In Marvel Super War War Machine is a marksman that uses sheer firepower and range to annihilate his opponents. In case you don’t like the Iron Man and his mumbo – jumbo high tech, try the War Machine, you’ll love him when you get his ultimate for the first time.

James Rhodes is an aircraft pilot of the U.S. Marine Corps. During one of his missions in Viet Cong, his helicopter got downed, but he survived the crash. Later on, he met Tony Stark, and together they managed to destroy the base that knocked his helicopter and managed to get to the U.S. base. Tony was impressed by the Rhodes fighting prowess and knowledge, so he asked him to become one of his personal pilots. Rhodes accepted and he started working at Stark’s company. Not long after, Tony succumbed to alcoholism so James had to fill his shoes and armor to become an Iron Man. Being a pilot himself, the Iron suit fitted him like a glove. He had a few successful missions before the Iron Man recovered and they became a team once again. After The Masters of Silence defeated Tony in his original suit he decided to use something sturdier and thus the War Machine armor was created. At one point the Tony “died” and left everything to the James, including the company. When the latter found out that the Stark is alive he quit the company and their friendship was tattered. However, Stark gave him the War Machine suit when they’ve parted and thus the hero was created. His armor is physically stronger than the Iron suit, but also slower and with less high tech gadgets.

He was played by Don Cheadle in most movies.


  • Excellent at laning and zoning. One of the basic abilities, in particular, has a high range and damage which allows you to easily push lanes and to chase your enemies away

  • Long-range ultimate. You’ll be able to target the backline easily in any team fights, it will also allow you to finish off any foes trying to get out of your teams’ range with a low health pool


  • Low Mobility. Especially when War Machine enters the rocket artillery stance, his mobility lowers by 70-80% and you become an easy target

  • Mana issues. Any longer skirmishes in lanes shall cause your mana to dry out relatively quickly

War Machine Item Build

Nightsword MSW Nightsword
Clairvoyant Boots MSW Clairvoyant Boots
Double Daggers MSW Double Daggers
Godslayer MSW Godslayer
Twilight Blade MSW Twilight Blade
Gungnir MSW Gungnir
Unstable Radiation Power Core Unstable Radiation
Rend Particle Power Core Rend Particle
Restoration Module Power Core Restoration Module
Spellcast Boost Power Core Spellcast Boost
First Aid Tactic First Aid
Blink Tactic Blink

War Machine early game (lvl 8)

His natural passive is Tactical Strategy. Whenever one of your basic abilities hit a foe, you’ll get one stack of Battle Cry that boosts your next basic attack by a bit, while increasing its range a lot. Battle Cry has three stacks.

Take Rocket Shell as your first skill and level it up as soon as possible after you unlock the rest of your abilities at least once. Of course, upgrade the ultimate whenever it’s viable. This ability has a long-range and solid width enabling you to hit multiple foes at once. It is a safe choice for laning, as you can easily target the enemy laner before he can use anything against you making it an excellent harassing tool. Your second skill of choice should be the Fire Bomb. You’ll blast an area and leave a scorching trail that burns for a few seconds and slows any enemies going through it. His third ability is Gunfire, and it acts like a blink that can slow the enemy and deal some damage to them. You fire a rocket in a specified direction and move backward. It might not be the best tool to chase someone, but it is useful when you want to run off. It cancels the Guidance mode when used, so be careful when you are utilizing it. Precision Guidance mode is War Machine’s ultimate skill. He practically becomes a rocked artillery, moving slowly around the map, using a skill cursor to target the positions of impact. He fires a lot of rockets, each dealing a solid aoe damage. It is a tremendous weapon if your teammates manage to save you in case you get engaged. Basically, in this mode, you become a sitting duck, but a sitting duck that’s wielding a rocket launcher.

Start by going to the bottom lane. Hopefully, you’ll have a laning partner. Use him as a meat shield and try to hit a foe with each of your skills. Don’t roam too far and try to destroy the enemy tower at the first few levels even if the enemy heroes are not there, as the jungler will sweep the floor with you in case he is close and it would take a lot of hits to do it. Instead, play defensively and don’t leave the safety of your tower too much. The usual combo is Rocket Shell followed by the Fire Bomb and a few basic attacks. Always stay at the edge of your range, and poke the enemy heroes whenever it’s possible to make them run back to the fountain, depriving them of gold and XP. After level 6 you can easily engage your foes even if they are under their tower. Just use your ultimate and start targeting. Always try to target ahead and predict the enemies’ movement. It’s not hard to assume what they’ll do next. In case they are low on health they will try to flee, so cut off their potential retreat path. I don’t recommend using the automatic fire, target each rocket, as no one is stupid enough to stay in the circle of the upcoming rocket, they will be able to avoid it easily. In case you get targeted by any enemies just use the Gunfire to poke them and retreat. You could have a mana problem at this stage, as this hero is capable of staying long in a lane unharmed thanks to the range of his abilities. If you have to go to the base too much to heal, you are playing it wrong.

War Machine mid-late game

In the mid-game, the team fights will start. Always stay behind your team, and poke the enemies with your basic abilities. When they are all out, use the guidance mode. Target the enemies’ backline, NEVER target their front liners. They will have to move around to avoid missiles, and focusing on defense too much will take away their offensive potential. Or they can choose to ignore the missiles and die, but that’s the best-case scenario. You’ll have a clear perspective of the battlefield in the guidance mode, use it well. If your team has anyone capable of crowd controlling try to follow his calls and target the same targets as he is. You want the foes that can’t move fast, but it’s perfect if they can’t move at all. If the enemy front-liners come too close, back away. As one of my acquaintances wrote once “if you are dead, your damage output decreases”. The true power of your ultimate lies in the fact that the foes are not safe even if they use the towers to cover their retreat. You’ll be able to get some easy kills whenever they start running away, as most foes flee in a straight line so you can adjust the rockets accordingly and blow them to pieces.