Hello, and welcome to the weekly update. We plan on covering every future rebalance and hero release. So stay with us every Thursday to read about our thoughts and insights of the latest Marvel Super War update.

First, the free heroes in the rotation this week for everyone above level 10 will be Storm, Cloak & Dagger, Loki, Heimdall, Magneto, Rocket Raccoon, War Machine, Ghost, Blade, and Namor. This is a perfect opportunity to test them in Match mode and to buy the ones you like.

New Hero Released

Second, look for a new hero, for Adam Warlock is out! He will be fully featured and placed where he belongs in the list in a day or two. We need to test him out thoroughly. However, here are our first thoughts.

Adam is a sustain energy hero that has no mana, which is great, as there is one less item you need to build that most energy heroes require – Arc Reactor. His natural passive will boost your base HP by 4 points each time you kill a minion and 20 points whenever you knock a hero. This is not special or game changing, but it’s not too shabby. But the main part of his passive is that he enters a stasis whenever he drops to 0 HP, and he regains health each second while being invulnerable and untargetable. He can literally regain full HP depending on the current energy he stacks.

Adam Warlock’s main source of damage is Dynamic Punch. We don’t currently know how exactly does it scale when you level it up, as the developers forgot to write it, but we will test it and let you know in our hero guide. His second active skill is great for baiting foe to your team, as well as preventing their escape. What makes him a beast, especially at the beginning of the round is his ultimate. He is almost impossible to kill while he channels his ultimate ability, and it’s recommended that you just try to run away from him until it ends. The cooldown of the skill is very low is very long. At the moment he is a really potent hero, you can read the complete Adam Warlock guide here.

Now, let’s get to the hero rebalances

Proxima Midnight got her both of her basic skills damage buffed a little bit, and while it is a welcome boost it will not change her general gameplay. It won’t push her further on the Marvel Super War Tier List.

Doctor Strange got his basic damaging ability boosted a bit more, and since he was more than viable even before it, he is even better now. It’s not significant, but it’s still a boost.

Lady Sif got a welcome boost since she wasn’t a part of the gang that got picked often. One of her main basic abilities got its mana cost reduced. While aforementioned is not a trouble for her, as you will mostly have blue buff, it is a welcome addition. Mostly because of how hard she is, but we hope that this change will make her a more favorable pick.

Captain America got an insignificant buff, not even with mentioning.

Mysterio got his health reduced, as well as the shield duration from his Orbit. Also, his Mirror cooldown got increased by 2 seconds on each level, which will drop this hero pick rate. He is still excellent, but a bit more balanced now.

That’s just our humble opinion, what do you think was the biggest change in this patch, and how will it impact a game? Leave a comment so we can discuss it.