Welcome to our Marvel Super War Tier List! We have placed the heroes in five different tiers. Note that heroes on the list are not set in stone and that we ranked them based on their individual power. However, even the ones in the lower tiers can be viable in certain team compositions. Also, some heroes may or may not fit your playstyle and that’s a big factor in determining their effectiveness. This Marvel Super War Tier List is updated to the latest version of the game, and we will keep updating it after each hero release and game balance.

NOTE: Heroes with an asterisk (*) are almost good enough to be placed in a tier above, and they are significantly better than the other champions in their own tier.

Update 06.08.2020

  • Colossus* added to Tier III
  • Hela* dropped from Tier I to Tier IV (Huge Nerf)
  • Mysterio dropped from Tier I to Tier II (Nerf)
  • Iceman dropped from Tier I to Tier II (Nerf)

Heroes in Tier I are the best and most used in Marvel Super War. They are able to turn the tide of most battles in their favor and can often carry the match.

Heroes in this Tier are among the best in the game, and they’re only slightly weaker than the ones in the top tier. Some of them are actually insanely powerful but are in Tier II because they are very difficult to use.

You might notice that most characters belong to Tier III on our Marvel Super War Tier List, all or most of the heroes in this rank are viable in competitive matches.

In Tier IV only heroes with an asterisk(*) are viable in competitive matches, but only in certain compositions and with a task to fulfill a particular role.

Characters in this range on our Marvel Super War Tier List are underwhelming, and we don’t recommend playing them in any type of game mode unless you are glutton for punishment.

Tier I


He is one of the most versatile characters in the game. You can play him as a jungler, as well as the laner with the same prowess. He can easily invade the enemy jungle and outplay most heroes one on one. Besides, his mobility enables quick escape options in case things get rough.


Similarly to Deadpool, Thanos can be played in top lane or jungle. His skillset makes him unpredictable, as there are a few possible ways of playing. He is great for baiting players as most people are not familiar with his gameplay.

Captain America

Captain America is one of the most popular junglers, and for a good reason. He has very good mobility and is able to engage and easily chase down squishy characters with his ultimate.

Doctor Strange

He is here for a simple reason. Doctor Strange can take out heroes from extremely long range with his portal, while also enabling his team to quickly switch lanes. His Time Manipulation can be used to counter ganks and for setting up kills.


Let’s be honest, Vision is here because of his ultimate that has a terrific range and it hits extremely hard. It’s fairly easy to miss with it, but if you are skillful enough it makes laning really easy as most heroes won’t live long enough to come close to you. In case they do, he has a fine escape option. Well rounded marksman in short.


Star-Lord is great for finishing off low health heroes with his S2+S1 combo. He is also one of the most difficult heroes to catch. His ultimate is great for defending or pushing towers. Star-Lord is most often played as a jungler.


His range and powerful basic attacks are what sets him apart from other marksman heroes. Yondu can also use his basic attacks while moving, so he is one of the best heroes for kiting in the game. On the downside, becoming a good Yondu player takes some practice because of the different gameplay mechanics.


Gambit is one of the most powerful marksmen, period. Unlike other characters of this class, he has decent mobility and short-lasting invulnerability which makes him difficult to kill, especially in one on one fights. When he stacks enough cards he has one of the most potent bursts in Marvel Super War.

The Thing

The Thing can soak up more damage than any other character, and that’s his specialty. We really wanted to include one tank in our top tier because this role is indispensable for any team. The Thing is one of the best initiators in the game, and his S2 stomp also makes him immune to cc, while also granting him shields that are the main reason for his extreme durability. Hopefully, new tanks will be released soon, and his position on our Marvel Super War Tier List might drop.

Tier II

Lady Sif

She can be played as junger or in the top lane, but because of her high mobility, she is much more suitable for the jungle. Lady Sif is one of the most difficult characters to use, and that’s the only reason why she isn’t one of the top picks on our Marvel Super War tier list. She is also one of the most unpredictable characters in combat and can be extremely effective in the hands of an experienced player.


He was definitely the best tank in Marvel Super War until he got nerfed on 10.06.2020. and lost the untargetable trait when he’s in a small form. Ant-Man is still one of the ‘tankiest’ characters in the game, alongside The Thing. Also, he is one of the best area crowd controllers in the game.

Black Knight

Black Knight would certainly earn a place among the best heroes on our Marvel Super War Tier List, but he got nerfed and his ability to heal and deal damage was significantly diminished. However, he can still effectively initiate the fights, and chase down fleeing foes, as well as move quickly around the map.


