Hello and welcome to the weekly update. Like every Thursday, we got new heroes in the rotation, but this week also brings us a new Tank/Support hero, the Colossus. We also got some big rebalances changes, that will significantly affect a few of the previously high tier heroes.

Hero Rotation

The free heroes in the rotation this week for everyone above level 10 will be Ancient One, Captain America, Corvus Glaive, Gambit, Lady Sif, Mantis, Mysterio, Rocket Raccoon, Scarlet Witch, and Storm. This is a perfect opportunity to test them in Match mode and to buy the ones you like.

Storm, again? It looks like Storm rarely leaves a free hero rotation. Very, very strange as most people already have her.

Captain America was in rotation a few weeks ago, but we haven’t seen him for months before that. Most likely, he won’t be in the rotation any time soon after this week, so I would recommend you to try out this hero while he’s still free.


Colossus – The New Marvel Super Hero

Colossus is a new tank/support hero, belonging to the same multiclass as the Groot. However, unlike Groot, Colossus can be played in both lanes, as he can be a decent top laner. In Marvel Super War Colossus is one of the most durable tanks, which is great, since this game lacked good tanks, in our opinion. This hero excels at fighting groups of enemies, as his main control skill (S1) can knockdown multiple targets. Also, his Ulti is perfect for plunging into closely packed foes, since it deals AoE damage and will push back all nearby opponents.

If you haven’t already tried out this hero, you can to do so by using a New Hero Voucher in the game Shop. This is your best bet to get a free trial card.

In our opinion, Colossus is very good tank. So, if you already have top tier tanks like Thing and Ant-Man (he’s a Tank and not a Fighter, in our opinion), the Colossus might be worth investment. A bit of change of pace can be very refreshing, especially if you’re primarily a tank player.

This was a very brief overview, but if you’re interested, you can find a complete Colossus guide here.

Hero Rebalances

Mysterio Heroes Marvel Super War

Mysterio is the first one who took an arrow to the knee. His Perilous Fog’s damage bonus got downed from 22% to 12%. But that’s not the biggest change. It’s that his Deadly Orb got a huge nerf, and shield went from 600 + 120% Energy to 200 + 80% Energy. They’ve also reduced the damage of the Orb, but not by a huge margin. Luckily they didn’t touch his main damage ability – Lethal Element, or he would be rendered useless.

Hela MSW

Hela received a huge blow from the Nerf Hammer, that drops her down from first to the fourth tier on our Tier List.

The Nightsword no longer deals additional damage to monsters. This is fine since Hela was never meant to played as jungler, and she still has a decent lane clearing capability.

However, the speed boost from Nightsword was severely reduced, especially at lower levels. Just 10% more speed at level 1 compared to the previous 30% (and even more before other nerfs). At the higher levels she will reach a 30% speed boost eventually which is decent, I guess. It was 60% before this update.

All in all, Hela was already a bit weak in the early-mid game, and this change makes her much worse. The Nightsword damage was also slightly reduced, but nothing too important.

Spirit Drain can no longer inflict slow, and can’t be used while moving. Oddly enough, if you read the skill icon it still says SLOW.


Well, with reduced speed and having to stop every time she uses the S2, Hela can no longer kite her enemies. This is unfortunate, as kiting was the only way to effectively play this hero…

We think that the Hela nerf was too harsh. Yeah, she was a bit overpowered and in the need of a nerf, but this is way too much!


Sandman’s S1 got nerfed. The damage of both S1 stages has been somewhat reduced. Well, we didn’t have a very high opinion of Sandman previously, but he did have a bit too much damage for a tank. This patch will make him closer to the other tanks in the damage dealing department.

Iceman MSW

Iceman received the buff on paper, but he really didn’t. He got nerfed actually. The biggest advantage that he had was his ability to almost keep his enemies in place for a long period of time. This served as a counter to ganking heroes and to keep the enemy heroes in place while your team is taking them out one by one. His passive can no longer stack the freeze while the target is frozen, meaning that bruisers, assassins and the rest of the heroes that had a trouble closing in on Iceman will now be frozen for a bit longer, but he will be defenseless afterwards. Buff to his abilities is not an adequate compensation to the nerf that he got. 

Cull Obsidian MSW

The second stage of the S2 now deals a bit less damage, but it will activate faster. In our opinion, this is neither buff nor nerf. With the second stage of the S2 activating sooner, Cull can more easily ‘hit’ the intended target. Although, the damage will be a bit lower.

Well, this patch definitely brought some huge changes alongside a new hero. Feel free to talk about it in the comments below.