baiting and tower diving to finish off the unaware enemies. Do keep in mind that it will not return you to full health as Doctor Strange’s S1, which actually reverses time completely. Try to use the same combo as you would in the early game, but keep in mind that you’ll have to reverse time in 4 seconds, so you need to execute it properly during a small time window. In case you are fully equipped, enemies won’t be able to quickly dispatch you, at least with this build since the last two items are defensive. In case you want to try the lane build, you can initiate fights from the very beginning, and your tower will be much harder to push while you are defending it, even if you are outnumbered.