He is one of the best heroes for one vs one combat in the entire game. Avoid fighting him head-on. The Executioner is also one of the best finishers because of his Ultimate. However, his low mobility is the only reason why he is in the second tier.


Blade has exceptional DPS and enormous sustain which enables him to duel most heroes one on one successfully. You should always play him as a jungler. However, he has some issues with mobility and this is the only reason why he isn’t in the top tier on our Marvel Super War Tier List.

Ancient One

She was the top tier hero until the update that rolled out on 24.06.2020, which increased the number of mandalas needed to enter the peak state from 3 to 5. Ancient One is still great but not that overpowered as she was. Ancient One is currently unavailable in the ranked games because of the bug that enables her to stay in the peak state indefinitely.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch has exceptionally high burst aoe energy damage that enables her to quickly shut down squishy characters. She can dish out tons of punishment if she catches multiple opponents within the AoE of her devastating spells. The only downside is that she has no mobility boost or blink.


This marksman should be played as jungler but he lacks the punch in the early stages of the round. Like most marksmen, he lacks the aoe damage, and he is much more suitable for attacking single targets and quickly mowing them down. Angel’s decent mobility is also one of the reasons he is currently in the high tier.

War Machine

Another character with tremendous DPS high on the list. He is not relying on basic attacks to dish out most of the damage. Instead, he uses skills that are highly effective. Use his ultimate to defend and attack groups of enemies, do not waste it on a single foe. Also, try to manually target your shots, or they will miss most of the time.

Black Panther

Melee assassin with high damage burst that’s capable of quickly dispatching single targets. He can’t stay long in the fights, and you’ll probably need to flee right after killing one enemy. His ultimate enables him to quickly finish off any foe even after he escapes far, as it has an excellent range.


Daredevil has very good mobility, solid sustain, and excellent burst damage due to his enhanced basic attacks. The second stage of his S1 is great for surprising players that are not aware of his skillset. However, becoming a good Daredevil player requires a lot of practice and proper execution of his combos.

Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger is one of the best support characters in Marvel Super War. Her S3 ability can be very annoying for the opposing players as it can silence them, disrupt their combos, or even immobilize. Cloak and Dagger also has a solid AoE heal, and she’s very good at saving near-death allies with her Ultimate.

Invisible Woman

She is probably the best scout in the game, as she can become invisible. This hero is also very good at protecting teammates with her psionic shields. Invisible Woman is definitely one of the best characters for setting up ambushes. Why? Well, because her Ultimate can temporarily turn the entire team invisible, and she can also immobilize multiple enemies with the second stage of this skill.


One of the best support characters in the game. His toolset enables him to shut down most characters and to even interrupt most of their ultimates. Iceman is the only mage that most junglers will try to avoid, as it can easily end up bad for them.

Update 06.08.2020. buffed the Iceman’s damage. However, it also reduced his ability to constantly freeze  opponents.


Mysterio is not one of the heroes that will snowball the whole enemy team, but he is a pest that won’t stop harassing as he has no mana. That means he can spam skills as soon as they are off cooldown. His clones are an excellent addition to all this as they enable Mysterio to quickly switch lanes and run away in case things are going bad.

Update 06.08.2020. nerfed Mysterio’s shield and damage output.

Tier III

Corvus Glaive*

He is not one of the most popular heroes right now, but he is definitely one of our favorites. This character can be played either as Bruiser or more offensively as Fighter, depending on your item build. His main traits are versatility, solid bursts damage, decent control and mobility, some sustain and his trademark, the resurrection.


Well, Thor is probably one of the favorite heroes in the entire universe, and we are no exception. Odinson is an excellent top laner, able to win one vs one against most other heroes. He is also quite good at initiating fights, and the Ultimate enables him to take a lot of punishment while zoning out or eliminating the enemies that linger too long below the Thunder God.

Captain Marvel

She has a very powerful skill-set and one of the highest burst potentials in the game. Besides that, Captain Marvel is also a very solid finisher with a second stage of her Ulti. However, she is, honestly, an extremely dull and overly simple character to play. But that’s our impression, and it didn’t affect her position on our Marvel Super War Tier List.

Iron Man*

This popular superhero can carry his team, but only in the hands of an experienced player that can utilize his high mobility efficiently and move through the lanes to help his teammates. Otherwise, he is just a regular energy hero that relies upon aoe and tries to hit as many heroes as possible to increase potential damage.


She is quite popular despite the fact that there are few energy heroes that can outplay her. It’s probably because you can unlock her immediately after entering the game and most players are somewhat skilled with her. Storm has great harassing capabilities and the ultimate that can steamroll the enemy team in case one of them dies quickly.

