Hello and welcome to the Marvel Super War weekly update. Like every Thursday, we got new heroes in the rotation. This week also brought us some hero rebalances, but nothing major or game-breaking.

Hero Rotation

The free heroes in the rotation this week for everyone above level 10 will be Adam Warlock, Black Panther, Cloak & Dagger, Ghost, Iron Man, Magneto, Rocket Raccoon, Thor, Storm and War Machine. This is a perfect opportunity to test them in Match mode and to buy the ones you like.

It is kind of strange that they’ve decided to add Storm again, although she is basically a free hero. Also, Iron Man is available after playing the game for seven days, he is really easy to obtain.

On the other hand, people that didn’t get the chance to buy or try Adam Warlock can do it now. Don’t forget to read our full guide on Adam Warlock in case you need help with the mechanics, combos or item build. You should also test Ghost and Black Panther in case you’d like to switch your jungler hero. Magneto might not be in the meta at the moment, but you should test how powerful he is in case you encounter him on the battlefield. War Machine is one of the meta marksmen at the moment, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to test him out.

Hero Rebalances

Double Power Punch got the cooldown reduced from 10 to 9 seconds at all levels.

Osmium Elbow Drop’s cooldown is reduced from 19/16/13/10 to 16/13.5/11/8.5 and this is quite good, especially early in the game. The damage of the skill also got boosted a bit, and it now has a somewhat better impact.

However, Colossus is a tank and, although this boost is surely welcome, it’s not enough to make him a meta hero at the moment.

Hela MSW

After a huge nerf, they’ve decided to restore Hela’s move speed when she uses Nightsword. Speed boost went from 10/15/20/25/30% to 20%+2% per level. This will impact her gameplay by a lot, as the speed boost is practically doubled. It will make her a useful hero again, but it won’t restore her to former glory. Not even close.

Hulk MSW

His recovery from the passive went up by a bit. However, it won’t affect his gameplay at all, as it’s restoration strength is still quite low.

Beast MSW

He is one of two heroes that got nerfed a bit. Predatory Shadow got its damage reduced from 50%/75%/100%/125% to 50%/75%/90%/110%. It’s nothing worrisome, but we don’t understand the nerf as Beast was not an OP hero, to begin with.

War Machine MSW

Another hero that got nerfed. His ultimate, Precision Guidance got a bit of a nerf as they’ve increased the cooldown at all levels by 5 seconds. Its damage bonus got reduced a bit at level 2 and 3 of the skill, but it won’t affect his position on the tier list. His ultimate is still very viable.

That’s it for this week’s update. What do you think about these changes, do you think they will make some heroes more viable than the others? Leave your thoughts below, and let’s discuss it!