In Marvel Super War Vision is a ranger, using the powers of his Solar Jewel to send the beams of energy to disintegrate his enemies, but also being able to become incorporeal and go through the obstacles. Great all-rounder really, but I found playing with him to be exceptionally dull. He is too perfect and easy to play with that there is no challenge at all. This, however, is just a dumb personal observation and most players won’t mind his gameplay.

Vision is a synthezoid (a type of android) made by the supervillain Ultron. He was actually made from the body of Human Torch. Ultron made him destroy his original creator, the Ant-Man, and his wife Wasp but after the first encounter with them, he got converted to the Avengers side. It didn’t take long before he got controlled by the Ultron once again and created an adamantium body for him. Together they fought the avengers and lost before the Vision restored to his former self. Later on, he met Scarlet Witch and after the romance they had, they decided to marry. They even got twins, but sadly twins were shards of Mephisto’s soul, and when he reformed he absorbed both of them. Both Vision and Scarlet Witch went mad after it and this unfortunate event was the main reason for their break up.

In the movies, he was played by Paul Bettany, and he appeared in three films.


  • His ultimate is unlocked at level 1. This gives you an early advantage over some other marksman, and although it’s not game-changing it can impact an early game

  • A well-rounded marksman with a good finisher. His ultimate is a fine finisher because of its high range, you have aoe slow and one ability that enables you to run away / chase


  • Lacking aoe damage. Like most marksman, he is focused on one target mostly. His ultimate stops when it hits the first foe.

Vision Item Build

Double Daggers MSW Double Daggers
Hunting Greaves MSW Hunting Greaves
Twilight Blade MSW Twilight Blade
Silent Hunter MSW Silent Hunter
Dual Blade MSW Dual Blade
Nightsword MSW Nightsword
Unstable Radiation Power Core Unstable Radiation
Rend Particle Power Core Rend Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

Vision early game (lvl 8)

His natural passive is Computational Power and it increases your movement speed each time you enter this hologram state. You get Computational Power each time you strike an enemy hero with your ultimate or when you use the Density Manipulation. You can also move through the obstacles while in this form.

Your first skill of choice should be Solar Radiation. Vision shoots a beam at the specified target leaving scorched earth in the process. Scorched earth deals additional damage over time and the slow effect to each enemy every 0.5 seconds. You’ll use this skill to clear the lanes and to slow the retreating enemy. It can, of course, be used in case you need to run away, make sure that you target it somewhere on the enemies’ path. Your second basic skill is Density Manipulation. The hero is untargetable when you use it and immune to all damage and cc effects. Your natural passive will also trigger and you’ll get a passive speed boost depending on your current level. As you can’t attack while in this state it was clearly meant as a quick escape option. Vision’s ultimate is Solar Energy Beam and it’s available at level one. He charges up a beam and unleashes it in a line damaging all the foes in its way. However, if the beam hits a hero it stops, dealing large damage to the target and if you charge it long enough it deals critical damage. After you hit an enemy hero with the beam you’ll get attack speed and a small damage boost for the next two basic attacks.

Vision is a solid laner from the start of the round because you have the ultimate right from the start and its range will enable you to poke the enemy heroes from the safe distance without endangering yourself. It is a bonus that you can hit all the minions in the way because the beam only stops when it hits an enemy hero. Your other tool for lane clearing is Solar Radiation, so it’s easy and safe to lane with Vision at all times. You don’t even have to worry about those nasty junglers, as the Density Manipulation is enough to save you from any dangerous situation. Use your ultimate to engage opponent heroes and follow it one or two basic attacks. Keep your focus on one target at all times. Use the Solar Radiation at them, but try to point the circle as far behind them as you can, as the slow will hinder their retreat by quite a bit. Finish off with another ultimate if needed. Your ultimate will have two charges after level 4 and three charges at level 12. Always try to have an upstart in any duel, back off if you didn’t have a chance to start a duel with your ultimate as it’s not a good idea to charge it up while you are getting pounded by the enemy.

Vision mid-late game

When the team fighting starts you want to stay back as far as possible and poke the closest enemy hero. Don’t save your ultimate, use anything but one charge of it and try to target the backline, never a tank. This is exceptionally safe to do, as they won’t be able to target you. It is a good idea to try to use the Solar Radiation somewhere between their front and backline. This will cut off a retreat of their front line, while it will slow down anyone that tries to move close to your team. In case you get charged by anyone from the enemy team, simply use the Density Manipulation and pull behind to the safe distance. If the team fights are not an option try to push lanes. As a marksman, you’ll run them down quickly and someone will have to split up from the team to try to stop you. Any marksman left unchecked in the lane at this point of the game can clear every tower in under a minute. This is usually not the best course of action, but in case the enemies have a lot of heavies you won’t be able to do much against them, and you’ll need to devise a different approach. Clearing lanes is one of them.