Emma Frost

One of the rare energy heroes that play in the jungle. She has solid burst, sustain and you should play aggressively at the start of the round. Emma Frost has an advantage early in the match as her ultimate is automatically unlocked and you are able to unlock all of her skills at level two.


He is one of the most potent damage dealers in the whole game. Magneto is capable of defeating the whole enemy team with one good ultimate. However, he needs to come relatively close to the opponent team to utilize it, and it can cost him dearly. Magneto is one of those heroes that are really hard to position on the Tier List, as he is devastating in the right hands and the right teams. On the other hand, he is also completely underpowered in some situations.

Human Torch*

Similar to Magneto, he can do really well against some team compositions and some particular players. However, if enemy players are aware of the threat he poses, they will try to cc and quickly dispatch him. Human Torch is vulnerable in team fights because he needs to come close to use two of his main tools.


As you might have noticed so far, we always favor the heroes with high mobility. The ability to move quickly is sometimes more important than anything else, and every hero that has high mobility is tricky to catch. Jubilee is one of those characters that will annoy you so much that you’ll hate playing against her, and you’ll love playing with her.


He is a simple, basic, yet very effective marksman. Hawkeye is probably the favorite DPS-er of most new players. He is actually very good considering that he’s your starting marksman hero. With the ability to see hidden and invisible enemies, it’s very hard to ambush him. The S2 transforms him into a killing machine because he will be hitting the opposing heroes with both energy and physical damage. However, Hawkeye has very low mobility and no escape option other than his Ulti.

Black Widow

She is a solid jungler, that doesn’t lack any of the traits that a regular jungler should have. Her mobility is solid although she has only one ability for movement, it has a rather long range. With a quick stun and a solid burst, she is similar to the Black Panther. However, she has a sustain ultimate that targets the surrounding enemies, while he is focused on one target.


This guy is probably the most fearsome foe against newer players, as his slow time bubble becomes a certain death trap for most of them. One thing that most players don’t realize is that he is also immune to cc while he stays inside his bubble, and this guy can’t be targeted while using the S1. On the downside, he is not much of a threat if you can avoid his Ulti, that’s why he isn’t positioned higher on our Tier List.

Proxima Midnight*

She is really fun to play with and has that true jungler vibe. Proxima Midnight has perfect combat mobility, and she is difficult to master. However, it is truly rewarding when you do, as this girl can bring a lot of chaos upon the enemies. The only reason she is not in the higher tier is actually her difficulty, as most players won’t be able to properly utilize her.


Another jungler that is hard to play with, but she is rewarding when you do. Her ability to quickly vanish into thin air, and to shift positions, makes her really unpredictable and tricky to catch. She will get in and get out leaving adversaries wondering what happened. However, her ultimate could be better.


Hulk had to be placed somewhere, and although we really love him he doesn’t have the proper skills to earn the place in the higher tiers. However, he is an excellent initiator and controller. His main skill (S1) can interrupt everything, including ultimates that require channeling.


The Gatekeeper of Asgard is not actually a ‘pure’ tank and can be also played as a bruiser. With that said, he is very good in both roles, with the ability to take a lot of punishment with S1 (and heal himself in the process). His S2 can dish out decent damage (and also slow down and reduce the armor of his target). Heimdall’s Ulti makes him a solid finisher, and the S3 is excellent for initiating the fights. This character has only one downside and that’s a bit of a long cooldown on most of his skills.


King of the Atlantis can take tons of damage and remain on his feet since he has very high sustain from the passive. His Whirlpool (Ultimate) was, some time ago, a very useful ability, that was feared by his opponents, since it would pool any enemies toward the center of the whirlpool. Right now, the Namor, together with his Ulti can be a bit annoying at best and completely ignored by the enemy team, in the worst-case scenario (completely ignoring him in the team fights is the best way to counter Namor). We placed him in Tier III with one eye closed.

Ebony Maw

In the proper hands, Ebony Maw is not to be trifled with. He is a support that can make a huge impact on team fights if he uses his skills properly. However, he is the hardest support to play with at the moment, as you can easily make him useless in case you don’t know how to use him. He takes a bit of practice, but it pays off.


She is the most basic, and really simple support character. With that said, Mantis can be quite effective, as she has the strongest single target heal (plus some protection) in the entire game. Her Ultimate also has a very long duration and can incapacitate even the strongest of heroes, making them easy targets for your allies. Mantis is an excellent choice for new players that wish to play a support role in the team.


