Hello and welcome to the weekly update. Like every Thursday, we got new heroes in the rotation, but this week also brings us rebalances of several heroes. Sadly, we didn’t get the new hero this week. As far as I’m aware, Colossus should be the next hero, and we are probably going to see him in a week or two.

Also, Blade’s new skin, Lord of Night, is available at the store at a 30% discount.

Hero Rotation

The free heroes in the rotation this week for everyone above level 10 will be Black Widow, Cull Obsidian, Emma Frost, Executioner, Groot, Hela, Jubilee, Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord, and Storm. This is a perfect opportunity to test them in Match mode and to buy the ones you like.

As a side note, it seems a bit odd that Storm is again in the rotation considering that it was also there two weeks ago. Besides that, this hero can be unlocked by completing the Gauntlet quests, and most players already have her.

Hero Rebalances

Namor MSW

Namor got a reduced radius of his Ultimate, but the whirlpool will remain active if he gets out of it. Well, locking opponents in a small area is more beneficial as it makes them more susceptible to the AoE abilities of Namor’s allies. However, we still feel that Namor is one of the weakest characters in the game. Tank with good sustain and shield, but not much control can be ignored in team fights…

Emma Frost MSW

Emma Frost now gets a shorter cooldown on her S1, whenever she upgrades it. S1 also received a small damage buff. Certainly, a welcomed change, since this hero was rarely used even though she’s the only energy assassin. All in all, nice but relatively small buff, which won’t change her meta standing.

War Machine MSW

War Machine’s Fire Bomb (S2) now covers a larger area. Nice, but really a very minor buff.

Vision MSW

Vision got nerfed, by reducing the duration of his S1 from 1.5 to 1 second. Nice change, Vision was probably one of the hardest marksmen to catch due to his invulnerability and control immunity, combined with the speed boost. Now, his opponents, especially melee heroes, will have a higher chance to engage him in a ‘fair’ fight. With all that said, experienced Vision players will still be able to snipe the enemies from afar and get away.


This is a big one. Thor, one of our favorite heroes, just got a very solid buff. The damage of his passive was slightly increased, but his healing received a very serious buff, becoming much more potent. Now, if you’re low on health, you can count on your lightning strike to keep you on your feet, and possibly strike down your foe. With this buff, Thor is on the verge of becoming a Tier II hero, he just needs a tiny bit more…

Ancient One MSW

Ancient One received another nerf… This time the shield and damage of her Tao Mandala have been slightly reduced. With this change, we feel that the Ancient One is very close to dropping to Tier III.

Adam Warlock MSW

Adam got nerfed. No surprise here, all new heroes get nerfed one or two weeks after the release.

Basically, now Adam will recover more hp after he dies but gets less hp regeneration during his Ultimate. Also, he now receives only a 1% regeneration bonus from items that increase health. Compared to 2% before the update. So, Adam’s sustain got hit pretty hard, and we expect to see more Hawkeye/Raccoon players taking him down with rapid fire.

That’s all for now. What do you think was the biggest change in this patch, and how will it impact a game? Leave a comment so we can discuss it.