Spider-Man has the best mobility (maybe in the whole game) and although it may not seem fair to place him so low, we have to say that he is not that good in the team fights. It’s not easy to single out the enemy to use your ulti on, and he can only spray and run because Spidey can’t survive prolonged fights.

Adam Warlock

He can deal and heal tons of damage with the ultimate, and the S1 grants him more sustain, making him one of the most durable heroes in the game. However, all of his skills can be relatively easily avoided by simply moving out of the AoE, and that’s the main drawback of this hero and the reason why he isn’t positioned in higher tiers on our Marvel Super War Tier List.


Colossus is very tough and able to withstand a lot of punishment due to the shields from his ultimate. His passive grants him slow immunity and damage reduction against physical heroes. He is very good at fighting groups of enemies since he can knock down multiple foes at once. Long CD of his passive and short range of the S1 are the only things holding him back from becoming one of the top-ranked tanks on our Marvel Super War Tier List.


Mister Fantastic

He is strong in the early game but feels a bit underpowered in the late game. Mister Fantastic can be very annoying and extremely difficult to kill if he manages to get ahead of his opponents, due to his very high sustain. However, his Ultimate which is his most important ability has a long CD, you can easily miss when aiming it, and, to make matters worse, it can be interrupted while you’re charging it, causing you to waste the Ulti…


He is a master of deception and can be extremely effective against the new players that aren’t familiar with his ability to turn into minions/creeps/other heroes. Loki is excellent at setting up ambushes, and all of his skills have some cc, making him great for setting up kills for the rest of the teammates, and even if he dies he can resurrect himself. On the downside, Loki doesn’t hit as hard as most other energy heroes, and experienced players will often recognize him when he tries to ambush them while being masked into a minion or creep.

Rocket Raccoon

The only reason that Raccoon is not in the bottom tier is his late-game burst. However, his early and mid-game are not even worth mentioning, especially the early game where he is hitting like a mosquito. At the moment there are a lot of better options, and he is just not viable.


Beast is a good option for beginners to get the hang of things and learn how to jungle properly. His focus is on the basic attacks and surprise, like most other junglers. However, he is so transparent that he is one of the easiest junglers you can counter. If you are new to the game, or the game genre then feel free to take him to learn the basics.

Cull Obsidian*

One of the best controllers in the game, and some shields that make him harder to kill. He is great as a counter to the enemy team that has a lot of initiators. Cull Obsidian is not higher on our Tier List because he lacks the proper tools to engage fights and to escape in case things get rough.


He is classified as both tank and a support hero, and should always be played in the bottom lane, alongside the marksman. With that said, Groot is very good at initiating the team fights, since he can pull in a single enemy (S1), from a very long distance, forcing the opposing team to either rush to their comrade aid, and fight on unfavorable terms (since they have to charge in), or leave him to face almost certain death. On the downside, Groot’s S1 is a bit slow and difficult to hit with. This hero also has a solid sustain and speed boost while standing in the brush, and his Ultimate can immobilize an entire enemy team – although, just like his S1, it’s relatively easy to avoid.


Ronan could easily earn his spot in the higher tiers, in theory, but there are a few flaws that keep him down. He is awesome at controlling, and there is no doubt about it. He gets a ton of shields from controlling his foes, and that’s also great. But he can’t initiate fights properly and his ultimate is obvious and it can be avoided or interrupted easily.


With a lot of sustain and damage reduction, while also being one of the most mobile mages, Hela is one of the most often banned heroes at the moment. She is great in solo queue, where you must mostly rely on yourself to survive and carry the round, and that’s why she earned a high spot on our Marvel Super War Tier List.

Update 06.08.2020. severely reduced Hela’s ability to kite.



Well, he isn’t really a bad tank, and he could be viable as a support in the bottom lane. On the positive side, Sandman has a lot of control, since all of his abilities, including passive, have some cc. Also, he is one of the rare examples of a tank that actually has decent mobility, with his S3. On the downside, almost all of his skills have very long animations and can be avoided. Also, he doesn’t have any tanky skills – no armor, shield, or some other type of damage reduction – passive healing from sand is good for staying longer in the lane but useless in the actual team fight.


She is the worst character in the game and deserves a special tier, two ranks below every other, that should be reserved just for her. Pixie has tons of mobility and can dodge a lot of skills thrown at her, and this is where all positives end. She can’t really support her team (except with S3 shield), her S2 blind effect is very unreliable, and her Ultimate requires her to get into the middle of the enemy team which is one of the worst things that you can do with a squishy hero.